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as One, the light of pure love grows stonger, the Twin Flame journey
November 20, 2014

I am with my Twin Flame now, and it is a love different than any I have ever known (as far as being human goes) …  we are both lightworkers here with a job to do, living on 2 different continents.  He is a Walk In, and came onto the planet Earth when the one whose body he occupies committed suicide.  Being a Walk In is a hard journey as they become tied to the emotional body of the one who left..  When we came together in this life he was truly in the dark night of the soul, suffering hard..  I would have ran away but the Earth is the one who instructs me and she instructed me on every single encounter with him until, at last he found his memory of us.. before that he said that there was something about my song that called to him, why he always came back when the Earth would tell me to sing my song to him..

Now we are together and this is a very different kind of love.  He lives in another country.  It is the place where he is doing his lightwork..  I live in this country.  It is the place of my light work..  We recognize that we could find comfort in a human body close by and still hold the knowledge that whatever we experience in our human bodies could be likened unto the ingredients that blend together to make the greater whole..  It is as if our higher selves are reaching through the denseness of this 3 dimension world of humans and lights hold hands through us…  This love is far greater then any I formerly could humanly conceive..  It has nothing to do with jealousy.  That is a lower vibration that we have rose above..

He has his work and I have mine.. and everything in between are parts of the greater whole headed for a journey of our reuniting…

A single brighter light