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february 2012

 Due to my illness last summer my hair just lost all of it beauty.  It was hard for me to deal with because I always loved my hair.  I remember before when I would walk and the wind would blow my hair it would look so pretty  and then after the progression of the thyroid became so bad, my hair began falling out until it was only 1/4th the thickness.  And the texture changed.  It became coarse and would no longer show up in the wind as beautiful strands but just as large clumps of hair blowing around. 

  My white feather began breaking off. . 

The first time I cut my hair  last summer I cut off 4 inches thinking it would help..   the next time 2 inches..  it was still really long at that.  I bought hair food and began feeding my hair, but nothing that I did brought it back to a place of beauty.

Last week I decided I was just going to cut it off and start all over.  Through medication my thyroid has been rebalanced and I am feeling myself again.  Even though I have fed my hair alot since summer, continually when photographed I look at my hair and grieve that as yet I have not been able to get it to look pretty again… so I decided to cut it off and start over.

So I did it.  I just cut it off.  It came out looking kind of like this:   (LOL)  Then I decided that to mark the place so that I would know exactly where the new hair was coming in I would dye my hair ( because it does not hold dye well and in time it becomes blond, so when all the blond was gone then I would have completely new hair that I had continually fed for however long it took, and by then I should have good hair again..  that was the plan..  (I do not dye my white feather.)

I was mostly sort of fine with the plan, even though I missed moving my hair out of the way..  and missed the look..  Then yesterday I was working on my computer when I felt someone enter the room.  When I looked to see who had come, to my surprise I saw that I was surround by my Indian family, all of which had long hair.. and they were mourning the loss of my hair.  It made me weep so see them mourning the loss of my hair.. and now I know, no more will I make my hair to be short…

October 2011

I am going to see my grandchildren this weekend.. On the last visit I took sidewalk chalk… Here are some pics from our art

Facepaintsleeping with her bling
This time I am taking Facepaint… and I found some awesome butterfly christmas ornaments that we will glitter

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