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My Life as a Fairy Tale

Written June 24, 2012

written about Lakota, Winged Lion, Celestial Star

interestingly, after this I met the Super Nova Being, and shot off like a rocket ship in a different direction, away from Lakota..  I can see now a new and wonderful world was created.






…the last we heard the Winged Lion had invited her into a friendship dance with hymn.

In times past she knew he had rocked her world.  There was just something about his touch on her that made her feel like they were the 2 who walked as one.  It made her feel like the rhythm of his energy enhanced her energy..  and the rhythm of her energy enhanced his..  and that in every life where they connected they were like 2 flames that burned brighter when they burned together..

Now here they were, in new clothes of skin, another life on another planet being given another chance to reunite..  and here they were, wherein the most delightful of plans, 18 months earlier she had been instructed to send him a lock of her hair.   The day she did that it had changed her whole path with him.  It had forced her to give him her unconditional love in all of their days together from that point on.  This was something she had not known in this life while wearing this human skin. 

It was hard to express what happened to her each and every time she gave him unconditional love.  It was like it was molding her into something different to do this..  and what she came to discover was that by her doing this, it was molding him different to.  It was like he was being taken to a new level right with her, like some kind of faith was being restored through time with him and it was one that she did not expect from him.  She only had expected that she would follow the instructions she was given to follow and it would take her to the place she was intended, by the Great Mother, to go.  She could not hope for the future with him because momma had shown her “Life Unexpected’ happens.   So her walk with him was with total surrender to the Great Mother who told her where to walk and how to walk when she was there.

She remembered what (she felt like) was a failed attempt to wish him Happy Birthday.    She shot her arrows across the water but they kept landing short and when it came time for her to arrive at Leo for his birthday, he was with someone else..  so she thought her attempt to wish him  Happy Birthday had failed until it came time for her birthday and he sent the gift back, shooting his flaming butterfly arrows across the great sea to land short of her footsteps..  It was then she knew, that it did not matter that they landed short.  What mattered was the heart of the one who had sent them..  So this had the effect of them changing together…  He was changing her in the place of her faith.. and she was changing him in the place of his faith..

Skip ahead and we find he asked her for a friendship dance to join with their already sensual feelings for each other.



She is a girl who is given visions, and sometimes it is hard for her to know if he told her this and planted the seed, or if it was a vision given to her to plant the seed, but what it felt like to her was they were inside the friendship dance when he bent over and whispered in her ear that he believed that their journey had the makings so that both of their dreams would be fulfilled with them together on their journey.. and that she should trust the Greater Powers to lead them in that direction..

And some days later it hit her.. like wow, fireworks dancing in her sky, hit her…. Wow

It felt like a seed had been planted inside her.  What a concept that both of  their dreams would be fulfilled by continuing with this journey together.. 

She was a fairy tale girl always weaving from a place of love in art.. 

 and he, a Celestial Star,

what a concept he had put inside her..

like a seed that had been planted within her..

a seed with a desire to grow

and become One with the

Light of a Celestial Star

It felt like a seed had been planted

and in one moment of contemplation

the seed burst forth and began to grow

into a flower

stretches it arms towards a Celestial Star.

That was a dream of hers

to love the man

who would carry

such a thought

with her

that both of their dreams could be fulfilled while walking with each other..

She was going to follow him down this path..



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