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Living within a spiral world, loving a Two Spirit
June 7, 2016

I will tell you something that ringing its song inside my heart right now..  Life is a circle, a spiral really..  visions from the age of 12, when I come to understand why I discover it is a circle.. and a spiral all at once for now I am 60 years old and the world has spun itself into a new world for me.

I always wondered why I was given 2 visions when I was 12 years old.  In one, my mother from 13 generations ago came to instruct me on how to walk through a world that was solid.  She said in all ways I was to merge with the Earth.  From there I spread my wings and stretching out across the land, through time, I became a warrior opening up the path for the Indigenous Peoples of the Earth for they are the Keepers of the Planets that support Life.  So I sang my songs and made my prayers and watched through Time as the People again began to rise.

In the second vision I was taken to my Home world and saw that my mission to the Earth had been accepted by the Elder Council.  Then my husband sweeps in like Sun standing over me holding me as a planet while I dance around him.  He is saying that his mission too to Earth has been accepted and is showing me where our paths will join in mission…  then the door closed…  and it felt like I was forever in search of why I was given the second vision.

Inside my dreams there was always someone walking with me, sometimes I could see it was a man, sometimes it would be a girl and she would be telling me where we were going and what it would look like.. and feel like.  In my dreams I fought against loving her.  My earthly body had been programmed to believe that as a girl my destiny could only be matched with a boy..

and yet now here stand I, dancing sacred around my Sun.. my love ..  Two Spirits .. discovering that in the completion of the circle, which in reality is a spiral, I have come to a second mission..

To sing my song, my creation song, to sing a new world into being, within the Heavenly Host of Singers who have come to sing the new world into being.  I must walk into the new world to open the open the path..

and now I can see why the Ancients changed my name to Destiny

once I had come into the time of the Second Mission..

the mission of singing into being

a world that embraces

Two Spirits

who walk as One.

2EaglesWalmart110611_Destiny 062813

Dream Journey’s of the Twin Flame kind from before we met.
January 28, 2016

I have written more books on line than I can remember now.  It is my belief that this is the Native American Way..  My words are Medicine for those who need it along their path and we don’t sell our Medicine, that is what I believe, so that is how I walk.  There are those others think differently and I am okay with that..  the first one was called Journey to the Edge of the Precipice..  Most of them are about my Twin Flame Journey..  Another was called “the Prayer”  I wrote it as a former husband was dumping me beside the road after 10 years of marriage.  He was a cruel man, abusive, set on breaking peoples spirits to get his way.  He threw me out of his life after I no longer spent all my time being his pedestal girl (arm candy).  Got up from that thinking, “I need to re-write my life”  so I did it in a series of poems of how the perfect love would feel when it came my way.  I put it between 2 ballerina slippers and called it “the Prayer”  Another book I wrote on line was called “Sacred Journeys”  It was my prayer song for my people (Indigenous Nations) to rise again..  Another was called “Thunderstruck”  It was a series of poems to the Thunder Nation..

After something like 22 chapters on Transcendence, love letters to my Twin Flame, I realized I have come to a new book…  Sacred Bear has been really active this Winters Sleep, speaking to me and guiding me.  He showed up and told me that my Twin Flame was all over my writings from my past (during my dark days when I didn’t know if I would ever be reunited with my Twin Flame in this life.)  And of course, the writings were the Book of Dreams, the journal I faithfully wrote out.  So I am trying to figure out a name for the book..  With each book I feel like I am being given new eyes with which to view the world around me.



Cha Chee To Wah, the Rite of Passage Dream

I was dreaming that in the mail I received my renewal sticker for my vehicle and in it there was 2 pictures of me.  One was the picture from when I was 17… and the other was a picture 11 years later when I was 28, in which I was sitting on the balcony high above everyone.    They were both rather sensual picture, and made me feel like whoever sent the renewal sticker had been watching me for along time.  Off in the distance I could see a man smiling with glee as if he was the one who sent me the pictures.

With this I became quite alarmed and the dream split into 2 dreams.  In one I walked over to the couch, turned on the TV and found a horror movie was playing on TV.  In the second one I was the girl in the movie only it was really happening to me.  I had gone into the forest to hide from the man who was apparently stalking me and had taken the memory of my ex junkie boyfriend with me.  The me watching the movie saw him fall on an ax and get back up with it sticking out of his head.  So the me living the movie called out a warning for him to stay away from that spot, but it was too late.  He fell on the ax and when he got up the ax was sticking out of his head so I went to him and pulled it out.  He seemed to be in a daze and I was feeling very frightened because of the pictures I had received from the man who seemed to be watching me.

The part of me that was watching the movie was thinking I needed to get up and turn off the TV while the part of me that was living the movie was helping my ex into the ditch so I could hide myself as I was feeling quite frightened by the man who had sent me the pictures.

As I was doing this, an old woman and a young sappling appeared.  She was an Ancient One, large and dressed in a gray streaked dress.  I instantly recognized her as a Tree I had once hugged and felt relieved to see her.  I ran to her and hugged her while trying to explain to her that I was being chased by a man I didn’t know who was watching me while I was not looking.  I was shaking in fear as I stood there.

As she hugged me she began to tell me that all was not as it was appearing in my dream.  She said that the dream was about me and my Chacheetowah, that this was my Rite of Passage that I had to pass through to get to the place where I was meant to be.  She told me that I was interpreting it, and (apparently,) my whole life wrong.  That no one was trying to kill me as I always seemed to interpret the happenings in my life that way.  She told me that I had come to Earth as a part of my chacheetowah, my Rite of Passage.  She held out her arm and pointed down a path the looked gray and bleak as I walked down it.  At the end of the path there was a place for me that felt like Home, only it was veiled and I could not see inside.   All I knew was that when I got there it would feel like I was home.

About this time I heard a motorcycle coming.  I was still in fear mode so I ran back over and threw myself  back into the ditch with the memory of my ex, who still had the ax in his head.  I was certain the guy on the motorcycle was the one who coming to kill me, and that when he arrived I would be slain by him.  As he got to me I could see that he was a long haired dark skinned man.  He smiled at me really big, as if glad to see me, but I was still in fear mode and threw myself back into the ditch.  Then he began to circle around as to make another pass at me..

As he drove past the Ancient Tree I could see her still standing there looking at me.  I looked to her and asked again, “So you are saying this in not about someone trying to kill me, that I am interpreting this, and my whole life all wrong?”  And she said, “Yes, this is your Rite of Passage.  This is the journey you accepted to take for your ChaCheToWah.  It is about what you must overcome to get back Home.”

With that I found myself standing in front of my bed of water.  I was in a purification mode, cleansing the items around me.  In front of me stood an Indian Woman figurine which I began washing her off.  The more I cleansed and purified her the more pliable she became until at last she was very humbly down on all 4s with her head bowed down and naked.

Then I heard a loud noise, snap crackle and pop. and Eagles came out of her back.  As soon as she had her wings she began to rise to stand up.

DancingBirdGoddess digitally enhanced

Inside the bed of water my ex struggled and as he struggled against what I was doing I could hear a song being sung to him as if they were trying to put the memories of him to sleep.

12 Bear Medicine and the merging Twin Flames
November 10, 2015

Bear medicine 110915

At first I didn’t realized that Bear had called me to make the journey into the Room of the Winters Sleep.  I was making a passage when I saw a beautiful quote by Silent Bear about how

there are many places one could get lost

but the one place a person could get lost

without being lost was

within a hug.  

I wanted to share that quote but about that time IE locked up, so I went and looked again all over my room for the quote.  5 times I made the passage but I simply could not find it again..

Time slipped by and I was forced into bed not feeling well, and by the time I got out of bed I realized I now felt like being silent..  I could not think of anything I wanted to research.  I just wanted to walk in silence..

A Silent Bear called out and said it was time to go into the Dream..

this morning I woke up inside the the darkness of the cave looking at the symbols on wall and seeing their story in a dream.  I thought it was my dream I was in, but it was not.  It was your dream that we were inside of.

You are a Walkin on this Planet Earth, holding in sacred trust the memories of the man who left.  I watched your dream written on the side of the cave wall with you..  as Silent Bear lead us.. to a place up ahead where I could see a room full of light.. with arms that reached out and hugged us..

and it felt like we are in the merging time of the Twin Flames


Since I am teaching myself how to draw, I honored the Silent Bear with a picture and looking at the picture I remembered a dream I used to have..  I called it the Attic Dream..  because I would always find myself in room full of ancient artifacts.. or antiques.

The thing was, they were magical, and I would walk past them they would activate.. the TV would turn on..  The Radio would begin to play, The Toaster would begin to toast..  The Crystal Ball would show pictures..  and within this room there was a picture of me and my Twin Flame.  But I could only see him out of the corner of my eye.  Every time I would turn my face towards the picture to see you, the picture would turn into a mirror and all I could see was myself..

That was how it felt waking up inside your dream this morning.

(((((( hugs )))))))

Love letters to my Twin Flame, page 2
October 22, 2015

Sometimes we go on these missions wondering how it is that we find each other when we have specifically said we would be going onto separate continents and then have to find each other again..

For me in this life, it began in my youth, at the same time that I saw you in the vision I was given a second vision in which I was told that if I had any questions on how to walk through this world I was to ask the Earth..

In my youth I tried. I did.  I listened when she sent that butterfly to land on my nose and speak to me of the cocoon and the struggle to transform into something more and break free..

After a time she began speaking inside my head, telling me to take an exit and go down a certain street.. but I was stubborn and did not want to listen…  And when I finally asked her why, she said, “I want to see if you can obey me.”

In the meantime I found myself in a dream in which I was in a room with the Ancient Ones.  I looked like I was 3 years old compared to them.  They were reviewing my life, the progress of my life and what would need to happen next for me to fulfill my mission.  When they turned to me they showed me a picture that was full of terror, and me running blindly down a path being chased by something really awful.

With apologies they showed me what was to come.  They told me that they believed this was what they believed needed to happen next in order for the transmutation of my energy into a state of love where I would vibrate in a certain frequency of pink.  They asked me if I accepted this mission and I said yes..

And that was where I was, in the middle of the nightmare when the Earth began speaking to me and whispering her commands inside my head..  which in the beginning I ignored..

And it wasn’t until 3rd time the police were standing in my house saying, “Ma’am we believe this man is going to kill you if you do not put a restraining order on him that I realized what a nightmare my life had become and turned to travel in a new direction. 

I surrendered to the Earth, to following every command that she gave me.  The Great Storm cleared and I was taken to an Indian world where I was told to sing my song by the Earth… so I did…

And eventually I was taken to the place where you were standing…  And shortly after I met you (which you know the story of how it went) I found the Earth screaming at me, “Cut off your braid and send it to him RIGHT NOW!”

Even though you were in a bad place, having journeyed into to nightmare of the person you replaced and seemingly rejected the medicine, it matters not.  The Earth gave you medicine path anyway.  She knew I would not abandon the medicine or not listen to its voice, and the cutting of ones braid is a very radical statement, it would seem, because each and every time the growing in hair spoke to me I would reach out and speak to you…

until here we are now, 4 years later remembering..  and being changed by the energy exchange that we make together..  our Kundalini journey…

Twin Flames find harmony

I am going to write you this book my love, and paint my pictures in it


personal updates.. I moved
June 18, 2014

I have another place where I share….  over there I have a ‘book’ I am working on that I call

“From her Book of Life she wrote”

I am thinking of bringing that over here as I really like how it feels when I do…

I just moved..  and have had the most beautiful dance through my memories of what happened to me in that house..  I want to write it out in “From her Book of Life she wrote”..  these are the expressions of the places where my journey is most magical….