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21 ~Into me
December 28, 2015

Every day at work I have to have this meditation moment.  The people that work around me, for the most part are highly negative, preferring to complain about any and everything rather than accepting the path they are walking or getting off of it.  It can be over whelming to be excited over the little blessings that life offers while listening to the people around me complain..  So I started going into the quiet room at work, turning off all the lights, laying down and then I follow my breath to the moment before sleep when the mind enters the magic of the twilight hour..

As soon as I feel that shift my mind becomes clear again, then I get back up because right after that I would fall asleep..

So last Thursday was really rough on the people around me.  They had no gratitude for our 3 day weekend and blatantly loud and mostly hateful. It was even worse than usual so I went to lunch, then laid down to do my cleansing ritual,  Took my mind down to the place where all thoughts leave and it is clear, when I thought to look around and ask, “Love are you here?  Cause you know I like to keep you close to me.”

Just like that your astral body was beside me on the floor.  You looked at my face for a moment, then you laid down beside me, stuck your astral arm into my body and held my hand..

In that moment when you stuck your astral arm inside of me, my body lit up, all around where your arm was and in your arm, there was a beautiful glow and dance of lights.  I was so surprised that I just looked at  you and asked you if you could see that…  and you just smiled… and glowed.. and continued to hold my hand..

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15 ~ NORTH OF THE RIVER dream series
November 25, 2015

For the longest time I would have these dreams with you that I would call the “North of the River” series…  and I would call you, “The Indian who walks with me through my dreams”.

These dreams would be marked by the loss of the memory of the dream.  I would have no problem getting to the dream location, but every time it was time for me to leave I would get lost trying to find my way back to my body and would have to drive around  looking for some land mark that was familiar just so that I could get to the road that lead to down town..  Once I would arrive Downtown I would then have to find the ramp that lead up and over, and down so that it would be a Uturn….  when I could come down the U and get onto the highway home, when I would blink, I would not be able to get my eyes to reopen and would then awaken back in my body with barely any memory of the dream other than I had gone and been with my Indian who walks with me through me dreams North of the River..

These dreams disappeared around the time you were preparing to come to Earth as a Walk In…  I did not know why back then that the dreams disappeared, and I would have to travel through some years on a great journey towards reconnecting with you…  and then, well I always had my River Song to call to your heart and the rest is all a part of the sacred dance with you having mastered out of body traveling and I having taken an extensive class on awakening inside my dreams..

This time when you showed up I began making conscious the knowledge that I wanted to see where you were taking me so I looked and looked and looked.. drew the pictures I could of what it looked like until at last I found you inside a dream North of the River…  Gleefully I got out of my vehicle and went to the door and knocked… then there you were standing at the door in your socked feet..  You took me in to the kitchen, to the place that I knew already and into your room that I already knew..

Finally you said, “It is time for you to get back to work..  and I laughed and said, “Will you ever bend your rules to accommodate my fancy free ways?  and you said, so seriously, “No” ….  so I just laughed and said “Ok” for how can one ask a Sun to change course for the planet he holds in such a loving embrace…

Then I asked you if you could look up the instructions for how for me to get to work, as every time I would try to find my way out of this place I would get lost.. and loose the dream..

so you go to your computer, do some typing..  Someone shows up, you walk out of the room and I go look at your computer to see something like  2YO8+3*LO4RU …. AND REALIZED NORTH OF THE RIVER WAS THE PLACE WHERE I HAD BEEN MEETING YOU ALL ALONG… when we came outside and the mated trees.. the mated Eagles..the mated little animals playing on the ground..  and the mated hummingbirds..  I began to see deeper into my trips North of the River

After that, one night you were late in picking me  so I went there by myself… and there were the shops that I already knew…. and the alley that lead to the shops, I had been there so many times before..


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Kundalini and the Twin Flame Journey.. introducing OBE to the mix
January 18, 2015

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My Twin Flame is an OOBE’er..  That is his path and I have been aware of it since the beginning of our reconnection in this life..

I myself haven’t thought much about OBE.  In my youth I studied under Jane Roberts and Robert Monroe when I was doing exercises to become awake inside my dream world.  But it was totally different.  That was because there was a person I met in my dreams in my youth I wanted to find again because I wanted to know who she was to me that she would travel into my dream state to teach me to ride a bike.

My Twin Flame lives on another continent and he has he own work to do, while I have my work here.  I do not know that we are scheduled to be physically together in this life.  There is a possibility that we have a higher work this time that requires we live on different continents..

There is a man who caught my attention recently because he is very open about sharing his OBE experiences.  I have learned a lot from him about what an OOBE’r experiences, and in learning I find myself being drawn in a little deeper each time.

Then I dreamed that I woke up inside my dream and thought, “Wow, I am awake inside my dream (versus trying to pull pieces of the dreams out with me.)  I thought, “hmmmm, I wonder where I should go now that I am conscious” walked across the room and disappeared through the wall.  At which time I found myself back asleep and no longer conscious that I was awake in the dream.

It feels like I have been guided to the next stage of my growth.  That I am right where I am supposed to be.

Years ago I dreamed I was in a classroom on the dark side of the moon.  It is a half moon shaped observatory and we go there for classes.  There was a Maya teacher there, in the dream, and she was having us to push white light out our meridian points.  We were getting lit.  She was at the front of the room and much more lit than we.

As she talked, instructing us to push the light out our meridians she began to become engulfed in white light.  Then she said, “and when you become completely lit, that is the time you are to project where you want to go..”

With this she materialized back behind my shoulder.. “and teleport” she whispered in my ear.

Between this, my Kundalini spinning, vibrating, feeling lit .. our Twin Flame journey.. and this pathway opening up to OBE, I am feeling as if I am arriving at a shift within my journey..