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update ~my life is my dance
October 13, 2013

dylan and bridgett thru the years

Ok so I have been working all this overtime, 6 days a weeks and it  is beginning to show.  I missed my cranial sacral therapy session this week because I thought Friday was Thursday because I still had 2 more days to go to be through the week..

My son is moving his family here next year and he wants me to find a house in the country because all his children have ever known is small town life and he does not want to drop them into a 2.34 million people city, of which I live on the out edge.  I think I should move to the town where I get my cranial sacral work done.  It is a family owned business, daughter, mother, grand children all working together so I already have connections there…

My dad is the one who moved us to the big city, but I in my heart have always been a small town girl. that is why I always live on the outer edge..  and my heart is very excited to think we are going to live in a small town again…  so I am working lots of overtime to prepare the path..  and since I can no longer recognize Friday as Friday since Saturday is now my Friday I have made a special alarm that will only go off on the real Fridays and remind me to get ready for my cranial sacred therapy..

I am very impressed with the cranial sacral work.  I was injured some years ago, and at the end of 6 months the doctor told me ‘How you are right now is how you are going to be the rest of your life.” … and I could not walk without being in pain ..  so I gave up walking, gave up climbing the mountains which gave me such joy before..

From this Cranial Sacral therapy I think I can now walk 6 blocks, and I kept hearing whisperings to get a bike, so I got one, and I am up to 8 blocks on the bike.   so it seems very promising…  my goal is to walk again.. through the woods..  up a mountain..  I find journeys like that to be as spiritual as this journey I am on now..  Wherever I am is where the visions are, but still I miss hugging the trees and having sacred union with them…  so country living sounds Wonderful….  and having my grandbabies close sounds wonderful (they are 5 hours away now)  ..  Before our world crashed they lived in the house next door to me .. and this is where it looks like we are headed to again…  so it is Overtime.. the path to open .. to the place where their little dancing hearts dance with me…  again

Here is a cranial sacral video… on unwinding the shoulders…  she does my legs primary..  and my shoulders… she is unwinding me, slowly putting me back into alignment..

((((  she is unwinding through time the pain ))))

A great love story
August 27, 2013

…  this is a Romantic Comedy…

great movie…

great love story…

my kind of love story….

LOL awkward name…

but such a cool movie…

he makes a really pretty girl


definitely my idea of how love would happen in a really awesome manner

to me true love stories have great endings

and this has a great ending

Comet ISON to Fly By Mars
August 26, 2013

I am wanting to take a picture of the comet so I was out taking pictures of the stars or planets, I don’t know..  to the eye these looked white, both of them, but magnified greatly they were these colors….. kind of interesting I thought…

stars in the night sky