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Dare to dream something more
April 16, 2013

One would think
that at some point
we spirits
who chose to have a human experience
would get tired of the game of
“you only get one life to live”.. 
we are so much more than that.. 
I have been seeing the ‘dead’
since I was in the 4th grade,
and they tell me that
the human skins
we clothe ourselves in
are the temporary temples
we wear while we are visiting Earth….
Sun and Earth

You make my dreams come true…
April 16, 2013

Understanding Twin Flame Reunion Stages
April 14, 2013


the Kundalini hug
April 13, 2013

kundalini hig tooThis release I am passing though now has a different energy about it.  It is the one that I have been describing as feeling like when a cat purrs, yet little tiny bubbles at the same time.

The other day there was a swirl of energy in my shoulder that passed all the way through from front to back.  It brought up the memory of the night I fell and broke my elbow.  When my bone broke it sounded just like a tree breaking in the forest.

That evening another different feel.  The feel of cuddling up in hug when my heart chakra started spinning.

Then yesterday, as soon as I got home from work, beginning in my tummy, just huge, thekundalini hug galaxy started spinning, and just kept getting larger and larger until I could feel it in my whole body….  In my feet, in my legs, my tummy, heart, arms and head.  Radiating, coming in my feet and going out my head, a full body release so strong that I threw myself upon my bed so that I could watch the picture and check all of my parts..

And afterwards when I threw myself off to the side to lay down, I had this feeling that 2 arms were holding me, not so much like a man, but really long arms..

This morning I woke up and it was like… wow, I think this release has to do with fallen trees..


In the year 2000 I surrendered my journey to the Earth, to follow the path that she asked me to walk.  I get my instructions from her, from them, the 2 who walk as 1.  She is the one who guided me to my Kundalini Awakening.  She told me that she needed me to do this (because in the beginning, when the Kundalini began spinning hard and strong and near constant, one can feel a bit delusional, a bit like they know they are acting like a crazy person, not knowing what is going on.)  During this time, in her instructions, she told me repeatedly that they needed me to do this.. that I had arrived in the place of my destiny.  She explained to me that in order for them (the Earth, the 2 who walk as 1) to ascend up to a higher vibration, trapped energies that were holding them down, locking them into the dense bodies needed to be released.. and that this was what I came to do.

The promise that I made when I was standing in my Home World, and the call went out, “We need volunteers to go to the Earth who has chosen at this time to ascend.”

This Kundalini release I am going through now feels like it has to do with the trees..

Water Prayer
April 11, 2013

Today is the 11th of the month..  It is the day Dr Emoto has chosen to make a collective water prayer to the water….  Join us if you will in making a prayer to the Water today……

Hidden messages in water

I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. You are so beautiful.. I am thankful for your presence in our lives. We need you. We love you.. We honor you. Thank you

Loreena McKennitt – Dante’s Prayer


Kundalini Art
April 9, 2013

Kundalini Art.


It is with joy to present another who has made the Kundalini Journey..  I believe by sharing it, we help each to understand a bit more…..

Kundalini, update
April 8, 2013

This Kundalini release I am going through now seems to extend all the way from my tummy to my throat.  Very little movement, spinning in the lower chakra, only just a slight feel there that reminds me it is connected to the Earth Mother who is using my vessel to release blocked energy upon her body..  This one reminds me of purring, but not purring as if in a contented state, just bubbling little tiny bubbles that feel like purring..

       I think the whole object is to release it out the top of my head….
       It is amazing how each energy that is being released has its own signature..  I don’t know how it is for a guy with his kundalini being awakened, but if one could imagine the V being the portal, then each energy that is blocked upon the Earths body enters my vessel in its own location.  This one enters my vessel like, at 10 o’clock and, now as it passes through me has risen all through my tummy up to my throat…
       It really feels, holy sacred..  Yesterday I was at the stove, cooking when I to reach across the stove to put some vegetables in the pan..  As I was standing there, stirring the food, the energy that feels like purring was magnified…
       I never know what energy is being released…  One I know, from my dreams, was from the shoot em up, gun em down, wild wild west bank robbers era… another was from the slave trade.. another was the ones I called the splattering brothers..
       I must say I rather enjoy when they come back into my dreams and tell me what they transform into….

Have to believe we are magic
April 3, 2013

Memories from before Time
April 3, 2013

creating a world that is solid
It really does happen this way.. I remember when my Unicorn companion took me on a 3 month vision back through time, back to before the creation of the world of solid. I had traveled to sit at the campfire of a friend and off in the distance I could see this beautiful tree spirit shimmering.. and in the time one would think of as a moments nap, I awoke to see that tree spirit had shimmered over to me and I laying in a position of resting against it.. In that moment I thought I wanted to create a world that was solid so I could hug that tree, and as we are a collective soul, so also did many other of the gods and goddesses share the same thought…

A whole body Kundalini experience this morning
April 2, 2013

There is not much that I know about this Kundalini Rising that I am experiencing.  I am following the Earths instructions for me on it.  She is the one who is in charge of it.  She is the one who told me she needs me to travel this way.  I just woke up to my whole body vibrating in Kundalini spinning, feeling as if I am moving towards what she needs from me..  I follow my medicine, the Bear this year has spoken…  they told me in a dream that this year is to be a year of big change for me.  They told me that they are now going to call me DESTINY…

Here is a picture of kind of how it looked this morning when my whole body was vibrating with the Kundalini spinning..

light bodies