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hidden beauty
June 27, 2012

It is hard to believe such beauty hides itself inside the Earth, vibrating and dancing, and holding this energy…  I wonder what galaxy you have come to us from..  O Fluorite so fair, so gentle your touch, how I would love to lay with you and hear your whispers in my ear..  tell me the place where you come from.. that I may dream you..

June 26, 2012

It should be a crime against the Earth and all her children (the humans) to deem a plant a bad because of its properties, to burn it at the stake like a “so called witch” of old reflects poor choices with a plant that would gladly serve in usefulness..

Peacock Spider
June 26, 2012

it is like looking through time at an ancient design someone had woven into their clothes.. and understanding the journey that they took with that spider that bought them to the place of honoring them by weaving them into the fabric of their life..

Onyx Dreams me…
June 24, 2012

Yesterday I bought some Onyx, and as I like to sleep with the Stone People I wrapped it around my wrist as I was going to sleep. Woke up dreaming that I was staring out into the way far away distance where the sky looks black and saw 5 galaxies standing there waving at me, including one was a black hole.

for those who were around me hearing me singing my song in 2008, that was the year the singer came and sang me the song of my creation story.. For 3 months I kept talking about the singer and the words to the song of “Remember when” We traveled to distant galaxies where I was shown how we all decided at the same time we would like to experience each other in a world that was solid, so we made a gathering and decided our places in the world of solid (and the rules) Some galaxies would incarnate in the animal kingdom, some in the mineral kingdom, some in the plant kingdom, some would take the human form.. (At the end of the song stood the Unicorn, the singer of the song)

This dream is a continuation of the Unicorn song.. and the Onyx was the Black Hole incarnate here on Earth as Onyx.. and the other galaxies that were standing there waving at me too, they incarnated as Stone People from the family of the Onyx (so to speak) or translates ‘they grow close together”.

I just found these pictures to represent them but doing a search on Onyx with other mineral… thought I would share… ♥♥♥

We are here to raise our vibration
June 21, 2012

I was watching some orgone video’s .. and it speaks of changing the vibration..
and the memory 
“as it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end,
and it was beautiful”
In the beginning we vibrated in a much higher vibration.. and I know that my vibration has increased, especially since 2003..
so I was watching the videos of all the Orgonite products I found myself remembering a dream in which we were able to teleport to different locations on the Earth.. In one of the dreams we were holding a black disk or stone, not circular, oblong and we were using that stone to teleport…It is our destiny to raise our vibration, and the vibration of the Earth so she (the 2 who walk as One) can ascend…
Orgone Ch’i Stones 
Technology in harmony with nature
and here is a great you tube on
Wilhelm Reich and the Orgone Energy

Sharing link, How Trees Communicate.
June 14, 2012

This is like one of those places that makes me want to weep for joy..  you know I have been merging with the Earth since beginning when I was 12..  and one of the places where I merged with was with the Trees…  The showed me this network that looked like friends holding hands under the Earth and they were telling me that they shared their energy amongst each other that way so whoever needed more energy was given energy.. as on the outside there was a work they did, so they had supported each underground.. all out of sight they showed me their great work …  Later they showed me how I could drive 450 miles, and through their great network they could tell the trees 450 miles away that I was coming…  and later after that I had this experience in another group in which a girl asked me to make a picture for her.. and as I sat there contemplating a tree began to talk to me.. 13 generations ago I had made my way across the great Turtle, following the stars in search of my star sistar..  She went by the name of White Feather and lived at present day Santa Barbara as a Chumash Indian..   I lived there for the remainder of my daya.. as a medicine woman..  we loved to gather pearls..  and I loved to talk to the trees and make friends with them..  so as this tree was talking to me this girl gave me a poem about a tree that had become an apartment building, abandoned this tree sang to me the song of its history..  while the girl said “this is not the poem I would have chosen to share but was the poem the tree told me to put here”..  and as I connected to the tree that became the apartment building, the tree told me that it remembered me from some 200 years ago…. so not only do the trees network amongst each other closely, they network over the miles and they network through time….

A woman is like a butterfly..
June 3, 2012

The Origin of the Lakota Oyate
June 2, 2012

The Origin of the Lakota Oyate.

merging in the days of giving birth
June 1, 2012

The one who makes the slow distant pulse, very slowly coming in and going out, he is a great distance away, having yesterday traveled closer, and today I still feel him, but way off in the distance.

having completely merged with the Earth, this is a very interesting part of the journey….  she says, “We” are giving birth to stars and galaxies..

It is very interesting feeling what she feels outside the realm of what it feels like to be inhabited by the human species, her feelings stretch way out into the universe….