Kundalini update

Yesterday I was sitting at my computer when this energy began to make its way through me.

It came up through my feet,kundalini,how it feels

traveled up my body

and then began to dance inside my heart.

I could feel the most amazing energy

as if someone was standing in front of me

doing something so tenderly

as if they were releasing

any residues of blocked energy.

heart chakraAs this was happening,

like a puppet on a string

I felt my body arching

so that my heart

was being pulled out

and being opened wider and widerheart chakra heaven

until thousand of sparkly lights

were radiating

beaming from my heart chakra

in a circle that was about 16 inches round

This lasted for just a little while.. pulling me out and calling me to arch my back in the great releasing.

So, I am reviewing the moments that Kundalini energy has been expressed through my heart chakra..  The first time was July of 2010.  that time my heart chakra just opened wide while listening to a Lakota Indian sing a song to the Thunder People.  That happening there marked the beginning of my Kundalini Rising journey.  He was not my Twin Flame however.  I was meeting him for the first time on his wedding day…  but when he sang a song to the the Thunderbeings who had shown up, my heart did this most amazing LOVE energy in my tummycoming forth.  My heart chakra opened wide.  It was about a 6 inch wide circle of energy coming out of my heart.

After that I came into the energy of the Twin Rainbow Flames, and the million dollar firework display in November of 2010.  In the months that followed I started feeling the kundalini spinning long and hard between my legs.  Anyone who knows this journey knows that this is quite a delight..  Sometimes it would travel to my anus.  Other times I would feel it in my tummy.

Sometimes it would happen in such a way that it would feel like parts of me, where perhaps there were blockages were being purified. destiny The Kundalini within my tummy would appear as a galaxy spinning, and then I would get energy movements within the galaxy spinning.  It would carry a sound like on  a not too windy day where one can occasionally hear some chimes blowing the wind,  so to me it would look like a huge galaxy spinning in which when a chime went off I would become away of that spot spinning, galaxy within galaxy following periods that gave it the appearance of being a song, like chimes gently blowing in the wind.

heart lightbodyThe releasings’ were also happening in other parts.  They too had the appearance of Galaxies spinning within a Universe on my shoulder, my legs, hips, nipples, head, all having moments of releasing when they were spinning like a galaxy within my Universe.

3 years now I have been on this journey.  The Kundalini has risen to the heart chakra, and much change has taken place inside of me.  There was a second heart releasing just before this on.  I don’t think I got it wrote out.  In that one I was laying in my bed when the Kundalini energy again came up through my feet traveled up my body and when it got to the first chakra it ignited into a beautiful flame that began to rise higher and higher.

Again I felt that feeling of wanting to arch the back, and when I did something opened in my heart chakra and one inch beam of light came out of it..  It was quite awesome because of the flames I reached over my head to make certain the energy was traveling out the top of my head…

This time the heart chakra opened wide…  and thousands of sparkling, dancing, radiating beams of light came out of my heart…  3 years I am now into this Kundalini journey…  and I have found pictures that indicate there is still a long beautiful road ahead..

There is a change now.  Now when my Kundalini starts spinning I feel it in my heart too.


5 Responses

  1. i have just been reading your posts, thanks for writing them! i am familiar with the term kundalini, and i am wondering if you can give me any advice on how i might find out what my own path as far as kundalini energy is, or how to embark on that voyage for myself? i am 1/32 Ojibwe and i feel a strong connection to indigenous spirituality, if it is relevant to mention. thanks so much– kristie b

    • I don’t think I know any advice to give, but I could share a bit from my path. The Earth told me she was the one who was in charge of this Kundalini journey of mine. She showed me pictures from my life where there were indicators that this was the course my path would run. One of them was during the 80’s with a former ‘husband’. It was after I began doing dream exercises so that I could walk through my dream world with consciousness that I was given an indication that this journey was leading to a Kundalini Awakening. It began while spooning him that I ‘saw’ the Kundalini stir and spin within me and then plug into him.. I enjoyed it myself, but he would find it quite uncomfortable and turn away from the energy.

      In the beginning it was learning to communicate with the Earth, paying attention to the Animal Messengers who were sent to bring me messages. Then I began the process of merging with her, running across her body, throwing myself, laughingly upon her I would push my aura into her body and then climb out feeling like a girl who had just taken a mud bath. After some time of doing that and seeing all of nature through rose colored glasses with sparklies all around, She began to speak to me. In the beginning She would say, “take this exit,” and I resisted and said, “I dont want, I want to go straight home.” After a while I begin to ask her why, and She would say, “I want to see if you can follow instructions.”

      That happened for a couple of years before I surrendered to her and promised I would follow all of her instructions… Then a new world began to unfold before me. Each unfolding, She said was a part of the Kundalini Awakening story.. It was like shifting through dimensions with the Earth as my pilot..

      • that is really interesting. i hope my path opens up to some sort of awareness like this. thank you for sharing. i look forward to reading your future posts!

  2. Yesterday Inter-spiritual minister Lisa Aschoff lead me through a series of guided meditation and at the end a beam of energy exploded out of my heart center similar to what you described above. I was laying down when a large-dinner-plate sized light beam streamed out of my chest. My shoulders where thrust back and my chest arched towards the sky. My chest was on fire. Every cell in my body danced. My entire body hummed. I believe it lasted 2-3 minuets, but its hard to tell.

    I went to a cafe’ after and wrote about my experience. As I did, I began to relive it. The heat and energy returned to my chest. I closed my eyes, arched my back and the stream started up again. I nearly fainted. The waitress asked “is everything ok?” “I’m perfect” I shouted out.

    Now as I am typing this, I feel he crazy heat again. I had to pause for a minuet to collect myself. I’m afraid if it happens again I will faint. My body is exhausted. My chest is sore.

    Thank you for sharing your experience and helping me put mine into context. What a blessing. A gift from the the divine.

    I found you by doing a Google Image search for “beam of energy from heart chakra.” The second image in your post was the first to display on Google and I feel it is a good representation of what I experienced.

    Many blessings,


    • Wow Lennon, I had to go back and look to see what date I posted this to see where I went to after that and remembering of this last year.. remembering all the times my heart chakra would do that… there was something in me that needed to be release, one that came up like a bubble to large for the hole that had to push and force its way through…. and on the other side of a year later I find myself realizing that I am passing through the reactivation of my goddess/god codes..

      When the Kundalini is activating like this it feels like we are the only one who has traveled this way.. but when we search for pictures we find that many have passed this way before us (so I share) … thank you for taking the time to write… your blog is interesting ((((( hugs of light )))))

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