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Guidance on my mission within this Two Spirit love
June 12, 2016

I do not know that I could complete this mission without the Earth guiding my steps and my reactions.  The human part of me would react in a way to push any discomfort out of my being, but in this new world I have found myself in the rules are so different here.  They call for a higher love  than I have experienced in my current human expression.

Butterfly Blue lead me into a place I call the Dark Forest.  It it the place inside my Two Spirit where she holds such rage for all that has happened in her world with the constant reminder that she is not like everyone else.  From the moment I entered there I got a tummy ache.  Then it felt like my head exploded (I am an empath, I think I am walking inside of her now).  I have had an Amethyst on my head all weekend because anywhere I tried to focus made me feel overwhelmed.

In the place of this rage, it is without love.  Love has no place here.  It is the total and complete emotion of protecting oneself from annihilation.   It is the Dark forest that has been built upon for all the generations that the Two Spirits have been traveling through the Time of Chaos.  The emotional body carries the signature of all the love that they have seen murdered through time, which makes it unsafe to love, all the disrespect that they have been shown because they translate the world through different eyes than most people.  It is the place inside where the rage is so strong it makes her tremble.  As I looked around there, there was no love for me there.  I could be there or I could leave.  It did not matter.  The only thing that mattered to her was to get through the rage to the other side so she could grow through the experience.  Where ever it lead her, that is the place she would go.  I could be nothing more than a song bird she once heard singing, or I could be whatever I chose to be.  There was no love inside her like we think of love and relationships growing through time..

It was difficult being there, stomach hurting, and my head feeling like it was going to explode (I never have headaches, but I got a headache) ..

Finally I decided I needed to change into something more comfortable for my passage through the Dark Forest, so I transformed into a River Song so that I could watch the energies of the collective Dark Forest from inside the Water Spirit.

We have been walking in silence for 22 days now but we have still been touching in that one place where we meet, even though there are no words spoken out loud, just tiny pictures that dance between us.  I was not going to tell her why I changed my name from Destiny loves Lakota to River Song.  I was just going to let it go where ever it went.  The Earth has already told me that she has bound me to Lakota for her healing, no matter whether we walk inside a relationship or not. (Did I tell you the Earth had me cut off my braid and send it to Lakota in 2011?  I did as I was told and the Earth said that she bound me to Lakota because I am a notorious run away when it comes to love.)

So I was not going to tell Lakota why I transformed myself into a River Song..  But then the Butterfly Blue showed up.  She danced upon my waters and bid me to say hello to Lakota and tell her why I transformed myself into River Song..  so I did..

After that I was laying in bed, with my Amethyst on my head, drifting in River Songs body when I saw a cloud formation in the sky.  It was in the shape of a Tree, and the top of the tree had been swirled to look like a crescent moon, with swirls that came out and disappeared into the blueness of the sky.  Behind the  trunk of the tree cloud a bright sun, complete with Sun rays reaching out, and evenly dispensed on both sides.. all against a blue sky.

Question Mark 2

I Dream in Tarot Cards, art by Destiny

My first thought was, I don’t think I can paint that picture out…  so I drifted on, and looking into the Dark Forest I saw a Black Tree…  bent in a swirl, just like the Cloud…  so I drew it out…


This Two Spirit mission is really important..  and sacred..  But I do not think that I could complete it if I was not divinely guided by the Earth to come into this higher love..

It is so easy to get lost in the Ego, thinking it has to go one way or another.  The Ego could say well, “You tried and she broke your heart anyway.  The Ego would have me to contemplate a thousand excuses to travel on and go someplace else, and if it was up to me I would have left.

But it is the Earth who guides my steps, and she sends animal messengers to tell me what direction she needs me to travel next.

Since this new phase of the journey began 22 days ago, a blue butterfly keeps showing up to guide my journey and tell me what to do..

And 2 days ago, I was driving to work when an Eagle flew over my path.  I drove further, and in my sky I beheld a cloud in the shape of an Eagle…

I have come into a New World, into a higher form of love.  The Earth holds me and keeps me safe on this journey and keeps Lakota safe too, in this special place that the Earth has made for her healing.. and for the healing of the Two Spirits.

all my love,

a River Song

Native American Wisdom Cards ~the Turkey Vulture
May 16, 2016

Turkey Vulture 051516

Yesterday, for the first time, after years of watching them grace our skies in their sacred dance for years and years I got wow to see what they really look like up close.. I was driving home from the store when I saw this huge bird in the road… Except for its color… like a golden eagle color wings, I thought for certain I was staring at a Turkey in the road.. I look it is and it is called a Turkey Vulture… I feel really blessed by the experience…. highly significant to my journey… Maybe it is not rare, maybe it happens all the time.. maybe this is what turning 60 is about, but all along my journey my mission was to open the path for the sacredness of the Indigenous Tribes of America. I have worked with great dedication to this end..

Now in the most beautiful and glorious way (through love with a Cheyenne Indian) I have come into the complete acceptance of a new mission, like a graduation mission, I have come into the grace of opening the path for our Two Spirits.. and every week I am faced with the death of prejudice in this time of purification…

It is unbelievable to me how much the christian sector is thinking prejudice is their god given right…  I am thankful that it is not all the christian sector who is displaying this uprising of prejudice…  We have come to the time of purification..  This movement of this energy rising up is merely the release to that which no longer serves humanity as a whole…


In traveling forward we were always meant to travel back to the place of no prejudice
February 15, 2016

With this the change from student to teacher

I am transitioning well into my new roll of uncovering the hidden well of love that is my Twin Flame journey.  It is literally like leaving my old world behind and stepping into a whole new world.

As Lightworkers, Bringers of the Dawn, writers of the New Calendar, Conscious Creators..  the list goes on and on..  as there is a multitude of us who have incarnated at this time to welcome the next great circle around the Central Suns and to influence the course of mankind over the next 26,000 cycle.  Much of what we do requires that we break down the walls of prejudice that grip the heart of the people who would cling to the old way of being and not welcome the necessary changes to unfold.  A lot of our natural way of walking across this planet beautiful inspires people to love us and recognize that in our movements of grace they have been lead to something higher that they may not have noticed before.

It is a journey of discovery for us both.  This new world I have arrived in for which I now must learn a new language and learn how to sing proper a new honoring song as this is the song that wells up from me now from the power of creation..

In traveling forward we were always meant to travel back to the place of no prejudice..


12 Bear Medicine and the merging Twin Flames
November 10, 2015

Bear medicine 110915

At first I didn’t realized that Bear had called me to make the journey into the Room of the Winters Sleep.  I was making a passage when I saw a beautiful quote by Silent Bear about how

there are many places one could get lost

but the one place a person could get lost

without being lost was

within a hug.  

I wanted to share that quote but about that time IE locked up, so I went and looked again all over my room for the quote.  5 times I made the passage but I simply could not find it again..

Time slipped by and I was forced into bed not feeling well, and by the time I got out of bed I realized I now felt like being silent..  I could not think of anything I wanted to research.  I just wanted to walk in silence..

A Silent Bear called out and said it was time to go into the Dream..

this morning I woke up inside the the darkness of the cave looking at the symbols on wall and seeing their story in a dream.  I thought it was my dream I was in, but it was not.  It was your dream that we were inside of.

You are a Walkin on this Planet Earth, holding in sacred trust the memories of the man who left.  I watched your dream written on the side of the cave wall with you..  as Silent Bear lead us.. to a place up ahead where I could see a room full of light.. with arms that reached out and hugged us..

and it felt like we are in the merging time of the Twin Flames


Since I am teaching myself how to draw, I honored the Silent Bear with a picture and looking at the picture I remembered a dream I used to have..  I called it the Attic Dream..  because I would always find myself in room full of ancient artifacts.. or antiques.

The thing was, they were magical, and I would walk past them they would activate.. the TV would turn on..  The Radio would begin to play, The Toaster would begin to toast..  The Crystal Ball would show pictures..  and within this room there was a picture of me and my Twin Flame.  But I could only see him out of the corner of my eye.  Every time I would turn my face towards the picture to see you, the picture would turn into a mirror and all I could see was myself..

That was how it felt waking up inside your dream this morning.

(((((( hugs )))))))

Frog messages
October 9, 2014

Last time Frog showed up I was living in a house of transformation..  Feathers were being gifted from the heavens and in my dreams… the Ancestors showed up and told me I was Indian (my family was one who hid their Indian heritage because of events and pressures)… it was a time of great transformation for me (One summer in that house there were so many frogs in the yard I had to mow very slowly so they could jump out of the way as I was mowing.)  there were portal opening, Deer migrated through the yard, it was a great time of transformation..
The place where I live now, this the second frog sighting.. the first one was on the truck at Golden Coral.. and this one next to the bath tub we call our imaginary ocean (because it is so big) and we play like we are mermaids swimming in the ocean..

Apparently I am under the protection/medicine/message of the Frog now…  I am excited as I remember the time of transformation that took place last time Frog lived with me….


and here I am, in the time of purification as the Kundalini rises to the Throat Chakra…

One Lone Eagle…. again
August 10, 2013

I seem to be on the Journey of One Lone Eagle..
again I come out of Wal-Marts today to find
One Lone Eagle circling above me…

golden eagle one lone eagle

It is quite a journey watching One Lone Eagle.. Apparently they have route, or path that is like their territory for I always see them on the same stretch and they fly higher in the sky than any of the other large birds I have seen… If it had not have been for the one that flew straight at me until I could see the white of its head I would not have known that this journey I am on now is an Eagle journey….. My One Lone Eagle is quite lovely to watch, the movements through the air…… I wonder what more I will see on this journey…

and find the parallels

to where I am



PS…… they say this is a video of a Rough Legged Hawk..  but it is a very pretty song that I am going to try to find a video of the whole song…

pieces of.. Journey to the Edge of the Precipice~Tree hugger
July 7, 2013

My journey with my Soul Mate ..  Rainbow Twin Flame ..  actually began when I was 12.  There were 2 visions I was given then, one was the instructions on how to walk through a world that was solid, the second was finding myself on another planet, in a room that seemed to be a meditation station when a member of the Elder council slipped into the room with me on a ray of sunlight.  From his robe he pulled a scroll, and with love and admiration he revealed that the contract I had written for a mission to the Earth, and told me that it had been approved  and that I was going to Earth next.

Then on another ray of sunlight in slips my ‘husband’ to the back of the room.  I was so excited to see him, I slipped back next to him.  He was taller than I, like a sun shining over my head so that I had to look up at him.  He smiled and pulled out his contract that had just been approved also, and pulling me close up to him so that he could show me just our paths were going to come together on Earth..

The next time, in this life that he made contact with me was through our dreams.  For the longest time he walked with me through the dream world.

The next time after that was 2 woman, one given a vision, and one a dream about the man who was going to love me like no other (At the time I was in a state of heartbrokenness that lasted from 1991 to 2010 when my heart chakra reopened and my Kundalini activated)

But back then, in 1991, once my 2 friends were given the information of the one who would love me like no other, I immediately set me eyes in his direction as they had both revealed that my journey was to be an Indian journey.

I began writing him letters..

I wrote him letters until the year 2004, at which time I was told that I was to let go and fly free.

This from one of the letters I wrote him.  I didn’t know what to call him as I did not know his name, so I called him Indian Spirit Man:


Indian Spirit Man,
It would so honor me
if I could stand
One in Nature
with you.

It is the majestic trees
that stand a part of me.
I raise my arms
in salutation.
They awe me with their splendor
and comfort me when I weep.
They make me laugh
with their dancing
and tickle me silly
when they reach out and
touch me as I go walking.

Their roots travel deep within me,
securing me to the Earth.
A great energy rises
up from the Earth.
A massive vortex
comes up
and spreads its arms of love
around me
I am awed in their

I feel their spirit
whispering my name,
“Come close, ballerina girl
and wrap your arms around me.”
I touch them in reverence
and wait
for the moment my hand
begins to flow with
their energy.
Then I know it is okay for
me to hug them.

I feel them feeling me
and remembering me when
I come back around.
Softly they whisper to
my spirit,
“I’m here for you
my child.”

Indian Spirit Man,
It would so honor me
if I could stand
One in Nature
with you.

… me 1991 …

070191hugging a tree

How Grandmother Spider Brought Fire to the People
July 3, 2013

In the beginning there was no fire, and the world was cold, until the Thunders, who lived up in Galun lati (Gah-lun-lah-tee), sent their lightening and put fire into the bottom of a hollow sycamore tree which grew on an island. The animals knew it was there, because they could see the smoke coming out at the top, but they could not get to it on account of the water, so they held a council to decide what to do. This was in the long ago time, when the animals could talk one to the other.

Every animal that could fly or swim was anxious to go after the fire. The Raven offered, and because he was so large and strong they thought he could surely do the work, so he was sent first. He flew high and far across the water and alighted on the sycamore tree, but while he was wondering what to do next, the heat had scorched all his feathers black, and he was frightened and came back without the fire. The little Screech Owl (wa’huhu [wah-hoo-hoo]) volunteered to go, and reached the place safely, but while he was looking down into the hollow tree a blast of hot air came up and nearly burned out his eyes. He managed to fly home as best he could, but it was a long time before he could see well, and his eyes are red to this day. The the Hooting Owl (Uguku [OO-goo-koo]) and the Horned Owl (Tskili [Skee-lee]) went, but by the time they got to the hollow tree, the fire was burning so fiercely the the smoke nearly blinded them, and the ashes carried up by the wind made white rings about their eyes. They had come home again without the fire, but with all the rubbing they were never able to get rid of the white rings.

Now no more of the birds would venture, and so the little Uksuhi (Ook- soo-hee)snake, the black racer, said he would go through the water and bring back some fire. He swam across to the island and crawled through the grass to the tree, and went in by a small hole at the bottom. The smoke and heat were too much for him, too, and after dodging about blindly over the hot ashes until he was almost on fire himself he managed by good luck get out again at the same hole, but his body had been scorched black, and he has ever since had the habit of darting and doubling back on his track as if trying to escape from close quarters. He came back, and the great black snake, Gule’gi (Goo-lay-kee), “The Climber,” offered to go for fire. He swam over to the island and climbed up the tree on the outside, as the blacksnake always does, but when he put his head down into the hole the smoke choked him so that he fell into the burning stump, and before he could climb out again he was as black as the Uksu’hi.

water-spiderNow they held another council, for still there was no fire, and the world was cold, but birds, snakes, and four footed animals, all had some excuse for not going, because they were all afraid to venture near the burning sycamore, until at last Kanane’ski Amai’yehi (Kah-nah-nay Ah-eye-yay-hee [the Water Spider]) said she would go. This is not the water spider that looks like a mosquito, but other one, with black downy hair and red stripes on her body. She can run on top of the water or dive to the bottom, so there would be no trouble to get over to the island, but the question was, How could she bring back the fire? “I’ll manage that,” said the Water Spider; so she spun a thread from her body and wove it into a tusti (toos-tee) bowl, which she fastened on her back. Then she crossed over to the island and through the grass to where the fire was still burning. She put one little coal of fire into her bowl, and came back with it, and ever since we have had fire, and the Water Spider still keeps her tusti bowl.

That is how fire came to the People.”


…Another version…

A Cherokee Legend:

Grandmother Spider Steals the Sun


In the beginning there was only blackness, and nobody could see anything. People kept bumping into each other and groping blindly. They said: “What this world needs is light.” Fox said he knew some people on the other side of the world who had plenty of light, but they were too greedy to share it with others. Possum said he would be glad to steal a little of it. “I have a bushy tail,” he said. “I can hide the light inside all that fur.” Then he set out for the other side of the world.


There he found the sun hanging in a tree and lighting everything up. He sneaked over to the sun, picked out a tiny piece of light, and stuffed it into his tail. But light was hot and burned all the fur off. The people discovered his theft and took back the light, and ever since, Possum’s tail has been bald.


“Let me try,” said Buzzard. “I know better than to hide a piece of stolen light in my tail. “I’ll put it on my head.” He flew to the other side of the world and, diving straight into the sun, seized it in his claws. He put it on his head, but it burned his head feathers off. The people grabbed the sun away from him, and ever since that time Buzzard’s head has remained bald.



Then Grandmother Spider said, “Let me try!” First she made a thick-walled pot out of clay. Next she spun a web reaching all the way to the other side of the world. She was so small that none of the people there noticed her coming. Quickly Grandmother Spider snatched up the sun,

put it in the bowl of clay, and scrambled back home along one of the strands of her web. Now her side of the world had light, and everyone rejoiced. Spider Woman brought not only the sun to the Cherokee, but fire with it. And besides that, she taught the Cherokee people the art of pottery making.



lessons from Spider Grandmother
June 29, 2013

A journey of Rainbow Twin Flame proportions:

drean and deep space spider grandmother

Once I made the journey to Spider Grandmother she began to weave her tale for me by stressing the point of perfection..  of mathematical equations and how they equal in the web of a universe..

She was also careful to state that there are many universes and each one is woven by a different Spider Grandmother.

And as she was weaving her story I saw that she was weaving my universe.  She smiled and informed that it took a mathematician to weave a universe and that not everyone could do this.

By this time she had woven a few lines in my universe.  I looked at the strand where we were standing, and down a connecting strand, in another Galaxy I saw my Twin Flame. He had already entered the Healing Chamber and was laying on his side holding his stomach and rocking in terror over the nightmare he was witnessing that he was there to be healed from….

That day I felt like I took on his pain, the pain of him laying there inside the Healing Chamber, my stomach hurt so frightfully it seemed it would be better to just throw up, and in the morning, when I awoke, I saw him open the door, saw him and his daughter and as they began to hug such tears poured forth that they both began to weep in their relief..

And then I found myself staring up at the sky to see a cloud that looked like a Golden Eagle was floating by and knew that everything is going to be ok.

drean and deep space golden eagle sm

Year of the Hummingbird, a spiritual journey
November 27, 2012

Great Spirit moves in mysterious ways to bring the message from Earth messengers.  When one enters into the time of an animal messenger sometimes the Earth will use unusual methods to let a person know where they are on the Medicine Wheel.

Last night I came home and stuffed into my mailbox, just like the postman had left me a flyer,  there was a single window curtain with the picture of a Hummingbird on it.  My heart danced for joy to see it as if I had found another picture to put in my Hummingbird book.

And more than that, it was again Great Spirit moving, reminding me that I have been placed within the protective energy of the Hummingbird.

In the old way (and day) when such a messenger would come along I would

lovingly carve them into my Totem pole.  In a dream the Sun Bear showed me that he was the first one I carved into my Totem pole for all my Totems were upon his back within the chest he carried.  And each and every time an Animal Messenger was sent I would lovingly carve the Animal into my Totem Pole and place it within the chest.

The appearance of this Hummingbird was unexpected, out of the blue, as we are now standing in the space between Autumn and Winter.  It quickly brought to mind how unusual this Hummingbird message has

been sent.  First the Sky People spoke to me about coming of the Hummingbird.  3 times they showed me pictures in the clouds of the Hummingbird.  Then as I was looking out my window there came a Bumblebee Moth Hummingbird a calling.

Next the Hummingbird dreamed me…

And now this coming home to find stuffed in my mail box a single Hummingbird curtain..  Then I fell asleep and in my dreams I was standing outside.  There was a bush, it was very tall, at least 10 feet.  There was a woman there and it appeared she was thinning out the growth because she had dug part of it up and tossed it off to the side.

I thought I should look and see what kind of bush it was and when I picked it up I saw a card attached  that had a picture of a Hummingbird on it.  When i looked over at her she said, “yes, the Hummingbird loves this bush”

This is my honoring song.  In the old way as we would carve our totems into the wood, we would sing our honoring song.