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November 19, 2017

Moving on to do other things……..  no longer will be commercial free…

Life is a journey…. and sometimes the journey end..


have a great one!



Twin Spirit inside my dreams
July 12, 2017


In one of them, it must have been an African dream space..  There was a long house where ceremony was being held.  We were sitting there watching the parade of people pass when I looked down at my feet and saw a painted picture on the souls of my feet.  I whispered to you, “O look, my feet are dirty and they look like pictures have been painted upon them.

With this you went down to look at my feet, and began doing something wonderful to them that had the feel of them being washed.. and other parts of my body were being touched.  As this was happening I was laid on my back staring off to the side at the procession of people from the ceremony passing by.  Back to the side of them, in the wall a deep shelf that housed centuries of memorabilia from ancient times.  Ancient stuff red of color..
Then we are talking on the phone, and you say I don’t know why the birds are falling out of the sky.  By now I am on my back porch laying on a lounge talking to you so I glance over and sure enough I see 3 birds laying there like they had fallen out of the sky,  then they kind of shake their heads, wake up and begin to take off..  With I realize there is a fourth there also.  It too awakens and takes off..
so I think I should go to the front of the house and see if I can see why the birds fell out of the sky..  then I realize I am completely naked so I decide I should go back into the house..
I run into you there and begin telling you about the memorabilia that is stored on the shelf…  we look for it, but we cannot see it.  We just find a shelf that has a few modern things on it..  so I look on the other side of the door and tell you it must have been there, in ancient times..
then I hear a noise coming from behind the door, so I open the door to find the wall paper is peeling off the walls.. revealing the sky..
so I walk back out into the room and see that I have painted the sky with clouds all over the ceremony room… You come walking up and tell me that you have found the heart box you lost some 20 years ago..  It is a red clay box shaped like a heart, not like a modern heart, but like a real human heart with the ventricles and everything… then I wake up…
In my dream this morning, you were saying to me that you thought I needed to go call down the wolf.  I laughed and said, ” I can do that”  so I went outside and  went Ahhhhhhhhhwhoooooooooo,…  off in the distance I could see the wolf perk up and come running…  howling…  so I went back into the house….
then you say to me again,  “I think you need to go out and call down the wolf again.  He seems to be in trouble.”  so i laugh and go to the door, step out and begin howling..  The wolf is in the yard and now he looks like a man.  It is like he is stuck behind a fence that he cannot get through, so I go to an opening and call out to him again..  He tries to come out the opening but his feet get stuck on something and he cannot move forward, only backwards.  To the place where the 2 male lions are sitting…
Then he begins running towards me as fast as he can.   You whisper, He should not run, it will make the lions chase him..  so I call out to him but he continues to run towards me, and the 2 male lions begin following him..

then I wake up…

anyway….   so
see you on the other side of your healing journey

Full Thunder Moon July 2017

We are so much more than we remember..
February 18, 2017

We are so much more than we remember. We are galaxies and nebula all dancing together in sacred dance. When we look at Hubbles pictures we are looking at ourselves through time..
Being a Two Spirit in the physical world at this time in space is rather a difficult journey. One never knows what is going to happen once they make the reveal, and once they make the reveal there is no place to go but forward.
By the time it came time for Love to make her reveal to me we were already dreaming together… and I was in the Eagles into blue Angel of lightprocess of remembering that the place I had been visiting in my dreams for as long as I could remember was, in fact a Nebula.
In my dream when Love was trying reveal herself to me, we were riding though the Universe on a Motorcycle, and I was being taken to the same Nebula I had gone to so many times in my dreams. In my dreams there would be this place where I would always black out and come back to as I would re-emerge. But to my amazement, with Love taking me there for the first time I was able to see into the “forest” … through the ‘trees’ I could see an event was about to take place. It was the color blue, and in appearance, in the sky it looked like and “atom” or the shape of an atom growing..
Love didn’t stop there but took me into a cave that had many people in it, and led me back behind a golden wagon with a bale of hay on it (our Lion symbol)..
I remember Love trying to tell ‘his’ secret…
I remember the people inside the cave, the talk got louder.. as they began saying that there was an Event Horizon about to take place… and that there was a platform that they usually opened up whenever an Event Horizon took place..
We are so much more than we remember. I look at the chaos that is presently occurring.. knowing that we are deep in the process of changing into something new…
We are so much more than we remember.. we are Nebula.. and Galaxies…. Twin comets … and so much more…

November 3, 2015

have you used your imagination today?

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Love letters to my Twin Flame, day 5
October 25, 2015

seeing us looking out from a tree 102515

Today I felt the feeling I feel when you are near and decided I would try to follow you with my conscious mind.  It was a twin flameslong journey, passing through the darkness in search of where you had taken me to on the astral plane.  I think it took me about an hour to find you, before I saw the familiar mist off in the distance.   I continued traveling towards it and found myself in a room with blue carpet..  on the floor laid some kind of child’s vehicle.  It had wheels..

Then a door opened and I could feel a breeze, could hear the rustle of a clump of tree in which I could see 2 trunks…  then he turned and he looked straight at me on the rustle of a wind before turning to look back off to the side.  Then she turned and turned her head towards me to that I see that she was with him.. then she turned back so that they were both staring off to the side..

It gave me cause to wonder if you had gone for one of your walks into the forest… and was thinking of me..

Acacia dealbata trunk 1


Kundalini Colouring In Folder!
September 12, 2015


This is so cool!   had to share for my other Kundalini friends.


Source: Kundalini Colouring In Folder!

Twin Flame Creation: A Biblical Love Story
September 1, 2015

I love this girls writings (Ostara, The Good )… they parallel journeys I have already taken.. bring back to the front, picture from the past..  I thought I would share in case any one else would like to look at the way she sees…..


Source: Twin Flame Creation: A Biblical Love Story

Twin Flames, the final chapter is the new beginning.
June 17, 2015

I can probably be on line more now..  Son and Grandbabies have moved out into their own place….  It has become serenely quiet again and I have got some Twin Flame writing I want to do as the journey grows still.. and peace abounds..  It is not the story you would expect..  as we all expect the happily ever after man and wife story to emerge.
But that is not how this has played out at all.  Instead what we have is here I am on my mission in the United States, and there he is on his mission in another country.
There are no thoughts that it is our destiny, in this life, to merge our missions into One.  We have looked into our other lives and seen the places where we have danced and worked in intimate form, but in this life he has his own work to do (and I have mine)
There are many paths that we volunteer to open.  One of them is to break down the barriers of prejudice.  And so we take our positions in a body that will surely experience prejudice just for the essence of who they are, or the bloodline that runs through them.
My Twin Flame in this life has accepted a mission to break down the barriers of prejudice.  He is beautiful and eloquent in his feminine energy.  I honor him and her as they walk in balance together, touching each one the other, divine..
It is truly a new journey to achieve this kind of love in human form, because the human love is so flawed and unbending, possessive and jealous.  Touching this place has brought me to a higher love.
The never ending love song resounds across the ages, memories of long ago, touching me again in the stillness of my soul.
Many times we think that when we find our Twin Flame that it should go exactly as our human form thinks it should go.  In the beginning of this book that began some years ago, when I was 12, it never would have occurred to me that our missions would be separate and that the challenge would be to find each other again while living on separate continents, and then merge our human love into a deeper form.  And thus the final chapter in this this Twin Flame journey has become a new beginning.  It has become a journey of exploring the aspects to the Twin Flame journey that one usually does not think about when they are in search of the One True Love..
How many times in my youth did I speak to myself of reconnecting to the One that was with me in the beginning, the one from which I split off from so that we could experience ourselves as separate journeys?
How many times have I wept with longing to rejoin him?
The exploration into this peaceful tranquility of knowing what I now know is the beginning of the Twin Flames, the Book of Completions..

Earth Day is April 22, 2015
April 21, 2015

Kundalini Awakening
January 11, 2015

There are many different expressions of Kundalini awakening.  I found this piece on it and wanted to share it.. in case it helps …


Kundalini Awakening.