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pg 7 Dream scapes with you.. I remember…. A Twin Flame Journey
October 30, 2015

I am having one of those moments of weeping as joy floods in upon my soul.

There is this place in my dream scape I have gone to many times.  It is North of the River and when I go there, I can get there fine, but when I come back I invariably  have to find my way back out by a series of turns in which I get lost and find my onto the freeway in downtown…  I always have this blink out time in which I close my eyes as I am making my descent on the complicated freeway..  and then, I am back..

I believe this place is off world..

Anyway I have been there many times..and had been there with you before you came in as a walk in..  back in the days when I referred to you as ‘the Indian who walks with me through my dreams”

So this morning when I woke up inside my dream I was on my way to visit you.. I got in my vehicle and flew on the wind and when I arrived we shared joyously..  then you said it was time for me to go to work and began to walk me to my vehicle.  I laughed and said something to the effect, “Are you ever going to bend your schedule to accommodate me?  You said, “no” so seriously that I just smiled and said, “Ok.”  I said, “well give the instructions for getting to work because I always get so lost getting out of here.”  So you went to your computer and typed in the search, but got distracted and walked over to speak with someone.  I looked at you computer and the instructions were something like 2lry3*_xly.  By that time you were finished talking to the person you were talking to and began walking me to my vehicle.

All of a sudden we were in the place that is so familiar to me..  passing by the tree to the bush I saw and Eagle sitting a tree and another one was landing in the tree next to it.. I looked around and there were all kinds of mated animals playing joyfully..  and over by the bush that I had been instructed to plant in another dream, my friend, the Hummingbird flew out and greeted me…  I curtsied and reached out my hand…


dreamscape with Lakota 103015