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From the book, My Life as a Planet… by Destiny
June 23, 2015

On my home world I carry the body of a planet.  As a spirit who carries the body of a planet we use stones such as this to look out upon the world around us.  Merging with the space and looking out, sometimes we are there, sometimes we are not…  my husband is the Sun, his father comes from the central suns..
When I left we have the snake (Milky Way) on our planet..  The marauders came (asteroids?) and crashed into our village and the surrounding villages…  crashed into me..  I am soon be seeded to be a life sustaining planet…  that is what is in the seed that was planted in my body by the marauders..  so I came to Earth on my ChaChetoWah, my Rite of Passage to learn what it feels like to carry the body of a life sustaining planet…  coming into this time, seeing the final outcome of destruction to a beautiful life sustaining planet with the knowledge that I have just been seeded to make this passage…
looking out through these eyes I see

Earth mergings
June 19, 2015

I am an Earth merger.. laying in my bed, blankets all around me with my shoulder and leg sticking out, I suddenly find myself in the place of stones protruding from the water.. and as I inhale the water rises..  and exhale it goes down..  I am an Earth merger..  I am an Earth… looking out
I am an Earth

Twin Flames, the final chapter is the new beginning.
June 17, 2015

I can probably be on line more now..  Son and Grandbabies have moved out into their own place….  It has become serenely quiet again and I have got some Twin Flame writing I want to do as the journey grows still.. and peace abounds..  It is not the story you would expect..  as we all expect the happily ever after man and wife story to emerge.
But that is not how this has played out at all.  Instead what we have is here I am on my mission in the United States, and there he is on his mission in another country.
There are no thoughts that it is our destiny, in this life, to merge our missions into One.  We have looked into our other lives and seen the places where we have danced and worked in intimate form, but in this life he has his own work to do (and I have mine)
There are many paths that we volunteer to open.  One of them is to break down the barriers of prejudice.  And so we take our positions in a body that will surely experience prejudice just for the essence of who they are, or the bloodline that runs through them.
My Twin Flame in this life has accepted a mission to break down the barriers of prejudice.  He is beautiful and eloquent in his feminine energy.  I honor him and her as they walk in balance together, touching each one the other, divine..
It is truly a new journey to achieve this kind of love in human form, because the human love is so flawed and unbending, possessive and jealous.  Touching this place has brought me to a higher love.
The never ending love song resounds across the ages, memories of long ago, touching me again in the stillness of my soul.
Many times we think that when we find our Twin Flame that it should go exactly as our human form thinks it should go.  In the beginning of this book that began some years ago, when I was 12, it never would have occurred to me that our missions would be separate and that the challenge would be to find each other again while living on separate continents, and then merge our human love into a deeper form.  And thus the final chapter in this this Twin Flame journey has become a new beginning.  It has become a journey of exploring the aspects to the Twin Flame journey that one usually does not think about when they are in search of the One True Love..
How many times in my youth did I speak to myself of reconnecting to the One that was with me in the beginning, the one from which I split off from so that we could experience ourselves as separate journeys?
How many times have I wept with longing to rejoin him?
The exploration into this peaceful tranquility of knowing what I now know is the beginning of the Twin Flames, the Book of Completions..