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Frog messages
October 9, 2014

Last time Frog showed up I was living in a house of transformation..  Feathers were being gifted from the heavens and in my dreams… the Ancestors showed up and told me I was Indian (my family was one who hid their Indian heritage because of events and pressures)… it was a time of great transformation for me (One summer in that house there were so many frogs in the yard I had to mow very slowly so they could jump out of the way as I was mowing.)  there were portal opening, Deer migrated through the yard, it was a great time of transformation..
The place where I live now, this the second frog sighting.. the first one was on the truck at Golden Coral.. and this one next to the bath tub we call our imaginary ocean (because it is so big) and we play like we are mermaids swimming in the ocean..

Apparently I am under the protection/medicine/message of the Frog now…  I am excited as I remember the time of transformation that took place last time Frog lived with me….


and here I am, in the time of purification as the Kundalini rises to the Throat Chakra…

Kundalini and the Twin Flame journey, touching pure love
October 7, 2014


never in my wildest human dreams did I know that love would feel like this in its pure state of being..  it is love that transcends this human expression, love that says we are eternally bound together, and everything that we do within our human forms translates to our spirit body in a deeply spiritual way…

All of the past and all of the present, and everything we still are to touch while in these human forms even if they take us apart from each other for a ‘time’ will be a part of the bigger story that is us in our pure spirit form, countless the winds have blown and we merged with countless beings to watch them pass through us, and feel their lingering colors…

I had a dream, within my Kundalini journey that I was with my Twin Flame when my whole body became lit..

It reminds me of the beginning of our physical reunion in this life..  how there was this moment when I saw through time, my hand was cradled in his..  Then the Earth screamed out to me to seal the journey I must cut off my hair and make it a medicine journey….  everything changed because of that as the journey took on the flavor of unconditional love..  while him and I bounced countless times away from each other….

Then at precisely the right moment his sister would show up and pull us back together..

It is this knowledge that pure love works this way when it comes to our Twin Flames…  always pulling us back together after the moments when our human emotions would pull us apart..


Kundalini update
September 1, 2014

today I am contemplating Kundalini and the Twin Flame Journey… for those who know him I am back with Lakota who I do believe is my Twin Flame (despite the fact that I renounced that earlier and for all appearances walked away from my Twin Flame journey.) … anyway, as a person who see’s those who have already passed, Lakota’s sister showed up and kept fluttering around me.. In the beginning I didn’t think anything about someone showing up as I didn’t recognize her at first, but then one day I was cutting through a parking lot that I used to go to with him and she showed up and reminded me of our (his and mine) reminded me of the book I wrote him from 1981-1983, that I had printed off and sent to him before I knew that I was full fledged into my Kundalini journey.. anyway after that when she would show up I would recognize her, so finally I reached out to him and told him thatdestiny and lakota his sister said hi… a few weeks later he called and said he would like to rekindle the fire.. so he did rekindle the fire within me for him..

and in doing so I find that within my Kundalini I have achieved a higher love.. it is a different kind of love that I am now held within.. I can now so clearly see that part of the journey was needed within the Kundalini journey.. for myself there was a past love that I needed to make a journey with as it was he the Earth used to activate my Kundalini on the day he turned and sang a song to the Thunder Beings and love poured out of my heart for him.. and yet 4 years later when the opportunity presented itself to me to hold him as a boyfriend, I turned and discovered that in love with him I felt like I was suffocating…

within the realization that I needed to take that journey, I also realized that Lakota needed to take the journey he took..

On my Kundalini journey I am now up to my throat chakra.. I had a dream that I was over at Lakota’s and as I sat there with my Kundalini spinning and dancing I saw myself arriving at the day when I became completely lit.. and in that moment I knew that I was seeing into the future .. and I also realized that as I have more chakra’s to pass through … and who knows, maybe each one will have a ‘test’ that we have to pass through… maybe we will have moments again when we have to take separate journeys…

and its like I know in my heart, when the time to move back into his energy approaches his sister will come and lead me back to him.. no worries..

It has been a completely remarkable journey traveling with him from the root chakra, to the place where I am now at my throat chakra, 4 years later… my dreams say that when I get to the light of the crown chakra, there too my Twin Flame will be.. no worries…