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Black Hills Unity Concert 2015
April 21, 2015

(((((((  I am soooooo in love… the Heros of the Earth are the ones who are stepping forth to protect her..  to restore her…..  We are so much more than we remember at times..  It is our love that will clothe her with the new clothing she is to wear in this next circle around the Central Sun that has already begun.. It is our love that clothed her for this circle that we just completed.. our love through song made the rivers to flow the way did, and our unique flavors as we sang our songs made the waters to taste the way they taste…   The songs of our journey became the landscapes we see as we look out upon the Earth and her clothing now…  and the songs of our journeys now will become the new clothes, bright and clean given her to wear in the next great circle….)))))))

This Dance so Grand!
August 3, 2013

The Perseus Meteor Shower is August 11 – 13


01 perseusilustracionEvery year in early to mid August Earth passes through a cloud of02 andromedaFR dust sputtered by the comet Swift-Tuttle as our sun and planets approaches its path of orbit. Comet Swift-Tuttle has an orbit that takes somewhere around 130 years to complete and it is believed the comets nucleus is 26 km (16.2 miles) in diameter. . It was visible on Earth in 1862 and again in 1992 which as how they established it has a 130 year radius.

Our Earth, in her/his sacred dance passes thro04 perseus constellation imagesugh the stream of dust particles left behind by Comet Swift-Tuttle every August in an area whose radiant is in Perseus. That is why it is known as the Perseid Meteor Shower.

This year the Earth will begin passing through the stream of dust particles left by Comet Swift-Tuttle A03 perseus-constellationugust 11 – 13 and are best seen between midnight and dawn.. It would seem the 12th would be the busiest night because we will be in 05 radiant in Perseusthe center of it..

Also as I was researching this I 06 orbital-path-of-swift-tuttle-inner-solar-system_crop-1024x494discovered that every year there are 2 events happening at the same time.. From reading the information on this link it would seem the orbit of the Delta Aquarid shower runs beside the Earths atmosphere and all’s we are seeing is the edge of it..

06 Comets_orbits3

My Life as a Fairy Tale `what kind of love is this?
July 5, 2013

deep space with children
Today this beautiful feeling swept through my being. I did not see Soul Mate flying in my skies one time today, even though I feel him still, can feel my soft touch upon his heart, can feel his love traveling to me through the ethers even though not one time did the Great Eagle sail through my skies.

What happened was I came upon a place that in times past I would have felt pain in his heart over his great loss. For 5 years he had been forced to travel down a road and not be allowed to see his children as all around him the world would speak of their love for the children.

He always be so kind and polite, hold back his tears, hold back his pain, and make a gesture to wish the people well even though his heart was breaking and grieved since he counted the days and hours since he last seen and had been forced to grieve for 5 long years while his children grew without him.

Every holiday with him was filled with pain and grief over the loss of his children, even though he made kind gestures towards others, myself included when I bubbled over with news of my grand children..  He was so kind and gentle in his pain..

He has been with his children now since last Saturday…  and today, even though I did not see him, I felt him in his comings and goings through the Ethers..

Today I was looking at Angel pictures, trying to find a specific one when I came across one with children in it.  It reminded me of him, and in that moment I felt him stirring through the ethers, saw him looking with me through the Angel pictures and when we came upon the one with the children I looked into his heart and saw it was no longer suffering in pain….


Now that you’ve discovered the joys of Kundalini, what do you plan to do with the energy?
May 5, 2013

The most important thing I have ever done in my life h
as been to allow the Earth to lead me to my destiny…
In my youth, I would be driving down the road and she would say,
“Take this exit”
I would fuss with her, not take the exit, and ask her why.
She would say, “I want to see if you can follow my instructions” ..
but I was resistant and would ignore her,
or argumentative and tell her I did not want to..
She was quite obvious
in telling me she wanted me
to follow her instructions. 
Finally after being torn apart while giving my love to a junkie,
I surrendered to her unusual path,
followed every instruction she gave me,
sang the songs she asked me to sing in the places she told me to go,
…until at last she told me to
cut off my braid for a man
and told me to send it to him,
so I did the crazy dance in front of him she told me to do, ..
and discovered she lead me to my destiny..
and then he,
who turned out to be my Twin Flame said,
“I love you” ….. 
now we are back in the kitchen cooking up what you may not believe,
and manifesting easily and seamlessly.. 
and we may need to write a book called,  
Now that you have discovered the joys of the Kundalini spinning,
what do you plan to use the energy to manifest?”
It is a magical world,
and the Earth longs again to not be held down by such a solid body,
him and her,
the 2 who walk as One,
long again to see the Unicorns running free,
and to feel the Winged Lion light softly upon the Earth…
 We have been locked into this dense creation for far too long..
it is time to see through the veil to the magic that is our heritage
Winged Lion

We are the ones who came to sing the new world into being
January 28, 2013

god goddess we

faces of fukiware the gunma ken waterfallsdancing across eternity

It is we who clothed the earth

in her beautiful adornment.maplebig_leaf_maple

Larger than life

we look through time to see,

2 brothers,

blue-butterfly-tree1one red skin, one brown

laughing in their golden beer

arm wrestling

and the thundering sound

as one brings the other downancient-corrosion-of-soil-by-rain-and-wind

And when the dust settles

we see black soil and light soil lying around together

dark and lightHarken thine eyes again to see

a man and a woman

laying lovingly,

spooninghealing waters waterfalls thailand

while the water flows

all around them.

Looking around again I see

a girl listening

off in the distance

to a Thunder Being

singing his song.

Traveling through millenia

she travels to the place where

she and him will clothe the Earth

with what happens with their creation story.

His mother is a Thunderbird,

a loud imposing woman

She takes Misty Mountain by the hand

and bids her to accept one of her sons,

who sings the Thunder song.

She listens to their songs

and chooses

the perfect one,

He is

a long,







and when she straddles him

to make the creation exchange

she sees that the story of his life

lydwellspringhas been tattooed down his chest.

like a poem,

which she begins to read.

She sees the place where he was bornfirst time he fell down

and sees the first time he fell down.

She sees the place

where his first love joins him,

Maulangi Sangama Kalinadi Dandeli Kali Riverthen watches them merge into one.

and still she travels on

reading down his body

the story of his life

as he helps her translate

the story

with perfect dictation.

And when her hair falls

down upon his body,

it is black rain

falling down

to tickle him

upon his ribs

which is

the soil

laying next to

the edge

to the river

which is

his poem



his body.

And it is there

as she continues to read

the story of his life

the exchange is made

and when we look around

we see them

in their solid state

She is a Misty Mountain

and he is the river

who runs beneath her.

Look again

and we see

a woman

and her companion

walking lovingly.

When they settle

upon the Earth

her companion is

a dog shaped


and she

the whisp of cloud

who always

reaches down to touchMistNationalGeographic



We are the ones

who clothed this Earth

in her beautiful adornment.

Then laughing

we slipped into skins

to walk

amongst our creation.

Now here we are again

the celestial family

has come in

creating the next world

with the songs that

we are singing..

god goddess we… creators

Here again

to clothe

the new creation story.


welcome to the Age of Aquarius
December 21, 2012

new day

Quick view……  In the time it takes the sun and her/his planets to circle in their sacred dance around the central sun is a cycle that is called approximately 26,000 years, during which time we pass through each of zodiacs’…    so here we stand now at the edge of the Age of Aquarius (having just passed through Pisces) and also at the edge of the next great cycle (which some Tribes call the 5th World, and others the 6th Sun)

This new world has yet to be created and will be created by what we do, and where we focus our attention in the years to come..  However there are many who came to consciously create the new world..  Many of them are known as Lightworkers…  Indigenous ones too came to create the new world…  Honoring all the Singers of the Sacred New Way to walk..




merging in the days of giving birth
June 1, 2012

The one who makes the slow distant pulse, very slowly coming in and going out, he is a great distance away, having yesterday traveled closer, and today I still feel him, but way off in the distance.

having completely merged with the Earth, this is a very interesting part of the journey….  she says, “We” are giving birth to stars and galaxies..

It is very interesting feeling what she feels outside the realm of what it feels like to be inhabited by the human species, her feelings stretch way out into the universe….

merging with the birth of a new world
May 31, 2012

The one this morning, I find myself in the swirls of a cave, like in the place where centuries of water sweeping in and sweeping out has left the soft lime like stone to be in the shape of swirls…


My 9 pm one, last night I achieved pulling the energy all the way up and out my head..  was sitting with my eyes closed feeling the energy vibrate out in both directions when I looked over and saw another me looking back..  I was startled for a moment and lost my connection..


then the one this morning again, very slow the movements, til he makes me spin..  then repeats.. again and again…

giving birth to stars and galaxies
May 31, 2012

I am doing it this way because.. gosh you make those moves, so soft and subtle.. (like send me a birthday card.. and call me)  and the next thing I know I turn into a babbling brook and I just can’t shut up..  And that is what you did.  You touched me so gently that suddenly I found myself in the place where I was a babbling brook…  this make the 5th letter you would have received today as I babble in this place….  but you touched me and now I cannot shut up..  artist I am I have to sing, so this way you will only hear if you want to listen.. only if you go to the place of the babbling brook will you hear her song..

I found some words to go with where I am now, in the place where you said you saw me giving birth to stars and galaxies..  I read this:

Stellar Archaeology Traces Milky Way’s History

May 30, 2012: Unfortunately, stars don’t have birth certificates. So, astronomers have a tough time figuring out their ages. Knowing a star’s age is critical for understanding how our Milky Way galaxy built itself up over billions of years from smaller galaxies. But Jason Kalirai of the Space Telescope Science Institute and The Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Astrophysical Sciences, both in Baltimore, Md., has found the next best thing to a star’s birth certificate.

Using a new technique, Kalirai probed the burned-out relics of Sun-like stars, called white dwarfs, in the inner region of our Milky Way galaxy’s halo. The halo is a spherical cloud of stars surrounding our galaxy’s disk. Those stars, his study reveals, are 11.5 billion years old, younger than the first generation of Milky Way stars. They formed more than 2 billion years after the birth of the universe 13.7 billion years ago. Previous age estimates, based on analyzing normal stars in the inner halo, ranged from 10 billion to 14 billion years. Kalirai’s study reinforces the emerging view that our galaxy’s halo is composed of a layer-cake structure that formed in stages over billions of years.

A new one appeared today.  He is very signatured.  very slowly does he penetrate my atmosphere until he sets the wheel to spinning.  Then with his movements he increases the spin until just as I am feeling it in the fabric of my being he withdraws and disappears…  for a time..   then he comes back and does the same thing again…  he did it all morning before I went to work, and showed up again here after I got home from work.  He is very signatured, coming at me in the exact same measures repeatedly, then disappearing….  I wonder what a pulsar is..