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Water prayer … the 11th of each month
October 11, 2013

Today is Dr Emoto’s Water prayer day…  it should be noted that Dr Emoto has pneumonia right now and they are asking that when we make our water prayer that we add the words Love and Gratitude to send a special prayer to him as he is very sick (“Dr. Emoto teaches in HADO School that the combination of LOVE & GRATITUDE create IMMUNITY.  So let’s do it …!! Together let’s send our sincere Love & Gratitude to create a global prayer wave of Immunity to wrap around the world and Dr. Emoto.” )

…… and so I send my love to the Water…  I love you, please forgive us, you are beautiful, holy and sacred in your walk upon this body and to Dr Emoto I send Love and Gratitude for uplift this mission to raise worldwide awareness that water has memory and is a living being ….


We need programs to clean the ocean instead of programs to dump toxic waste into the ocean and there are rumors there is still radiation leaking in Japan…  When the Whale dreamed me he said that they were filling barrel of toxic waste, taking an old ship out into the ocean and sinking it.. he said they began doing this long ago and that now the containers have decayed and the toxics are spreading in the ocean, killing off life…  every since the whale dreamed me in 2008 I have been on a water mission….  it is why once I found Dr Emoto I began honoring him.. and why since I found Ta’Kaiya Blaney I have been honoring her….

lightning streaks across the sky
July 11, 2013

Lightning streaks across the sky..

With it I feel myself twist and turn

I have gone to write a piece about the parallels, or why when the Eagles appeared and gave me a sign that it was just before the storm hit (2011)…

I am feeling a need to internalize this..  There is so much happening on this journey and it seems I have come to a need for a private journal to write in the spaces between..  This round of Kundalini is different and the same as ones I have passed through before..  it is not the pulsing one that makes many universes dance and spin.  It is one solid rod of energy…

lightning over the water

Today is Dr Emoto’s Water Prayer day

I love you

I am sorry

Please forgive me

you are beautiful

I love you