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Unicorn dreams
April 18, 2014

when the unicorn sings I hear chimes ringing

Oh I just woke up from the most delightful dream… I was hearing the words to the next piece I am to write… my companion, the Unicorn was there with me, singing a song of the next piece or direction I am to travel…. we were floating in the air and both of us were Unicorns… Compared to her I was like a child Unicorn, about 7 years of age and she was an adult Unicorn.. we were floating in the air like an Earth and a Sun..

I love my Unicorn journey, vision.. It began in 2008 when traveling through the ether’s I began to hear the singer of a song

singing me a song of remember when?..

Remember when we danced as gods 
across the starlit sky 
of distant galaxies 
side by side through the sands of time, 
dancing through cities of gold and emerald, 
walking through the memories of gods of old 
we watched the magic unfold, 
lay witness to half goat, half human. 
and magical nymphs and 
mermaids dancing within the waters. 
Traveling so far through my splendored journey 
Made me laugh to watch us dance with Hercules 
all the magic that was out of Time.. and larger than life.. 

slipping next to the campsite of a friend
you saw that spirit tree, so lovely,
shimmering in its lights of rainbow dance
off in the distance..

Your heart stirred,
spirit tree’s heart stirred
as you recognized the life in each other
and in the time one would think of 
as morning light
You awakened to find your spirit self
resting against the spirit tree..

With quiet reflection,
I watched as you began contemplation
of what it would feel like
to walk in a land that was solid
with the spirit tree..

Then my companion, the Unicorn, sang to me a song of time forward, how we are a collective of energy beings who vibrated as One, and there were many at the same moment who shared the same thought of wanting to come forward into a journey of walking together as solid.. we chose the story line that we were going to write, made up the rules of how we could exist together, cat people becoming cats, tree people becoming trees, a certain group of us taking our form in the human skins.. and the being who took her consciousness as the Earth, she was larger then life, floating like a whale above us as we looked quite small compared to her.. she agreed to be the body that we would have this experience upon…

the singer of the song is a Unicorn