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Day 8 …. The Talking Trees
October 31, 2015

103015 My Lakota Love

I was working on yesterdays picture when I got your message .. the Talking Trees  so with great love I added it to the book of love I am writing for you…  the third book I have written you, how sacred this journey…

I have at least 5 pictures I have not transmitted yet that I need to get done…  3 of them are of the spiral….

Today when you picked me up to take me on an astral journey, it is like I can feel you from a distance as you move towards me..  I can feel you when you are coming closer and then I saw you come up from behind as I was standing ready to merge into you.   You just wrapped your arms around me and we shot straight up into the spiral…  The spiral is divine and feels so heavenly.

The pictures I have seen from our astral journeys are so beautiful…  I will draw them for you and put them in a book.  I will sing to you of our love story…  the love of trees feels really beautiful and the place where we touch and intertwine, it is the place of sacred dance between us.  Our love is One even as we are 2 humans walking on the planet Earth..  I am here in this place.. and you are there in that place.. separate journeys winding and intertwining, touching in ecstasy..

I was thinking about the fact that we are both Indians, you Cheyenne.. and I Cherokee.. Blackfoot.. Mohawk.. and 3 other missing Tribes (one of which I believe is Lakota through Whitefeather from 13 generations ago when he asked me to leave our people and marry a Mohawk warrior so that I could incarnate into this blood line 13 generations later as the Warrior Seer)

It is the Indian Nations who have my heart and my sweet Lakota love..   The Kundalini got lost amongst our people in the time of the great suppression when we were not allowed to share.  The Earth tells me that this is her experience, this spinning in my tummy.  She tells me that this is what needs to happen to lift her (and him) into a  higher vibration back up to the path where the magical things happened

Now here we are and the Earth is ready to ascend back up into a higher vibration, 2 Indians you and I, doing what is requested of us to help lift her.. and him into a new world..


(I am working on my Destiny signature…  )


pg 7 Dream scapes with you.. I remember…. A Twin Flame Journey
October 30, 2015

I am having one of those moments of weeping as joy floods in upon my soul.

There is this place in my dream scape I have gone to many times.  It is North of the River and when I go there, I can get there fine, but when I come back I invariably  have to find my way back out by a series of turns in which I get lost and find my onto the freeway in downtown…  I always have this blink out time in which I close my eyes as I am making my descent on the complicated freeway..  and then, I am back..

I believe this place is off world..

Anyway I have been there many times..and had been there with you before you came in as a walk in..  back in the days when I referred to you as ‘the Indian who walks with me through my dreams”

So this morning when I woke up inside my dream I was on my way to visit you.. I got in my vehicle and flew on the wind and when I arrived we shared joyously..  then you said it was time for me to go to work and began to walk me to my vehicle.  I laughed and said something to the effect, “Are you ever going to bend your schedule to accommodate me?  You said, “no” so seriously that I just smiled and said, “Ok.”  I said, “well give the instructions for getting to work because I always get so lost getting out of here.”  So you went to your computer and typed in the search, but got distracted and walked over to speak with someone.  I looked at you computer and the instructions were something like 2lry3*_xly.  By that time you were finished talking to the person you were talking to and began walking me to my vehicle.

All of a sudden we were in the place that is so familiar to me..  passing by the tree to the bush I saw and Eagle sitting a tree and another one was landing in the tree next to it.. I looked around and there were all kinds of mated animals playing joyfully..  and over by the bush that I had been instructed to plant in another dream, my friend, the Hummingbird flew out and greeted me…  I curtsied and reached out my hand…


dreamscape with Lakota 103015


pg 6 `TRANSCENDENCE a Kundalini Twin Flame love story
October 29, 2015

twin flame journies 102615

Today it occurred to me, your coming and picking me up, taking me out to the astral world..  us traveling together when we are not touching in the physical world … this place where we are now inside the great peace with each other ..  We have arrived at our Transcendence.

This is our dance of Transcending.

It took me back to a dream that we shared in the spring of 2012.  This is not the first time this has happened to me, where I arrive in the future and receive instructions that I am to travel back in time and perform an act of love for my younger self…

In the dream that you and I shared you were in the store shopping when you found a body part, a woman’s hand that had been cut off and on her finger an engagement ring..  and were distressed over it and went to find out who the hand with the engagement ring belonged to.

And I had dreamed that I was in the store when I had received a call to come quickly to a prayer circle for someone who had become quite distraught.  When I got there, there were 2 other couples in the room and one by one they were praying for the girl who was in the center of their circle rolled up in a ball with her mind gone far away.

After the first man prayed the woman next to him began to pray for her, pouring her love out and into the girl at the center of their circle.  When she finished, the prayer was passed to a man beside her..

And as I watched them, my mind knew that it would come to my turn to pray for the woman who was distraught.  but I  did’t know how I was going to do it, because I didn’t know what was wrong and how could I pray for what was wrong when I didn’t know what it was..

As I was standing there I found myself staring at an antique looking Wardrobe.  It was like one of those things you touch and you know you remember it, and it was just standing there looking at me like an old tree that is a friend..   that you must touch..

and just as I reached over to open its door, the final prayer finished.  It was my turn to pray and I was now standing tgif leave an impressionin front of the Wardrobe with the door open..  There was a song inside, and the song just came inside of me and I began to sing it.  It was in a foreign language so I did not even know what I was praying.  It sounded like a Gregorian Chant, which I sang all the way to the end of my prayer.  Then the door closed and I awoke..

It was right after that, that you had to leave and take the path you had to take..  and I had to travel the path I had to travel, which was a Kundalini path in which this huge bubble of blocked energy pushed its way out the lotus flower of my heart chakra…It was the purification of my heart chakra that gave me new sight.. So I walked on down the road to a new path that I stayed on until a few months ago when a leaf told me to leave leavethe path I was on..  3 times did I hear the command to leave and made the choice to leave the path I was on… while the butterfly blue danced at my feet..  Then you reappeared as soon as I left that path..

Now that our world is a new world I look back on that dream and realize that I (we) was praying for another version of myself..  and there were 2 more versions of us in the room..  from our journey ahead..

Today when you picked me up you took me to the grace of the great wind, I heard all of this story again and was given the knowledge that we have now arrived at our Transcendence.. and I think that there are 2 more of us up ahead on our path ..  that we are going to evolve 2 more times..

The other thought that occurred to me today when I was inside the grace of the great wind was our Kundalini, and the sharing of our Kundalini with each other.  It is like we are being taken, there in our dance of Transcending we are leaving behind one world and ascending to another one.  We dance, so it is our Transcendance.

Then the Grace of the Great Wind took me to the place of remembrance.. remembering when we were One, at peace and in bliss together we walked.. but without the ecstasy of the Kundalini dance surging between us..

Where we are at now in our astral journey, we are on our way back to the place where we merge back into One, and when we arrive we will remember what this Kundalini between us feels like.  It feels like we are plugged back into each other, and that too is a part of our Transcendence.



Letters to my Twin Flame, add on to pg 5, add the Kundalini
October 26, 2015

kundalini twin flame beginningsThe thing is today when I was feeling you my Kundalini began spinning on a place in the lower right hand section of my tummy.  I have been aware of a need for healing in that part of my tummy for the last 6 months and this is the first time that I have felt the Kundalini spinning there..

This whole Kundalini journey has been quite remarkable.  In the beginning, when we first met in this life, it was spinning very very hard, so hard I could not be certain I was not hallucinating when you were holding me like that and carrying me… but it just kept burning through me, purifying me..  purifying my ability to love..  When we met, I was about 6 months into my Kundalini Awakening.. I didn’t even know what had happened to me.. and at that point I was still very a very jealous and possessive person, but the Kundalini just pushed and pushed, and pushed its way up my body… until at last, it felt like I was given new eyes to see..

Now this time, since you have been back, my Kundalini again sings…  its a different song now..  It is as if you think of me and my whole body glows in soft pulsating lights that spans across the universe.  I no longer feel like I am in chaos trying to make sense of what is happening…

now it is sheer bliss.. knowing that this  love is pure and has walked with us through many a life, here and there across the universe…  How perfect that the tools I brought are enhanced by the tools you brought.  Now when my Kundalini spins in your presence I can feel the glow..  I am pleased that this spinning is on the side of my tummy I have been aware needs healing..  I look forward to what new energy is brought by the healing..

Love letters to my Twin Flame, day 5
October 25, 2015

seeing us looking out from a tree 102515

Today I felt the feeling I feel when you are near and decided I would try to follow you with my conscious mind.  It was a twin flameslong journey, passing through the darkness in search of where you had taken me to on the astral plane.  I think it took me about an hour to find you, before I saw the familiar mist off in the distance.   I continued traveling towards it and found myself in a room with blue carpet..  on the floor laid some kind of child’s vehicle.  It had wheels..

Then a door opened and I could feel a breeze, could hear the rustle of a clump of tree in which I could see 2 trunks…  then he turned and he looked straight at me on the rustle of a wind before turning to look back off to the side.  Then she turned and turned her head towards me to that I see that she was with him.. then she turned back so that they were both staring off to the side..

It gave me cause to wonder if you had gone for one of your walks into the forest… and was thinking of me..

Acacia dealbata trunk 1


Love letters to my Twin Flame, page 4
October 24, 2015

butterfly nebula 102315


I am better able to understand the feelings I feel when you pick me up and take me on an astral journey.  Yesterday I reflected with joy that, even though we live our lives on separate continents that if you need me I am but an astral moment away and you can just pick me up and take me somewhere holy where we can refresh and take a moment from the chaos that comes with living in physical bodies.

Love should be a masterpiece and reflect itself out so that others can feel and touch it and be uplifting.  Our work together is a masterpiece, a love story that spans for me from the time I was 12 when I first saw you, standing there, showing me, with great excitement where our missions would meet up in our upcoming mission to the Earth..  One Ibutterfly small shall be able to paint that picture..

Yesterday I felt it when you came and picked me up and took me on journey..  and butterfly neb smallafter a time I went to have a look see, to see where you had take me.. I closed my eyes and stood in the darkness staring through it, until off in the distance I could see a faint fog, which I stared at until I saw that you had taken me to a Butterfly Nebula.  It was a lovely soft blue with soft yellow… makes me think of your sister and here part too in keeping us together..

In time I will be able to see farther than I am able to see now and will bring out beautiful pictures of us on our Twin Flame journey..

..  Here is a picture from where I am in my art classes now..  We are working on layering.. texture of paper and its affect.. and different ways to make lines to create an effect..  When I look at my art now it is so easy to see that the day will come when I will be able to transmit masterpieces from our love story..

art lesson 102315




Love letters to my Twin Flame, page 3
October 23, 2015

seeing us hugging a tree

a love letter from my Twin Flame

As One we become a tree

Embraced in time
So lovingly
Joined and entwined
For all the world to come and see
Standing there in awe
To see us reach into eternity
As we forever soar


Who knows how many lives we have touched.  We are eternal beings, beyond time and measure.  From before time became, there stood we as One..  with endless possibilities we stretched our imaginations and spread ourselves across the Universe….  to stand as One as a Tree for a thousand years embracing our holy love.. and looking out upon the night sky, we seeded our love and made a forest..

Love letters to my Twin Flame, page 2
October 22, 2015

Sometimes we go on these missions wondering how it is that we find each other when we have specifically said we would be going onto separate continents and then have to find each other again..

For me in this life, it began in my youth, at the same time that I saw you in the vision I was given a second vision in which I was told that if I had any questions on how to walk through this world I was to ask the Earth..

In my youth I tried. I did.  I listened when she sent that butterfly to land on my nose and speak to me of the cocoon and the struggle to transform into something more and break free..

After a time she began speaking inside my head, telling me to take an exit and go down a certain street.. but I was stubborn and did not want to listen…  And when I finally asked her why, she said, “I want to see if you can obey me.”

In the meantime I found myself in a dream in which I was in a room with the Ancient Ones.  I looked like I was 3 years old compared to them.  They were reviewing my life, the progress of my life and what would need to happen next for me to fulfill my mission.  When they turned to me they showed me a picture that was full of terror, and me running blindly down a path being chased by something really awful.

With apologies they showed me what was to come.  They told me that they believed this was what they believed needed to happen next in order for the transmutation of my energy into a state of love where I would vibrate in a certain frequency of pink.  They asked me if I accepted this mission and I said yes..

And that was where I was, in the middle of the nightmare when the Earth began speaking to me and whispering her commands inside my head..  which in the beginning I ignored..

And it wasn’t until 3rd time the police were standing in my house saying, “Ma’am we believe this man is going to kill you if you do not put a restraining order on him that I realized what a nightmare my life had become and turned to travel in a new direction. 

I surrendered to the Earth, to following every command that she gave me.  The Great Storm cleared and I was taken to an Indian world where I was told to sing my song by the Earth… so I did…

And eventually I was taken to the place where you were standing…  And shortly after I met you (which you know the story of how it went) I found the Earth screaming at me, “Cut off your braid and send it to him RIGHT NOW!”

Even though you were in a bad place, having journeyed into to nightmare of the person you replaced and seemingly rejected the medicine, it matters not.  The Earth gave you medicine path anyway.  She knew I would not abandon the medicine or not listen to its voice, and the cutting of ones braid is a very radical statement, it would seem, because each and every time the growing in hair spoke to me I would reach out and speak to you…

until here we are now, 4 years later remembering..  and being changed by the energy exchange that we make together..  our Kundalini journey…

Twin Flames find harmony

I am going to write you this book my love, and paint my pictures in it


Love letters to my Twin Flame
October 21, 2015

I am in ecstasy diving into your love



I have come into this place of understanding, and this full circle has now become a spiral…

I know no way to go back and begin the story to get to this part..  (begin a 12 with seeing you in a vision, both of us signing the contract and accepting our mission to Earth and you showing me a picture, with great excitement where our paths would hook up again)

so I must paint this love in the moments I am feeling it in..

There was this period in my life when you came into my dreams..

So many times I would find you there (the “Indian who walks with me through my dreams”)

I loved that journey with you..

On the very last dream we were walking hand in hand, when you did this zig zag movement, 2 steps back and off to the side, then disappeared into another dimension…  so I followed even though I did not see you there and went in search of you..

Who would have thought, in the greater grander picture, I incarnate as a human and you on our Home Planet were touching my life by dreaming me from there..

And that moment when we were walking and you did that zig zag 2 steps back and off to the side, forward again into another dimension it was because you were preparing to be a Walk in, walk into a mans body as he was committing suicide and step into his darkness…  so that it became you and I reaching through the darkness trying find each other again, this time us both in human form.

My surrender to the Earth, to follow her commands enabled me to take the leap of faith that we both needed to plug back into each other,

I did not recognize you, in my head, when we first met here on planet Earth this time ( something undefined called to me) but in my head I was in another place…  Those first moments (spanning the first few years) of us bumping against each other could be compared to 2 space ship bumping gently together as they are about to plug into each other..

Yesterday I was watching through time and space, you had taken me to the waters where we stood waist high..   I cupped my hands and laughed as gently I splashed you…  and you said that we were sending our ripples through the land..

I have begun another book to you…  Love letters to my Twin Flame….

into the spiral 03


Twin Flames, sacred Medicine
October 14, 2015

Here is my practice drawing for today.. Still working on views that are not straight on with the face..

101315 03

This picture reminds me of an amazing happening with my Twin Flame journey in 2011.. One day the Earth screamed at me “Cut off your braid and send it to him right now!!!!”  This was right after I had just met him, and we were sort of flirting.. So in one swift move I cut off my braid and sent it to him.. Talk about some strong medicine..

Twin Flame journeys are intense.. Being purified by Kundalini.. And bouncing all over the place… Close to him.. Away from him..

LoL but when the hair is cut next to the head when it is growing out it stands straight up.. Obvious signs time to sing to sing to a Twin Flame.

In the Indian Way, your hair is one of the strongest medicines you can give a person..  I cut my braid straight off from the top and then forgot..  Twin Flame journeys are difficult, to say the least.  Mix it with Kundalini and there is a bouncing hard off of each other, to learn a lesson and have an emotion become purified in the process.  I bounced hard away from my Twin Flame and then the magic of the medicine of the hair began to show as one day I looked in the mirror and there it was poking straight up, reminding me to reach out to him.

My hair grows at the rate of 4 inches a year every time the hair would speak by showing itself to me I would write a ‘just reaching out to say hello’ message to my Twin Flame (who honestly at the time we did not even remember that we were Twin Flames..

It is a strong medicine, honoring the cutting of ones braid for another..  It is a medicine that reaches through time.. and heals..

Twin Flame journeys are long and we don’t spend every moment together (I am not saying there are not some who are on the same mission together, just not mine and my Twin Flames in this life)  My Twin Flame lives in another country, and we each have attachments to the work we are doing where we are at so we will not be physically together in this life.

But there is much growth also in walking this way.  Kundalini burning and purifying all that is jealous and possessive out of me so I can stand and love in purity, and honor each our paths we take..

With my Twin Flame I feel very much like an Earth who is held very much in the arms of her beloved Sun..  and just like in the rotation of Earth around the Sun..  sometimes it feels like the Sun is further way…  and then when he comes around again my heart quickens and in ecstasy it seems my Kundalini dances stronger..

It is possible we may not have continued this path if I had not been listening to the Earth and obeyed the call to give him my medicine…

Was practicing the eyes in this picture. I found them so alluring..  and in writing this I realize when I represent my Twin Flame in my art I can paint the necklace on his neck  of the symbols meant to represent….