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Double Rainbow Twin Flames… a journey worth taking
May 28, 2015


I have found absolute resolution on my Twin Flame journey

In the last few months peace has transcended

and it all makes complete sense..

From the beginning, since the first vision

driving home that day and seeing double

Rainbow Twin Flames,

I have wrote out the long journey

danced in the double Twin Flames

and been confused by it.

Over the past few months

I have come into a state of grace with it.

with this new form of love that entrails me

and wraps me gently in its knowing..

And now that I have arrived in this sacred space

of this love

this freedom

this knowing..

I think I should write a book

…  soon my grandbabies will be moving into their own place and I shall have more time to write..  I think this is a story worth sharing..  my mind is traveling towards the writing of this book …  there is a lot of mystery around Twin Flames…  I think the ending of the book will surprise.. and delight.. and set some people free,

To those within the collective who can hear me, my prayer
May 18, 2015
I have given this piece alot of spiritual attention since I first read it.  So many times I had heard my family weeping, “our women are being murdered” and would ask to be pointed to the place where I would find the answer, so that for my part in the collective soul I could let the people know what was happening, sot that those with the power to do something could make the needed changes..
In my journey I have come to see that these oil companies owners are the new junkies.  There is too much evidence that we are destroying this life sustaining planet with what we are doing.  The ocean is dying with the waste we are putting into the water.  Jacques Cousteau gave us a picture of the ocean when it was teaming with life, and we can clearly see that the ocean now looks like a desert..  We got satellites filming the Earth capturing the devastation, and warning us of what we are doing, cutting down the forest, mining the Earth of its minerals and fuels the Earth needs to maintain her ability to be a life sustaining planet.  We have a whole collective responding, working to move the energy in a new direction, one in which we do not destroy our life sustaining planet..
And then we have these junkie Oil Tycoons that became obscenely rich off their oil investment.  So rich that they became addicted to the smell and lost their heart.  They would determine what piece of land they wanted to extract the Earths fossil fuels from, and because they were obscenely rich, they would either buy off anyone who stood in their way, or they would gather evidence to destroy the ones who said they would not give them their way,  It was not that that hard for them to become the big bully.  There were obscenely wealthy and could buy what they wanted.  And what they wanted was to feed their addiction, they wanted more oil wells, more oil rigs, more drilling into the Earth and suck and and pushing her fossil fuels out.. They wanted to make certain that no one stood in their way and they were willing to bully and buy their way into getting what they wanted.
These new junkies they do not care the price others must pay for them to get their way…  and apparently these are the kind of people they are hiring, paying big bucks men that are but bad boys to run pipelines across the country.  In order to do this they must build these boomtowns to house the thugs they are hiring to build their pipe line.  These boomtowns are making their passage through towns where they Indian Nations live..
These thugs that they are hiring to build these pipelines have been heard saying that they believe it is okay for them to rape and kill Indian women as they pass they pass over the land building the pipe line because there is no retribution, no law that makes it a crime to kill an Indian…
And all the while my people cry, “Our women are disappearing”
Just thought the collective who hears me should know this is happening.. and how … and why … so changes can be brought into the heart of the people..  I love you all.. thank you for listening.. for hearing me… and hearing the tears of my people through me…