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May 28, 2013

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Archive from My Life as a Fairy Tale, a Kundalini Journey
May 24, 2013

An archived writing from

My Life as a Fairy Tale

Written June 24, 2012

written about Lakota, Winged Lion, Celestial Star

interestingly, after this I met the Super Nova Being, and shot off like a rocket ship in a different direction, away from Lakota..  I can see now a new and wonderful world was created.






…the last we heard the Winged Lion had invited her into a friendship dance with hymn.

In times past she knew he had rocked her world.  There was just something about his touch on her that made her feel like they were the 2 who walked as one.  It made her feel like the rhythm of his energy enhanced her energy..  and the rhythm of her energy enhanced his..  and that in every life where they connected they were like 2 flames that burned brighter when they burned together..

Now here they were, in new clothes of skin, another life on another planet being given another chance to reunite..  and here they were, wherein the most delightful of plans, 18 months earlier she had been instructed to send him a lock of her hair.   The day she did that it had changed her whole path with him.  It had forced her to give him her unconditional love in all of their days together from that point on.  This was something she had not known in this life while wearing this human skin. 

It was hard to express what happened to her each and every time she gave him unconditional love.  It was like it was molding her into something different to do this..  and what she came to discover was that by her doing this, it was molding him different to.  It was like he was being taken to a new level right with her, like some kind of faith was being restored through time with him and it was one that she did not expect from him.  She only had expected that she would follow the instructions she was given to follow and it would take her to the place she was intended, by the Great Mother, to go.  She could not hope for the future with him because momma had shown her “Life Unexpected’ happens.   So her walk with him was with total surrender to the Great Mother who told her where to walk and how to walk when she was there.

She remembered what (she felt like) was a failed attempt to wish him Happy Birthday.    She shot her arrows across the water but they kept landing short and when it came time for her to arrive at Leo for his birthday, he was with someone else..  so she thought her attempt to wish him  Happy Birthday had failed until it came time for her birthday and he sent the gift back, shooting his flaming butterfly arrows across the great sea to land short of her footsteps..  It was then she knew, that it did not matter that they landed short.  What mattered was the heart of the one who had sent them..  So this had the effect of them changing together…  He was changing her in the place of her faith.. and she was changing him in the place of his faith..

Skip ahead and we find he asked her for a friendship dance to join with their already sensual feelings for each other.



She is a girl who is given visions, and sometimes it is hard for her to know if he told her this and planted the seed, or if it was a vision given to her to plant the seed, but what it felt like to her was they were inside the friendship dance when he bent over and whispered in her ear that he believed that their journey had the makings so that both of their dreams would be fulfilled with them together on their journey.. and that she should trust the Greater Powers to lead them in that direction..

And some days later it hit her.. like wow, fireworks dancing in her sky, hit her…. Wow

It felt like a seed had been planted inside her.  What a concept that both of  their dreams would be fulfilled by continuing with this journey together.. 

She was a fairy tale girl always weaving from a place of love in art.. 

 and he, a Celestial Star,

what a concept he had put inside her..

like a seed that had been planted within her..

a seed with a desire to grow

and become One with the

Light of a Celestial Star

It felt like a seed had been planted

and in one moment of contemplation

the seed burst forth and began to grow

into a flower

stretches it arms towards a Celestial Star.

That was a dream of hers

to love the man

who would carry

such a thought

with her

that both of their dreams could be fulfilled while walking with each other..

She was going to follow him down this path..



Kundalini, Black Holes.. and Twin Flames
May 24, 2013

kundalini black hole 06At a very young age I was instructed that all the rules were written on the Earths body.  SAMSUNGThose are the rules I have followed since then.  But now that I have come full fledge into this Kundalini Journey, the rules have expanded.  I have been a seer since 4th grade.  When my Kundalini is spinning I can see it, and they look like galaxies spinning, so I have now begun to look at what the Astronomers are seeing in the Universe as we are experiencing it.

Last summer, one of the entities that I came across during an especially hard and painful Kundalini spinning identified himself as one who is a kundalini black hole 03creator of Super Nova’s.  When that round was happening I about had to keep a soothing stone between my legs because of the feeling of the fire.  It was also at that time that I had to get away from all men in general, including my Twin Flame, who at the time I did not know kundalini galaxies 01he was my Twin flame, I only know that I had to leave and I did not know if I would see him again.  I literally felt like a combustible engine in which the Super Nova maker was the fuel that was added to my engine that made it a combustible engine.  I felt like I had to go far far away and I did not know if I would ever see my Rainbow Twin Flame again.

Last weekend I experienced one that had the appearance of a black hole.  It wasn’t that it hurt so much (even though it was pushing hard through me) as what I saw while it was happening.  I watched as one of the galaxies in my tummy was pulled into it and thought, “Wow I think this one is a Black hole.  And as  a person who takes her instructions from the natural order I decided to research some about Black Holes and their function.  I found these words:


…   “Think of the black hole as the eye of the cosmic hurricane, kept rotating by all the stars, gas and other black holes that fall into it.  As this matter flows in it forms a spinning donut like feature called an ecretion disk which works like a dynamo. the  spinning motion of the disk generates magnetic fields that twist around and channel some of the inflowing matter out into a pair of high energy beams or jets.  How much energy depends on the black holes gravity and how much matter has already crashed through the event horizon.   Is this just another frightening spectacle of nature or is it part of a more profound process at work?  The largest black holes in the universe probably rose between 10 and  12 billion years ago, the Age of the Quasar.  By releasing energy in the form of jets they heated up their surrounding regions.  this prevented gas from collapsing into the central galaxy and allowed smaller galaxies on the peripheral to form and grow.  But the impact of the black holes did not stop there….  They have immense hot cavities, as well as a jet blasting out of its central galaxy.  Gas along the edge of the jet contains high levels of iron and other metals, probably generated by a supernova explosion in the center.  By pushing these metals into regions beyond, a black hole seeds more distance galaxies with the elements needed to form stars and solar systems like ours.  The black holes in these galaxies then seeded their own environments, making them the master architects of their time.”


I find it interesting to note on the fact of last summers Super Nova Kundalini encounter.  Before I blasted off like a rocket ship, I had jealousy issues (that I have had every since came into boy girl relationships), but in the transformation that followed jealousy was transformed into complete and total unconditional love for him..

Kundalini update, merging with my Twin Flame
May 20, 2013

we are OneFor 2 and a 1/2 years I have been walking with my Twin Flame on a most unusual journey. Right after I met him the Earth, “momma”, (who is my guide through this dimension) screamed at that I was to cut off my Indian braid and send it to him. For an Indian to give another person her hair is very strong medicine, fresh-cut like that, from the top of my head it served as a constant reminder that my medicine was linked to him, no matter where our journeys lead.

We kept pulling close and then pushing away. Then during our away time the hair, in the place where I cut off the braid would pop up, and to honor the Earth who guides me I would write him again, and together we would travel further down our journey of becoming closer until we would just WOW shoot away from each other, until the next time the hair would speak to me and I would reach out to him again.

The last time I shot away from him it had all just become too confusing. My Kundalini was spinning like crazy when another friend spoke up and began telling me that I was making love to him on the astral plane and I became so overwhelmed by how the other friend was acting towards me, calling me on the phone acting like he was my lover calling on the morning after.  It became all too much for me to handle.

The combination of both of them was like fuel being combined in a combustible engine, and with my Kundalini spinning so hard I just had to shoot off like a rocket ship and leave them both behind. I did not know if I would ever speak to my twin flame again.

Then Bear came and picked me up, took me into the dream, where I kept hearing I had arrive at my destiny. After arriving at the Council of my Ancestors they began reviewing my path, telling me that I had arrived at my destiny (the purpose for which I volunteered to come to Earth.) They sent a goddess to explain to me that it was not those boys who was in charge of my Kundalini flowing, but it was the Earth who had guided me to this sacred place of releasing trapped energies upon her body through the sacred Kundalini because she needed us to do that so that she could ascend into a body that was not so dense (in the Indian prophecies it is called, The Happy Hunting Ground) They said that with this Kundalini rising, that I had arrived at my Destiny, that this is what I volunteered to come to Earth to door. And as Bear was escorting me from the sacred dream womb they said, “We are now going to call you Destiny” And they told me that this was going to be a year of big change for me.

After that I was taken back to the place my journey with my twin flame. Knowing that I would honor my journey with him (because of the medicine of my hair the Earth had given him) I was sent a series of messages and pictures that lead to me writing him again. I did and discovered that I now possessed unconditional love for him, and above all I did not want to leave any bad Karma floating around between us, so I was busy cleaning that up when he yelled (in his Lion Roar) across the Universe, “I love you.” and then he sang me the most beautiful song that told me that he had seen every beautiful part of me..

After that we discovered that this is the story of our Twin Flame reunion.. so last night as we were IM’ing back and forth he said, “I can feel the soft pulse of your Kundalini.”

our merging

There lays before us the road ahead…

him and I merging in the Kundalini..

Twin Flames on a journey to again become One..

He is now picking my Kundalini pulse

and look into the future

where this will lead

We will arrive at the place

where we are pulsing


“A year of great change”

a new journey

is unfolding before us.

We are inside the dream
May 16, 2013

We are inside the dream looking out,

and what people call death is really being awake again…

Love 2

Kundalini blowout, how the healing works
May 12, 2013

For me this whole journey is an Earthen experience. In the beginning I did not know why it happened, how it happened, or who was in charge. As a Native American Indian it is our way to honor every path that we are given to walk so naturally I considered it an honor to take this journey and have been very open to it.

The Earth tells me she is the one who is in charge of my Kundalini journey. She showed me the path that I took to get here, the signs in my youth that reveal themselves along the path to my destiny, which was to assist the Earth in his/her/their ascension to a body again that is not so dense and heavy. It was as if walking along my path (they call life) road signs would appear that would say “Path to Sacred Kundalini Rising.. me at 12, sitting there looking into the face of a flower, finding myself in a vision, 2 visions actually, the Kacheena Indian mother who came to guide me, who told me to only take my council from the Earth, the second: seeing the contract as it had just been approved for my journey to the Earth after the call had gone out, “We need volunteers to go to the Earth to assist the lovely Blue and Green Dancers in their ascension”

They showed me how there were other markers along my journey that told me I was traveling towards my destiny, like during my 30s’ when the Earth was telling me, “take this exit” and I was resistant, asking her why. “She would say, “I want to see if you can follow my instructions.”

This lead to the journey in which, in the year 2,000, I surrendered to her, to follow the path that she told me to take. They showed me how every step after that I was guided to take was leading me to my destiny. (again, inside the dream, I would hear them whisper, “you have now arrived at your destiny.)

It was an Indian, very Earthen, journey that I was guided down to get here in which I hugged trees and they talked to me, I followed the Animal Signs that were given, and I went to every place the Earth told me to go, sang every song she told me to sing (even in the place where stones were thrown at me because not all of my song appeared to be ‘Indian.’  It did not matter what song she told me to sing in the place of the falling stones, I sang it anyway, because she was telling me what to sing where.

Coming into the place of Thunderstruck, that too they said was a part of being guided towards this Kundalini Awakening for it was there that the Unicorn appeared and restored my memories, all the while the Earth was guiding me to that moment where my heart chakra opened wide as I bear witness to a Lakota Indian singing to the Thunder Beings.

The Dance after that showed me 2 rainbow twin flames, then an out of this world fireworks display.. and then my Kundalini began to spin. It was not because any person was in my life but because I had been guided by the Earth to my destiny, which they whispered again and again, “you have now arrived at your destiny, at the purpose for which you came to Earth.”

In the midst of the dream, a goddess appeared and explained that the Earth was the one who was in charge of my Kundalini spinning like it was and does and that this was for the releasing of trapped energies upon the Earths body.

Then dreams within the dream came and showed me the transformation of the trapped energies after they had been released through my Kundalini vessel.

Every day the Kundalini Serpent rises up inside me to release more of the trapped energy on the Earths body. When I have a Kundalini blowout, it is very interesting for the serpent energy rises up the level of the blow out and ponders there as if, in another dimension, a person is in a medical lab gathering what is needed to heal a tear in the fabric of my chakra. I will be able to tell that there will be no blocked energy from the Earth being released that day. I will also feel a burning sensation in my cosmic V chakra while the Kundalini is “in the lab working”

After that, every day, and sometimes more than once a day, the Kundalini will rise to the place of the tear in my chakra as if to check how I am healing and do some work. It will feel as though someone came into the lab and stirred the medicine that I can feel along the lining of the wall of my chakra, and at the same time will feel as though the energy upon penetration will check the level of pain or discomfort, do it’s work (possible could be described the way animal will lick its wound because its saliva has the healing properties) So the Kundalini will rise and even though I can feel it as discomfort and sometimes painful, the Kundalini will not force itself through me, but will travel each day to check on me and apply some healing salve.

Yesterday it came, tested the degree to which I had healed, then as if a chakra spinning off to the side, and not as strong it will spin.. and then like in the animal licking its wound scenario it will make small laps across the tear, which seems to have the effect of healing the tear. I found this quite pleasurable with only the smallest amount of being able to feel the tear.

Then last night I could feel the Kundalini spinning so I thought I would lay on my back in bed to watch and feel it. It was and is quite lovely watching the energy come up the body like a gentle flame lapping the sides of a log. It is interesting to note what happens and the different places that I will see the “spinning of separate galaxies” and lovely to feel. The one in my tummy feels completely yummy and has the feeling of hold a baby in your womb. It generally is large and spins like a galaxy that has mini galaxies being activated within it. I am completely mesmerized when this one is spinning as each one has its own separate feel and makes a different picture come inside my head when it is activated.

The Kundalini then traveled up to my heart. This release of trapped energy upon the Earth was different from the previous one. All 4 of them now have made a different picture and had a different feel, or story to tell. If I was going to guess where this release of trapped energy upon the Earth came from I would say it came from the coal mines. It had the appearance of, as if you turned on your furnace and ventilated a coal mine with all the coal dust blowing out the vent. There was a dark energy being released.

I wanted to share on the Kundalini blowouts because, the Kundalini, after arriving at my heart chakra (with the spectacular thousand points of light coming out of my heart.) appears to have been too much and has caused a blow out.  Yesterday while doing the dishes, such a pain came into my spine at my heart chakra. I already knew I was in the midst of a Kundalini blowout at my sacred V.. so with this new chakra opening and releasing in an upward fashion along my spine, I thought I should watch it and record it, what the Kundalini Serpent will do there and how it will heal. For my brothers and sisters who are destined to pass this way too, destined to be yet another vessel used by the Earth to release the trapped energies upon their body so that they can be transformed into something new, a new Earth that will not be so dense and heavy in body… It is our creation.. of love, creating the places we will come to know.


I also think I am going to reactivate my web page and put this journey in there… (It is like my 5th web page book, all of which have, in the Indian Way, been free to read, without charge, and all of which once their time was served disappeared off the Internet, and transformed into the next book..

Their names were..

1 Che Chee To Wah, the Rite of Passage

2 Sacred Journeys

3 Thunderstruck

4 My Life as a Fairy Tale

5 temporary name, the Kundalini Journey

************** Note: writing this out has taken several days. This morning I woke up to what appeared to be a huge bubble of energy trying to exit out my heart chakra. It was being quite painful. As I was laying there waiting for it to subside the Kundalini Serpent activated within me and I began to feel it rising . It came up to the bubble of energy that was trying to pass through my heart chakra and began absorbing it so that it became smaller and smaller and was able to pass out my heart chakra and the pain subsided. However when I got up I had a back ache.. So I am thinking out loud to the collective whole. I am grateful that I am scheduled for my Sacral Cranial therapy today, and in creating a new world it would be wise to place calls upon the hearts of individuals within the Native Communities to train for the Cranial Sacral Therapy so that they can naturally step in to assist all the ones who will be assisting the Earth in Her/His ascension to a body that is not so dense.

I also decided that I am going to start to chart where all the Kundalini spinnings are taking place…  I am thinking it may be a Star Map… I did a quick draw of a few to get started…


the River of Love
May 12, 2013



I was headed for the River of Love

until I met a man who said,

“You are the River of Love”


Kundalini Evolution
May 8, 2013


I can see this… In my journey, which is now 3 years in the making, we are up to the Heart chakra…….    I have been recording the journey for the ones who will come behind me, especially for my Native American bloodline people…  Our beloved Earth is ready ascend back into a body that is not so solid.  If you look back to the days of King Arthur, the Earth was not so solid, there was more magic that was a natural way of being, and the Kundalini is a part of the energy needed to assist her ascension.  My people have prophesies of again the time coming when they will find the Happy Hunting Grounds.  The Earth tells me, even in her shift to a body that is not so solid that she is multidimensional being and the electric loving people will reside in crystal worlds and the happy hunting ground people will reside in their nature loving atmosphere.  The Earth tells me I am making this Kundalini journey to assist her in getting back into a body that is not so dense and solid.

czakramy ziemiThe Earth told me that the Kundalini awakenings needed to lift her and him, the Two who walk with One body, would look somewhat like this, that I am but one vessel that is being purified with this journey of getting them back …

to the Garden,

back to a body that is not so dense..

Kundalini update
May 6, 2013

Yesterday I was sitting at my computer when this energy began to make its way through me.

It came up through my feet,kundalini,how it feels

traveled up my body

and then began to dance inside my heart.

I could feel the most amazing energy

as if someone was standing in front of me

doing something so tenderly

as if they were releasing

any residues of blocked energy.

heart chakraAs this was happening,

like a puppet on a string

I felt my body arching

so that my heart

was being pulled out

and being opened wider and widerheart chakra heaven

until thousand of sparkly lights

were radiating

beaming from my heart chakra

in a circle that was about 16 inches round

This lasted for just a little while.. pulling me out and calling me to arch my back in the great releasing.

So, I am reviewing the moments that Kundalini energy has been expressed through my heart chakra..  The first time was July of 2010.  that time my heart chakra just opened wide while listening to a Lakota Indian sing a song to the Thunder People.  That happening there marked the beginning of my Kundalini Rising journey.  He was not my Twin Flame however.  I was meeting him for the first time on his wedding day…  but when he sang a song to the the Thunderbeings who had shown up, my heart did this most amazing LOVE energy in my tummycoming forth.  My heart chakra opened wide.  It was about a 6 inch wide circle of energy coming out of my heart.

After that I came into the energy of the Twin Rainbow Flames, and the million dollar firework display in November of 2010.  In the months that followed I started feeling the kundalini spinning long and hard between my legs.  Anyone who knows this journey knows that this is quite a delight..  Sometimes it would travel to my anus.  Other times I would feel it in my tummy.

Sometimes it would happen in such a way that it would feel like parts of me, where perhaps there were blockages were being purified. destiny The Kundalini within my tummy would appear as a galaxy spinning, and then I would get energy movements within the galaxy spinning.  It would carry a sound like on  a not too windy day where one can occasionally hear some chimes blowing the wind,  so to me it would look like a huge galaxy spinning in which when a chime went off I would become away of that spot spinning, galaxy within galaxy following periods that gave it the appearance of being a song, like chimes gently blowing in the wind.

heart lightbodyThe releasings’ were also happening in other parts.  They too had the appearance of Galaxies spinning within a Universe on my shoulder, my legs, hips, nipples, head, all having moments of releasing when they were spinning like a galaxy within my Universe.

3 years now I have been on this journey.  The Kundalini has risen to the heart chakra, and much change has taken place inside of me.  There was a second heart releasing just before this on.  I don’t think I got it wrote out.  In that one I was laying in my bed when the Kundalini energy again came up through my feet traveled up my body and when it got to the first chakra it ignited into a beautiful flame that began to rise higher and higher.

Again I felt that feeling of wanting to arch the back, and when I did something opened in my heart chakra and one inch beam of light came out of it..  It was quite awesome because of the flames I reached over my head to make certain the energy was traveling out the top of my head…

This time the heart chakra opened wide…  and thousands of sparkling, dancing, radiating beams of light came out of my heart…  3 years I am now into this Kundalini journey…  and I have found pictures that indicate there is still a long beautiful road ahead..

There is a change now.  Now when my Kundalini starts spinning I feel it in my heart too.


Now that you’ve discovered the joys of Kundalini, what do you plan to do with the energy?
May 5, 2013

The most important thing I have ever done in my life h
as been to allow the Earth to lead me to my destiny…
In my youth, I would be driving down the road and she would say,
“Take this exit”
I would fuss with her, not take the exit, and ask her why.
She would say, “I want to see if you can follow my instructions” ..
but I was resistant and would ignore her,
or argumentative and tell her I did not want to..
She was quite obvious
in telling me she wanted me
to follow her instructions. 
Finally after being torn apart while giving my love to a junkie,
I surrendered to her unusual path,
followed every instruction she gave me,
sang the songs she asked me to sing in the places she told me to go,
…until at last she told me to
cut off my braid for a man
and told me to send it to him,
so I did the crazy dance in front of him she told me to do, ..
and discovered she lead me to my destiny..
and then he,
who turned out to be my Twin Flame said,
“I love you” ….. 
now we are back in the kitchen cooking up what you may not believe,
and manifesting easily and seamlessly.. 
and we may need to write a book called,  
Now that you have discovered the joys of the Kundalini spinning,
what do you plan to use the energy to manifest?”
It is a magical world,
and the Earth longs again to not be held down by such a solid body,
him and her,
the 2 who walk as One,
long again to see the Unicorns running free,
and to feel the Winged Lion light softly upon the Earth…
 We have been locked into this dense creation for far too long..
it is time to see through the veil to the magic that is our heritage
Winged Lion