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My life as a fairy tale, journey towards Kundalini Canal
January 31, 2013

After her Kundalini Awakening, she turned her ship in another direction.  It had became tooship with lighthouse complicated with the cougar and the lion so for some months she just drited, first away from them 901x629_14287_SKetch_2d_fantasy_ship_landscape_picture_image_digital_artso she could think, and then finally she turned her eyes back to them, to gaze upon the bigger picture of their purpose in her life.

It turned out that it was the Earth.. momma ..guiding her footsteps who had told her to walk with those boys for reasons she could not understand at the moment.  But from a great distance she could see that they were the Activators for her Kundalini, and for that reason they were supposed to be there and she was suppose to take that journey with them.. And in the end of her journey with them she was reminded that once we have finished our journey in a place if we ignore the signs telling us it is time to move on the place has a tendency to just spit us out in the most painful of ways..  so she leftlooking back at just the perfect moment.

Turning forward again she began thinking on how this Kundalini journey was a mystery that she had no understanding of.  As the time had been turning for her to leave the cougar and the lion momma had said that they were now going to pass through an 15437964-an-old-large-fantasy-ship-sailing-in-the-cloudsasteroid belt and that she was to enjoy the ride.  She had many adventures there that she had no words right about them, but there were 2 of the astroids who touched in ways the others did not.  She just could comprehend completely this feeling of their touch only lasting for a time before it would be over

Thinking on these things she drifted forward and it was while staring over the side of her ship that she saw an invitation, floating on the waves.  It was an invitation to hitch a ride down the Kunkalini Canal while being escorted by a beautiful ship that housed many spiritual beings..  She knew from the beginning that this was where was meant to travel next and turned her ship towards the Kundalini Canal..

This was going to be a most magical ride


Kundalini story… a continuing song
January 31, 2013


Life is a story

a continuing song

You may remember the dream in which this guy shows up and tells my his time here is over and he must be moving on.  In the dream I very much enjoyed him and asked him if I could come along.  He said no I shouldn’t try because where he was going was more than likely not going to be as lovely and elegant as my place is here..

turns out

this dream was part of my



the continuing song

I am working on writing it out next..




We are the ones who came to sing the new world into being
January 28, 2013

god goddess we

faces of fukiware the gunma ken waterfallsdancing across eternity

It is we who clothed the earth

in her beautiful adornment.maplebig_leaf_maple

Larger than life

we look through time to see,

2 brothers,

blue-butterfly-tree1one red skin, one brown

laughing in their golden beer

arm wrestling

and the thundering sound

as one brings the other downancient-corrosion-of-soil-by-rain-and-wind

And when the dust settles

we see black soil and light soil lying around together

dark and lightHarken thine eyes again to see

a man and a woman

laying lovingly,

spooninghealing waters waterfalls thailand

while the water flows

all around them.

Looking around again I see

a girl listening

off in the distance

to a Thunder Being

singing his song.

Traveling through millenia

she travels to the place where

she and him will clothe the Earth

with what happens with their creation story.

His mother is a Thunderbird,

a loud imposing woman

She takes Misty Mountain by the hand

and bids her to accept one of her sons,

who sings the Thunder song.

She listens to their songs

and chooses

the perfect one,

He is

a long,







and when she straddles him

to make the creation exchange

she sees that the story of his life

lydwellspringhas been tattooed down his chest.

like a poem,

which she begins to read.

She sees the place where he was bornfirst time he fell down

and sees the first time he fell down.

She sees the place

where his first love joins him,

Maulangi Sangama Kalinadi Dandeli Kali Riverthen watches them merge into one.

and still she travels on

reading down his body

the story of his life

as he helps her translate

the story

with perfect dictation.

And when her hair falls

down upon his body,

it is black rain

falling down

to tickle him

upon his ribs

which is

the soil

laying next to

the edge

to the river

which is

his poem



his body.

And it is there

as she continues to read

the story of his life

the exchange is made

and when we look around

we see them

in their solid state

She is a Misty Mountain

and he is the river

who runs beneath her.

Look again

and we see

a woman

and her companion

walking lovingly.

When they settle

upon the Earth

her companion is

a dog shaped


and she

the whisp of cloud

who always

reaches down to touchMistNationalGeographic



We are the ones

who clothed this Earth

in her beautiful adornment.

Then laughing

we slipped into skins

to walk

amongst our creation.

Now here we are again

the celestial family

has come in

creating the next world

with the songs that

we are singing..

god goddess we… creators

Here again

to clothe

the new creation story.


Kundalini Rising… moving into an understanding
January 22, 2013

kundalini risingI am coming into a deeper understanding of my Kundalini Rising experience.  It has been a beautiful and confusing journey feeling the activation of my G spot, feeling the Kundalini rising and not know how to get from point A to point B as instructed by the Great Momma.

The reason I call her momma has to do when I was in my 20’s.  One day I sat weeping to the Earth over the butterfly medicinecourse my life was running, asking her what I was doing wrong to have such awful things happen to me when from across the field appeared a butterfly who began weaving its way back and forth across the field in an S motion until  at last it just fluttered right up to me and landed on my nose.  I did not know what she was telling me in that moment, but I knew she heard me….  and as time went on I began to call her momma..butterfly on her nose

A couple of years ago she made my heart chakra to start spinning spontaneously.  Now, as I realize this signaled the beginning of my Kundalini Rising, I think I should share as it may have happened to someone else and sharing may help them to define it.  There was this guy I walked a long journey with.  An internet friend from Montana, for 6 years we journeyed together until at last, just as he was getting ready to get married he told me that him and her would be passing my way and ask if we could meet.

We met and decided to go to a near by Wild Life Preserve.. and it was while there that a storm blew in.  My friend, he turned and faced the storm and began to sing to it..  In that moment my heart chakra activated and all this love began pouring out of me..  Strange how momma strategically planned it so that the message was “He is not to be a boyfriend”

The second happening was driving home and seeing 2 rainbow flames, followed by fireworks..  After this 2 guys come along, tell me they are my rainbow flame as the Kundalini starts rising in my G spot.  They rode with me for a while and then they 2asteroid-belt-art were gone.. until at last alone, the G spot kept spinning..

I am always looking for a way to get from point A to point B.  The Earth, she has such a beautiful expression.  Once my G spot activated she told me, “Ok, we are now going to pass through an asteroid belt.  I want you to just lay back and enjoy the ride.”

With this my G spot began to vibrate almost all the time.  In this state of expanded awareness  I could feel every single asteroid in the belt penetrating my atmosphere.  There were many of them as we made our way through the Asteroid Beltsacred earth ascending and each one had a different personality and penetrated my atmosphere for different lengths of time.  Some penetrated my dreams to bring me messages.  Some I loved immensely, some I found so irritating I wished they would just go away.  They  felt so small I could barely feel anything.

earthen portal

Momma told me that I had now arrived at the place of my destiny, I had arrived at the purpose for which I came.  She began showing me picture, first of, like, beams of light coming up from our body.  These beams of light would be a part of the world that was coming and that there would be others who would come and they would dip themselves into our light.

Then she showed me in the place of the Kundalini rising up as  chord of light, showed me inside the chord of light, and rising up above it and looking down I could see that we were using the chord light we, each stood within to raise her, and his vibration for their ascension back into a world where they are not so solid and heavy as we have been in this dimension.

She tells me how important it is that I raise my vibration, and hold it at a higher level.  And how not to get just comfortable there, but, as if the light chord is a rope that I pull and release the pull, in that time I am to strengthen  my vibration, and pull again..   and again, and again, and again until we do what we came to do, to assist their ascension into a body that is not so solid.

By this time we had raised our vibration so high that we had passed through Orion’s belt, and off in the distance she showed me again the ‘people from my Home World in the Pleiades, how the call had went out that the beautiful dancer and her beloved had decided that they were ready to ascend, and volunteers were needed to go assist them in their ascension…

We raised our hands..Sun and Earth

Momma said, “this is what you and the others came her for.”  She said that by us raising our vibration we would be raising her vibration.

There is much beyond this, the effects of each movement through time as we raise our vibration by becoming conscious creators, choosing paths that uplift the whole for by uplifting the whole we uplift her and him.

When we came down this way, submerging ourselves into these dense bodies we always intended that this would be a part of our journey.. but not our whole journey.. and so we also created the path out..  or up..I LOVE YOU

the ascension..  from solid dense matter to the higher frequencies is a journey that has begun.  There a many here who have come to weave the new world within the higher frequencies..

Much Love,

PS, I found one, I found her videos here:  I am very much enjoying the training she is providing..  One of the sentences is, “after Gaia activates your G spot”

That thought, that it was momma who activated my G spot…  It makes this Kundalini Rising journey make more sense.



Raising our vibration
January 20, 2013

I found an article called 21 Ways to Raise your Vibration



One of the things it said was to take out a journal and write your new thoughts.

I have been doing this since I was in my 20’s…. Once upon a time I only wrote my sorrows and pain… way back in the eighties… then I decided I would change all that and not travel a road that would surely lead me to be a bitter person in my older years.. I set out to write but one good thought a day, and when I could not think of one good thought (because of the pain that surrounded my life) I would re write what I wrote the day before….. Projected out into the future, I stand before thee… in love…

Here as some of my poems from before I made the conscious decisions to raise my vibration:


How I dislike these times.

These times I become painfully aware

Of all your negative thoughts:

When your razor sharp sword

Pierces my heart every

Second we are near.

When I can no longer see good in you

And your insecurities take you over.

When I know that one disappointment causes me to be this way,

And one ill thought besets another

And another until here I am

In my hour of discontent.


The power of Life is within me.

Only I can change my attitude towards you


And unless you cleanse your soul

To find your happiness within,

Nothing you could ever do, to

Make right my hour of discontent

Would please me.


For I am the savior of my soul

My happiness comes from within.


But how I dislike these times of discontent.



Another one:

And I in a moment

Uncharacteristic of me

Did look into a mirror

To find myself without,

Not recognizing what I saw

As myself.


The mirror exploded

And fell away

And for the time

I knew I was lost

Unable to resolve

What I had become


I had wanted to run

To hide my eyes

In a room that was mirrorless

Where I could disguise

The person I was

I had become

The man on the run.



I found the article very interesting.  Here are some of the words:

how to raise your vibration


Inner vision
January 18, 2013

Last night I was listening to one of those relaxing utubes, eyes closed and drifting..  when I saw the most beautiful woman, all dressed in the lovliest shades of orange and yellow….   laying on her side, larger than life was she, propped up on her elbow and looking at me…..   then I realized that she was the sunset, and the space under where she was propped up on her elbow was a mountain…..


Dark Lightning
January 8, 2013

“Researchers studying thunderstorms have made a surprising discovery: The lightning we see with our eyes has a dark competitor that discharges storm clouds and flings antimatter into space. Astrophysicists and meteorologists are scrambling to understand “dark lightning.””

satellite view

It started this morning

at waters edge

I felt the feel of his mist

kiss my lips

in such a way, on such a day

it would have been nice

to spend the day in bed..

or maybe I did but don’t remember.

Time Passing

all day trying to write

rains comes in

tickles me in delight

then come the Wakina
the Thunder Ones

I hear him off in the distance

deep rumbling voice

oh me…. oh my…

what a beautiful song you sing..

Then flash of light

and I start to count the seconds

as I walk across the room,

through living room

and down the hall to bedroom

so long I forgot I was counting

before I heard his thunder song

How many steps will it take as I listen

to the grace of you walking towards me

while I shimmer and dance

at the sound of your song

rolling across the airwaves

and feel the feel of your footsteps

come crashing down.

I listen for an hour

as you walk towards me

sing to me sacred love songs

pause to pass over my head

with your deep rumbling


Tickle me the words you say

as you proclaim your love

for my body

Then spend another hour

walking on down the road

until I realize that all

that is left is the sound

of your rain kissing my body

And suddenly I feel your hug

earthen 2008


Sacred Geometry DNA changes 2012 Mollecular Atom Consciousness
January 7, 2013

 aurora borealis with eagle 3

In the path of my seeing through time, our DNA vibrated at a higher frequency.. Back in these days it was perfectly natural for someone to see the thunder dancing in the distance and make a journey to meet the singer of the song.. for them to make an exchange in which she may give birth to 7 little thunder children..
From the way i see through time, we consciously set about to lower our vibration, reducing our DNA strands so that we could come into a different kind of consciousness and touch each other with bodies that are solid.. and that when we were arranging this journey, we also arranged the path by which we would raise our vibration again and thus again pass through the times we remember in our DNA, becoming conscious again the consciousness of the Thunder people, becoming aware again of the consciousness of the Cat people… and on and on, inside a sacred, we will again touch inside the world of spirit.. remembering..I really do believe that 2012 was about the activation of the reactivation of our DNA.. to bring our awareness back into a place where we begin to gravitate again towards balance..  Sacred Geometry DNA changes 2012 Mollecular Atom Consciousness
skyhorsesandunicorns added

It’s a magical world
January 3, 2013

Susan Schroder

18 16 dream
January 2, 2013


Oh my goodness, I am just having the most interesting dreams.. I am seeing the whole movie.. last nights dream was not a great movie or anything but I had a map.. and on this map I had to take 18th street. It was a street that was on the edge of a mountain so it was very slow traveling around all the sharp curves.. When I finally got up to the T I looked on the map to see which road I was looking for and the instructions were that I was to take 18th street to 16th street and turn left… then all night, inside my dreams I kept hearing 18 16 in my dreams….