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Conscious Creators
March 31, 2014

As we move into the space of this next circle around the central suns sometimes it feels difficult not to get caught up in the drama of the old world and to remember that at every moment we should be singing forward the new song for the next circle.. I know as a creator how important it is to sing forward the new song with a constant vibration .. even though I can feel myself still in the struggle, so to speak, of releasing the old… for example I ran across a picture with some words about how when the people were making a one world religion they would capture groups of people, one at a time, find their sacred holidays and insert their own on top of it, that way they could pacify a generation of people and at the same time project out into the world they were creating this one world order of Christianity because they knew eventually after a generation or 2 no one would really uphold what once was…


As we create the next circle around the central suns it is easy to get lost in the looking back game with some Image27bitterness, and creating more bad things happening from that perspective… but as creators it is a fact that where we place our intentions, attentions is what we will be creating… tis the nature of the game in this world of solid that is of our design..

Now that time as come upon us, a new age has arrived, and not only a new age but we have come to the time of the next great circle around the Central Suns.  Eons and eons ago we decided we mystical-mermaidwanted to make a journey into a world that was solid, so as gods and goddesses, spirit beings we could touch each other and interact in a new way.

That circle is now drawing to a close.  We, in this dense form are still creators and it is time to sing the next circle into being.  We do that by putting our focus on to what we want to next create, and then take the leaps of faith, do the work, continue to sing the songs, keep the energy moving until at last we arrive at the place of our song..

tipi village

We take leaps of faith until we arrive…
March 31, 2014

.. my boyfriend reminded me of a dream I once had .. and as I have peered back some 30 years into that dream I realize I am still like that girl in that dream .. In the dream I came to a river and was going to cross it.As I stared into the water a stepping stone arose and so I stepped upon it. Then as I stood there staring into the water, another stepping stone appeared so I hopped over to it..4107-79295

this continued for so many steps and required many leaps of faith one stone after another would appear for me to hop upon.. (in the end of the dream it require that I surrender to water, entered a room, where the Earth began to shake and we morphed into our lightbodies)

I am still like that person in that dream. I have seen on the other side a day coming when a girl can love a Thunder Being and he love her.. I am crossing over to the other side even though I do not have my feet firmly planted on sure footing, I stand there watching and then another stepping stone appears to rise within the water.. enabling me to continue my journey..

to the place where a girl can love a thunder being and he love her..

Sacred Play, Kundalini, the heart chakra and love without conditions
March 20, 2014

(((( ….This is the first song that Rick gave me…)))


 Indian Spirit and her Invisible Cowboy,

 Mated life in the Kundalini journey is certainly not in anyway the usual way to do things.  In my journey I am here for the Indians so I proclaim ‘you never needed the Christian path.”  “That your spirituality  will lead you well, and the Earth is your teacher and you never needed to walk that path ever.”  And in Ricks journey he is totally Christian.  He is different, and yet in ways we are the same.  He has been following his vision since he was nine and it took him into deep into the Christian sector, where he does his work channeling the Akashic records striving to correct the ancient stories that got told wrong or lost, or discarded..  (like in one he piece he was writing on someone and said that this man took the bell off his Unicorns horn and placed it around his neck.) ..

 Him and I cannot be in an open relationship, because of his fame, because of his following by thousands of Christians, they cannot conceive beyond their Christian beliefs a girl who says we are gods and goddesses, creators singing a new world into being.  It is more then they can conceive so, with this Kundalini journey of mine arriving at the heart chakra and becoming about loving without conditions, I wound up opening a special place where I can speak freely to him and we can be in an open relationship on our private page.

When I opened it I put it private so only my friends could see it, and I opened as a married couple and that was my status, and he is my only friend there so he is the only one who can see onto the wall..  well with the passage of time and watching him in his actions of being tied to me in such a way only the Indians can see I found myself feeling a bit overwhelmed the other day when he was saying to his people how he sent a package to the children and left off that he was sending a package to my grandchildren…  so I went and I changed our status to “It’s Complicated”  and he came back with something about you are “an Indian Spirit with her Invisible Cowboy” and posted this song on our page..


so now I am working on a picture and when I get it done I will post it and change the status from “Its Complicated” to Engaged..  because I find him engaging..


Sacred play is a good way to be..

This kundalini journey calls me to be more.  It is very different for me to give my love this way, without conditions, and it seems to me that when I a doing it then my kundalini is spinning harder.  At this point I am having a sensitiveness to sound.  When I go into work it seems as if they are amplified.

here is a link to some of the ascension symptoms:

The Earth tells me that she brought me down this journey because when I vibrate higher it assists her in vibrating higher (so we can travel on to the place where a girl can love a thunder being and he love her) I am having the sudden ringing in the ears  which when it happens I try to look around to see if I can see into the dimension from which the sound is come (as if I am trying to look through a portal door) …  and another thing I am experiencing is something with my head and a feeling that someone is rubbing their hand over my head a few inches above it.  In that moment I almost go blank and then I come back to in the same dimension we are in..

Extraterrestrials come my way ~dream
March 17, 2014

Woke up inside a dream.  One of the guys I remember he was saying how when a certain Extraterrestrial person would come he would show up on his horse and then when he was leaving on his horse he would transform it into another animal.. It was like a signature way of recognizing him.


So when I woke up inside the dream Bridgett and I were asleep in bed when I hear my German Sheppard/part wolf Samson begin to bark.  My first thought was, Samson is beginning to bark to announce the arrival of someone.  Within a few minutes he barked again and I thought, whoever it is is getting closer..  then he barked again, each time a little louder, and I was thinking he was saying they are almost here now, I I decided I had best get up and get dressed before they arrived.


I got dressed and went out into the livingroom and the dream house transformed into a house I once lived in where I saw Extraterrestrials beaming down on a ray of light under cover of clouds down at the barn.  So I was in the livingroom watching for the arrival of someone when a knock comes to the back door.  There was another guy in the house and he and some others went to the back door, opened it and began talking in an unknown language so I could tell that they knew each other.


I thought, “well I should go see who it it.”  and when I got to where I could see I saw that there were 5 people standing outside the door.  The tallest one was doing the talking.  He had a painted face, like a stripe going across he eyes and there were other symbols painted on his face too.  He had a curly wig on and it seemed that he had disguised himself to blend in by taking on the appearance of a clown.  And as if 3 of them were from the same species they all 3 were looking like clowns in their appearance.  and the other seemed to be another species that I could not recognize.  They were much shorter.


As the conversation between the man and the Extraterrestrials began to wind down the 2 that were different they took it as their cue, got on their horses and began to gallop down towards the barn where the beam of light carries them..


Then the other 3, as if signaling that they were from a different direction (species) they get on their horse, gallop up a hill, jump a fence and kind of lift off the ground as they head in the direction of the barn.  At the last minute there came like a flash of light that had a noise with it, and when I looked over I saw the horse transform into an elephant…  So I took it as my sign that this had been the one I had already been told about..


…..  Later in the dream I was outside when I saw a lovely lady poke her head out the barn door so I went down to investigate.  She was little, like only 4 feet tall, and in appearance it was as if she had been clothed in a see through human skin but underneath she was like a rainbow type of liquid.  she had gloves on her hands as if she would be vulnerable to picking up germs, but she hugged me with deligh when she saw me and then began walking through the garage.  She was so delighted with out world touching everything..  I remember as she was sliding her hand along the wall, she touched a rake and it just sort of fell over as if she did not have a concept that her movements had consequences..  she was quite lovely, fascinated with everything, touching it all.. then I awoke

Kundalini, in the heart spinning harder again, update
March 6, 2014

the Kundalini,

it will spin when it will spin,

and when it spins I feel like I am plugged into the Earth

doing the work that she needs me to do..

since it is she who told me this is the journey she needs me to take.

I have read that the Kundalini is uncontrollable, that the people who are having the Kundalini journey are just walking around having the sacred O all the time without any control.

It seems to me this is true..

There are people and places I would like it not to just open and spin full throttle while I am standing there,

kundalini ecstacybecause it is a very sensual feel

but it is a higher force than I controlling it..

as a matter of fact I do not think I am even controlling it

It feels like it is like being a portal that opens when the Earth decides to open it..

at least sometimes that is how it feels..

and yet at the same time it comes on like clockwork,

always at 5 am,

always at 7 pm

and there are other times too..

a 9 pm one..

and others still…

It pretty well doesn’t matter who is in the room when it happens,

it is like a geyser going off on clockwork only traveling up inside my body..

and iit feels so good…

It seems to require a certain balance within my psyche to remain strong within me.  As I said I am up to my heart chakra now and the Earth has told me this is a journey she brought me to because she needs me to vibrate at a higher level to assist her at vibrating on a higher vibration  (so that the energy on this planet can begin to move again to the place where a girl can love a Thunder Being and he her) So that she can get back into a body that is not so dense and heavy like this one is.kundalini to come

The heart chakra is where love takes on a different vibration than it took when I was younger.  It becomes a higher love that does not react in the same ways it once reacted but becomes about working with the energy as it presents itself.

For those who have follow my blogs for the longest, Rick (the one I have called “cougar”, “horse”, “the Dark One) has become the one I am making the journey of unconditional love with.  I don’t even think I can put into words all that has transpired inside this Kundalini journey that has made him and I one rocking couple.  In the place where I saw him as the Dark One a light has shown.  Before, I saw this place as a place of deception.  Now that a light has shown inside this place it feels like I have come inside his Holy of Holies..  when he was 9 (as his bloodline opens the path of vision) he saw the book that he is diligently transcribing now.  So all of what I saw before without understanding has come into a kundalini to come tooplace of honoring the man who came to sing this song.

Now, inside this place of unconditional love with him I find as I pass the tests of ‘can I hold this new form of love in such a way as to be unconditional’, it is like when I am being tested the Kundalini will spin less hard, less intense, just a soft gentle spin.  But when I pass a test and take our journey (his and mine) to a new level of unconditional love then the Kundalini will again begin spinning harder.

The Earth tells me that it is important that my vibration is raise because when my vibration is raised it allows hers to be raised higher also..

Another ‘side effect’ of the Kundalini Rising and holding a higher vibration is the fact that I ‘see’ more into the astral world then I used to see..  for example my grandson was over out of sight singing and it was coming out a little rough.  When I heard him consciously changing his vocal chord I found a part of my consciousness watching with interest and saw that he made his little throat into a perfect circle, like a wind tunnel and when he sang that way he sounded like a little angel in a boys choir.

It is the same with this feeling of finding my way into Ricks Holy of Holies..  I remember, the last time I left him, it was because the Kundalini allowed me to see further and I became furious with him when I saw him on the astral plane stepping into me.  I saw the way I was plugged into the Earth like a beam of light coming out of her and saw him making his daily journey to plug into me.  At the time I screamed holy carp and cussed him out as I was leaving because he did not have my permission to do that..  and yet now that I have achieved a higher love with him that molds itself to what is needed in the moment, I am finding that when he steps into me my Kundalini spins harder, and that is good because it is good for the Earth in assisting her in raising her vibration.

At this point it seems that when we come into an understanding that our vibration gets higher as we pass the test of the chakra the Kundalini is purifying and when that happens a good strong spin returns to continue moving the energy upward..

I do this journey for Love of Earth.  At the age of 12, in vision, I was told to merge with her, to not gain my understanding of how things work through  man but to go directly to the Earth for guidance in how to interpret the world.  In merging with her I talked to her and she would answer me back..  the very first time she sent a butterfly to land upon my nose and wipe away my tears.  But in time, as I continued to talk to her I began to hear her talking to me.  So I journeyed with her, listening to her, listening to the Animal Messengers that were sent to give me messages for her..  with my Kundalini spinning (as in my youth I do remember not knowing why it was spinning before I entered full fledge into this Kundalini Awakening it was already telling me that this was going to be the journey I was going to be taking as in my youth I had erratic Kundalini spinnings’ that I would not understand)..  so I listened to the Earth and followed all the instructions she gave me from the year 2000 on and was taken to this Kundalini Awakening June 17, 2010..  and as the spinning got harder and harder she told me that it was she who lead me here and she who needed me to be open to this Kundalini that was now burning through me, purifying me.  She said that she was using my body to release trapped energies (so she could vibrate higher) and showed me through the dream time that these energies were converting to places in the new circle around the central suns.  She showed me that these trapped energies that are being released from her body are being converted into places on life sustaining planets..  for instance, the 3 splattering brothers, the ghosts that was trying to break windshields on vehicles when they would drive through the mud, they were converted to 3 waterfalls..  and the energy of the thief that was stuck, his energy was converted to a place on a mountain that would steal your heart with its beauty..

All these trapped energies that are being released through the Kundalini are what the Earth needs so that she can achieve a higher vibration and not be so dense like she is now…  all so she can ascend..  all so we can get back to the place where  a girl can love a Thunder being, and he her..

In the place where I am, inside my Kundalini, it is very important that I give myself to the lesson of love unconditional for Rick (thankfully it is a kind of love the one you are with journey that does not require that I just give the whole world love unconditional all at once.  He is like my (must be an Indian word that has no translation) .. like a cat needs a scratching post kind of lesson..

From where I am with the Earth as my guide through this journey..  maintaining a level where my Kundalini is allowed to vibrate higher and higher is the exact place she needs me to be..

I am honored that Rick is the one she chose for me to walk through the heart chakra with into this flame of unconditional love..

and with him I am coming deeper into a place of love without conditions that as I allow it to grow within me seems to increase the strongness of the kundalini vibration.

I hope others who are on this Kundalini journey can understand and are helped by my sharings…

in love, Destiny Deela’ Cee