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Giants in a world of little people
June 19, 2016

I feel so small beneath you
My feet reaching through the soil
To touch youYour song


and takes back through time, back to the place where once you hovered in the great expanse.  Even there in your rainbow pulsing energy you looked like the beings we came to know as Trees inside our human shells.
You are beautiful and magnificent.  I feel so small beneath you..  and yet … protected by you
smal beneith you

Honor me with Anime… It is a prayer from me to you
September 20, 2015

I am old now and have spent my life cultivating the placement of the written word..  I would love to see the beauty I have seen in my dreams and visions brought to life in anime..
In one I was walking through an enchanted cave when a young white unicorn ran past me with laughter that rang out like a 9 year old..  I turned to follow the direction from whence it came and found myself staring ahead at 4 young children standing together, staring across the road talking to each other.  There were 3 girls who had the longest blondest whitest hair and the 4th was a boy with curly red hair.  . I walked over to see what they were looking at and when I got next to them I saw that they had collars around their necks and had been tied to a post.  ..  I asked them, “Who did this to you?”  They pointed across the dirt road to a saloon and said that their owner was in there…  I awoke realizing they were horses..
In another one that last 3 months a singer began to sing me a song of remember when..  we passed backwards through time, my companion and I, past Hercules, then we headed out for the stars..  drifting on through space I saw up ahead an old friend sitting by his fire so I went to sit by him for a spell.  Off to the side, there was a beautiful pulsing light being, reminiscent of what a tree looks like on Earth..  I curtseyed to show honor then sat with me friend and watched his fire with him..
After a time I fell asleep and I awoke I found the light being who looked like a tree had shimmered over to me and I was now resting against it..  In that moment I conceived the idea the idea that I wanted to experience a world that was solid where we could touch each other..  The call went out to the others who were thinking the same thought, and after a while we had gathered to make the blueprint and plans to submerge ourselves into a world that was solid.  There were those that excelled at this and those that excelled at that.  I was a creation singer, able to hold the same resonance for thousands of years.. there were others who determined how we could all do this, determined the rules for how we could all sustain each other..  determines the rules for how we would find our way back to a higher vibration using activation codes (like 11:11)..
The story, too long to sing here, ended in the moments when I was about to go under the veil..  with my companion telling me that he could not go with me there, but would meet me on the other side..  Then I found myself in a tunnel that glowed with a magical mist.  Each mist particle was a bubble that when I drew close to it I would be able to see a life I had lived while under the veil.  Then I feel a great pulling.  A light opens up ahead between to bushes and the trees, and I can hear the singer of the song singing to me.  It is my companion who traveled with me all along and just I burst through into the life, there stands the Singer.. a Unicorn .. who says, “Hello Celeste”
In another one I have my consciousness as a planet.  I can stare out into the sky and see the surrounding villages.  Forgiveness is merging with the who hurt us.  I learn this lesson through the snake..  In time, as I watch I see marauders on their horses galloping towards our village.  I see them tearing through the other villages, raping and plundering.. then they gallop into ours and one penetrates me and wounds my body…  I must merge with him in order to forgive him .. so I a sent on a Rite of Passage to a planet called Earth.  She is a life sustaining planet every form of species imaginable has come to live upon her body.  She is the manifestation of a gracious hostess.  There is one species that abuses her, and yet there is no malice inside of her for them..  Then I am back seeing through the eyes of the planet I am.
The marauder who penetrated me is old now and on his deathbed dying, while I am still young..  I am pregnant with the child seed he laid within me and I am about to give birth to a new world..  I am about to become a life sustaining planet….
(and what I witnessed was the colliding of 2 galaxies)

Earth mergings
June 19, 2015

I am an Earth merger.. laying in my bed, blankets all around me with my shoulder and leg sticking out, I suddenly find myself in the place of stones protruding from the water.. and as I inhale the water rises..  and exhale it goes down..  I am an Earth merger..  I am an Earth… looking out
I am an Earth

the Dance of Change
December 7, 2014

I look at this fog and see beauty..  and I see that a great change has come over me..  years ago I could see no value in the fog.  It was an inconvenience upon my path and I would drearily trudge along through while missing the beauty of the suns light..

Then I had a dream that lead me down a new path..  sometimes we can have dreams and it is only later that we realize that pivotal moment changed everything..  that dream it was that dream that brought me to a new way of seeing..

In the dream I found myself..  and found that we are the people who live inside the clouds..  We are conscious people walking around having whole stories outside the ‘human’ timeline..  Sometimes we descend down upon the Earth to take a walk about amongst the ‘humans’….  some of them are able to see us … so we talk to them..  sometimes we incarnate into a human body…

So here I stand, in this place now, and when the fog descends..  I dance..


Destiny’s garden song
August 26, 2013

When I feel your spirit touch mine..

I am awed

I want to sing songs of joyous exaltations

tell you how much I love you

and how honored I feel

at your spirit touch upon my life

softly caressing my body

as I step past you,

standing there looking so gallantly at me

I feel you

Touching my spirit body

touching my heart

I feel loved

by you

xxoxx august 24 2013

In the quiet places, where love speaks, I hear your whispers.. I feel your touch

My Earthen Love for you
July 10, 2013

dylan and birdgett 2013 1404
On the waters edge
her waves lap in constant motion against him.
she is forever singing him a love song
with her touch.

On another dimension
her touch will get reflected
as raindrops falling down upon him
and tickling him with their sweet caresses

In another dimension
she is the waterfall diving off of his edge
swelling and falling
she breathes the sweet ethers of his love.

At the same time
in yet another dimension
she is in the place of deep waters
deep in thought he is no where close

and yet she lays of top of him
for they are One..

pieces of.. Journey to the Edge of the Precipice~Tree hugger
July 7, 2013

My journey with my Soul Mate ..  Rainbow Twin Flame ..  actually began when I was 12.  There were 2 visions I was given then, one was the instructions on how to walk through a world that was solid, the second was finding myself on another planet, in a room that seemed to be a meditation station when a member of the Elder council slipped into the room with me on a ray of sunlight.  From his robe he pulled a scroll, and with love and admiration he revealed that the contract I had written for a mission to the Earth, and told me that it had been approved  and that I was going to Earth next.

Then on another ray of sunlight in slips my ‘husband’ to the back of the room.  I was so excited to see him, I slipped back next to him.  He was taller than I, like a sun shining over my head so that I had to look up at him.  He smiled and pulled out his contract that had just been approved also, and pulling me close up to him so that he could show me just our paths were going to come together on Earth..

The next time, in this life that he made contact with me was through our dreams.  For the longest time he walked with me through the dream world.

The next time after that was 2 woman, one given a vision, and one a dream about the man who was going to love me like no other (At the time I was in a state of heartbrokenness that lasted from 1991 to 2010 when my heart chakra reopened and my Kundalini activated)

But back then, in 1991, once my 2 friends were given the information of the one who would love me like no other, I immediately set me eyes in his direction as they had both revealed that my journey was to be an Indian journey.

I began writing him letters..

I wrote him letters until the year 2004, at which time I was told that I was to let go and fly free.

This from one of the letters I wrote him.  I didn’t know what to call him as I did not know his name, so I called him Indian Spirit Man:


Indian Spirit Man,
It would so honor me
if I could stand
One in Nature
with you.

It is the majestic trees
that stand a part of me.
I raise my arms
in salutation.
They awe me with their splendor
and comfort me when I weep.
They make me laugh
with their dancing
and tickle me silly
when they reach out and
touch me as I go walking.

Their roots travel deep within me,
securing me to the Earth.
A great energy rises
up from the Earth.
A massive vortex
comes up
and spreads its arms of love
around me
I am awed in their

I feel their spirit
whispering my name,
“Come close, ballerina girl
and wrap your arms around me.”
I touch them in reverence
and wait
for the moment my hand
begins to flow with
their energy.
Then I know it is okay for
me to hug them.

I feel them feeling me
and remembering me when
I come back around.
Softly they whisper to
my spirit,
“I’m here for you
my child.”

Indian Spirit Man,
It would so honor me
if I could stand
One in Nature
with you.

… me 1991 …

070191hugging a tree

songs from the 2 who walk as One
February 7, 2013

2 who walk as One also

I dreamed I fell asleep

laying upon my lovers body

He held me so soft

I could feel his love

and when I opened my eyes

I saw

that I was the water

and he was

the ground

I lay upon..

we are

the 2 who walk as One

by Earthen

A woman is like a butterfly..
June 3, 2012

You Visit me Often
March 17, 2012


You visit me often in my world.

You are the shadows 

that dance upon my body,

my ground, my home,

the place I now occupy.

The place of my shinings 


You are the shadows

that dance upon my ground 

and play upon

the quiet places of my longings. 


You are the darkness

that lives inside of me,

in my caves and crevices.

And in my long treks

you lay with me.


When you slip in

I hand you a crown

and follow ever so softly beside you.

I am the blue your grey merges with,

the pink

that dances upon 

the blue you have created.

I soften my light

and watch your shadows shift gears