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Juan Light Thunder Form
September 18, 2011

Last night, within my dream,

I stood within the space between,

twas dark and without light.

And as I stood there looking around inside

the space between,

I thought I’d ask,

“What’s your name?”

And without form,

his form moved all around me,

adjusting within the non space

he did encompass me

as if to answer

just because

who would think to ask

the name of one who walks without form.

Then I hear a slow rumble

that spreads out

like sparkles on a dance
as he says,

in a slow long drawn out voice,

“I am Juan LightThunderForm.”

And at that moment

big giant thunder bolt

crashes down,

with sparkling
dancing movements




at the top of his boots/

(lightning bolts)

while I am left feeling

like a tiny 3 year old child

with ancient thunder all around,

holding me safe
within his arms,

as he thunders over

with sizzzzling


sparkling sounds

at the ends of his bolt,

his boots,

and still I sit in the space between,

dark and without light,

now listening as the pouring rain is falling down.

He was One Light Thunder Form

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