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Twin Flames and Kundalini, and deeper understanding
August 7, 2015

There are all these people who will tell you how the Twin Flame journey is suppose to be. They will give instructions for how to recognize your Twin Flame and what is supposed to happen when you reconnect with your Twin Flame and why. But when I read it, I just cant get it to make sense to me, and can only write from the perspective of how it happened to me.

Many people spend their lives looking for that which has been lost,  That was how it happened for me, the constant feeling of loneliness as if I had been torn apart and my other half had been displaced into some distant galaxy where he too was searching for me, and feeling sad that we could not find each other, or maybe he had complete amnesia and could not even remember me.

So many years I walked that path, weeping in my spirit from the longing of again to be made whole through a life of walking hand in hand with my Twin Flame..


In the end I came into a Kundalini journey, one that walked hand in hand with my Twin Flame journey.  The Kundalini is mighty and overwhelming.  It could be likened to being bit by a poisonous505px-colliding_galaxies snake and then transported to another world where the rules are different and very hallucinogenic.  It is like becoming super sensitive to another dimension in which whole galaxies are spinning on your body.  For myself it began in the heart chakra in an Indian way, and then it slipped softly down between my legs and began making its way up my body..  sometimes a galaxy would spin and spin and as I watched it would get sucked down into a black whole.. as if I was being made pure through the Kundalini.

It was in this place of the Kundalini that my Twin Flame appeared, lifted me up and carried me through the Kundalini.  He said that there was something about my song that called to him..


destiny and her lion loveSo now one would think, “Twin Flames reunited, what could be better?”

But the truth was we kept bouncing off of each other.

There were moments when I would weave my love into his heart, and moments when we would be torn apart.

I had one strong guiding force and that was the Earth.  She is the one who was in charge of my journey, the one who spoke to me and instructed me on the directions I should travel, so that when my Twin Flame appeared and then disappeared the Earth was the one who would tell me when it was time to put out the call to him again.  So I would, and in my great Kundalini hallucination I would look and there my Twin Flame would still be carrying me.

The Kundalini is the purification, is the transmutation of flawed and corrupted emotions into a pure emotional state.  It is a new way to love.. and a new way to see.

When I got to the other side of my Kundalini journey with my Twin Flame it was beautiful, our journey of remembering each other, of him remembering me..


One would think, “this is it, this is where they reconnect”  but by now in my journey I have new eyes to see, and a new concept by which I believe…

Then comes the winters tale where Bear appears and escorts me to another realm and bids me yet our lives are a series of books live them wellagain to take another course, another path.  In the spring when I came out of the cave from the time of the winters sleep, I could see farther then I could see before.  I could see that my Twin Flame and I had come to the same planet, but to separate continents where we had separate missions.

I could see that in this life it was not our destiny to walk hand in hand, sleep in the same house, eat from the same table.  He had his work to do on his continent and I had my work to do on my continent.  My work is a prayer for the Lakota people, and his work is his to describe and do.

I began to see that we were meant to find each other, that was part of the challenge of becoming more to see if we could end up on other sides of the same planet and still find each other (like send out a honing signal and see if we could find each other) but it was not our journey to walk hand in hand in a physical way.

I came to see that where you are standing is the place where the lessons are to be learned, that we are not limited to only learning about how to love in the human form with the one from which the great split occurred.  I learned that the Earth is a magnificent journey and lessons are in the place where we are standing.

It does not matter who we are learning the lesson of love with.  It can be anyone because the lessons are right in the place where you are standing..

This is the year that I became free, free to just be learning the lessons in the place where I am standing, free to believe that for all of us, that we don’t have to lock ourselves into believing that our whole objective in having a human incarnation is to find our Twin Flame and merge ourselves back into the One..

In the place where I used to walk, in the place of the lonely heart, that was what I used to believe, but now I have been set free, free to learn the lessons as they present themselves to me..



love and distance