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Love has found me and wrapped me in her light
June 5, 2016

I am beyond Loves passion, sweetly entangled
Love drips from my soul
like jewels in a cave
glimmers sweet light
except for those who would dare
to enter the cave

Love has found me and wrapped me in her light.

I dance

Two Spirit names




We are the ones who came to sing the new world into being
January 28, 2013

god goddess we

faces of fukiware the gunma ken waterfallsdancing across eternity

It is we who clothed the earth

in her beautiful adornment.maplebig_leaf_maple

Larger than life

we look through time to see,

2 brothers,

blue-butterfly-tree1one red skin, one brown

laughing in their golden beer

arm wrestling

and the thundering sound

as one brings the other downancient-corrosion-of-soil-by-rain-and-wind

And when the dust settles

we see black soil and light soil lying around together

dark and lightHarken thine eyes again to see

a man and a woman

laying lovingly,

spooninghealing waters waterfalls thailand

while the water flows

all around them.

Looking around again I see

a girl listening

off in the distance

to a Thunder Being

singing his song.

Traveling through millenia

she travels to the place where

she and him will clothe the Earth

with what happens with their creation story.

His mother is a Thunderbird,

a loud imposing woman

She takes Misty Mountain by the hand

and bids her to accept one of her sons,

who sings the Thunder song.

She listens to their songs

and chooses

the perfect one,

He is

a long,







and when she straddles him

to make the creation exchange

she sees that the story of his life

lydwellspringhas been tattooed down his chest.

like a poem,

which she begins to read.

She sees the place where he was bornfirst time he fell down

and sees the first time he fell down.

She sees the place

where his first love joins him,

Maulangi Sangama Kalinadi Dandeli Kali Riverthen watches them merge into one.

and still she travels on

reading down his body

the story of his life

as he helps her translate

the story

with perfect dictation.

And when her hair falls

down upon his body,

it is black rain

falling down

to tickle him

upon his ribs

which is

the soil

laying next to

the edge

to the river

which is

his poem



his body.

And it is there

as she continues to read

the story of his life

the exchange is made

and when we look around

we see them

in their solid state

She is a Misty Mountain

and he is the river

who runs beneath her.

Look again

and we see

a woman

and her companion

walking lovingly.

When they settle

upon the Earth

her companion is

a dog shaped


and she

the whisp of cloud

who always

reaches down to touchMistNationalGeographic



We are the ones

who clothed this Earth

in her beautiful adornment.

Then laughing

we slipped into skins

to walk

amongst our creation.

Now here we are again

the celestial family

has come in

creating the next world

with the songs that

we are singing..

god goddess we… creators

Here again

to clothe

the new creation story.


Dark Lightning
January 8, 2013

“Researchers studying thunderstorms have made a surprising discovery: The lightning we see with our eyes has a dark competitor that discharges storm clouds and flings antimatter into space. Astrophysicists and meteorologists are scrambling to understand “dark lightning.””

satellite view

It started this morning

at waters edge

I felt the feel of his mist

kiss my lips

in such a way, on such a day

it would have been nice

to spend the day in bed..

or maybe I did but don’t remember.

Time Passing

all day trying to write

rains comes in

tickles me in delight

then come the Wakina
the Thunder Ones

I hear him off in the distance

deep rumbling voice

oh me…. oh my…

what a beautiful song you sing..

Then flash of light

and I start to count the seconds

as I walk across the room,

through living room

and down the hall to bedroom

so long I forgot I was counting

before I heard his thunder song

How many steps will it take as I listen

to the grace of you walking towards me

while I shimmer and dance

at the sound of your song

rolling across the airwaves

and feel the feel of your footsteps

come crashing down.

I listen for an hour

as you walk towards me

sing to me sacred love songs

pause to pass over my head

with your deep rumbling


Tickle me the words you say

as you proclaim your love

for my body

Then spend another hour

walking on down the road

until I realize that all

that is left is the sound

of your rain kissing my body

And suddenly I feel your hug

earthen 2008


Crazy Horse Ride (heart, heart,heart) I salute you
July 18, 2012

The Origin of the Lakota Oyate
June 2, 2012

The Origin of the Lakota Oyate.

May 7, 2012

That boy, yesterday, he sure did talk alot..  He would talk and the rain would start falling.. then it would subside..  then he would say something else and rain would start pouring again… he did this many times over..  He dropped lots of beautiful rain on us…  will make my garden grow…  dropped some hail on us.. and a bit of a whirl wind of activity next door..  sent us running..  when really we wanted to stand in the rain and watch him..  oh how he danced and sang and danced and will make our garden grow….

Kind of made her want to ask after him, “”Hey, whats your name?”

Thunderbeing Dream
April 19, 2012

Was dreaming I was just kind of drifting along looking at the scenery below me when I came to a sidewalk that I was going to walk down..  then it became one of those dreams where you close your eyes and the wont open again..  so I thought well I will just walk blind on faith that I am still on the sidewalk and not crash into anything and continue to the place where I can get my eyes to stay open.

I finally reached a place where I could peek out my eyes and see I was still on the sidewalk, and  little further than  that I was able to open my eyes again just in time to see a whole line of bike on both sides of me with an opening in the center that I could pass through.

As I am traveling down the passageway between the bikes, I can see people like clouds drifting around.  I can see a  man on a bike riding around.  Then he is coming towards me..  Then he is coming right up the passage way I am in.  About this time I blink and cannot see again, so I just stand there and wait until I can see again, and when I look up he has left his bike upon my path but I cannot see him.

I am standing there wondering about this when a shop keeper comes, picks up the bike and begins backing it out of the tunnel, so I ask him, “Why did he do that? ”  And the shop keeper said, ” he wanted you to know that he hears you coming…  and that it is going to rain soon.”

With this I awoke..

I love dreaming when I am in my cloud body, and I love becoming aware of the other clouds around me….

Eagles Dancing and the Thunder Bird
March 8, 2012

In 1995 a bunch of artist showed up at my house and began drawing pictures.  At the time I was working on this Eagle picture..  which when I drew it the Eagle told me it was head dress..  then as I am putting her underneith the Eagle, I hear the words, “And at the end of the story the Dancing Bird Goddess steps off the edge of the precipice and begins her flight..  It is the story of her leap of faith….   As I was watching the story I could clearly see every step of the journey was taking  her to the edge of the precipice

 Last November I came out of Walmarts looked up at the sky and saw 2 Eagles dancing in flight inside the body of the Thunderbird I had been talking to..  I tried to take pictures of them but they barely showed up, so I had to take 2 Eagles from the internet and clone them on..  The actual Eagles that I saw that day are the 2 spots underneith and to the right of her chin on the lower pictures….  This picture is my honoring of the completion of a great Cirlce…  and as always the circle becomes a spiral..

….  from 1995 ….

 Other pictures from the same story… time….  for some reason I felt like I was drawing her, the Dancing Bird Goddess from other countries too…


Descending Cloud and Rainbow Raindrop
March 5, 2012

It began after moving to sacred mountain,

Driving home from work one night

And who should be standing in the road

But a lovely Cloud Person

standing there so gracefully

That I surrendered to what she was saying

And as I drove right through her

A portal opened,

Time elongated

And when I came out

On the other side it was as if

I had entered a new dimension.

It was soon after that

I walked out from work at midnight

To find a cloud had descended down.

And every morning when I arose

This cloud had ascended

Back up to hover over us.

I would go to work and it would be clear

but when I would come out at midnight

I would find the cloud had descended down

to ascend again by morning light

to hover each day above us.

I came into to the realization

that someone was saying hello

so I begin saying ‘hello’ back

and giggling and laughing

and cherishing these moment

inside Descending Clouds body

at midnight on my way home.

Some days passing

this journey through

Descending Cloud

Until at last I come out

at midnight one night

and see it was clear again,

stars shining bright.

I journeyed home

with my head out the window

Looking at the stars

until just as I arrive at my driveway

I see him standing there

Descending Cloud

has come to bid me fare well

And it all becomes holy, holy, holy

as I get out of my car

to see him standing in my yard.

So I curtsey and I bow

In a gesture of thanks

And in that moment

There comes a shift

that is felt in the moment

my next footstep

Touches the ground

All my footsteps becomes

The sound of chimes

And as I look around

The sound of chimes is everywhere

It’s in the trees all around me.

It’s in my footsteps

I have entered the space between

There has been a shift in my dimension

A change in my perception,

Time has slowed down

And I am standing inside the cloud

Listening to its sound,

To its heart beating

And it sounds like chimes.

They are everywhere,

Huge big raindrops

20 feet apart

And with every leaf,

Every branch and every touch

A sound goes out

The sound of chimes ringing

In the night.

And as I stare up with wonders eye

I see way off in the distance

a beautiful rainbow ballerina dancing

all her movements are fluid

are dancing in beauty

with each swirl and twirl

she is moving towards me

closer and closer she comes

in her dance


until as she travel past my eyes

I see she is a raindrop

And with laughter

she hits the ground

with a chiming sound

and I realize

she is Rainbow Raindrop.

Blessed inside this journey..

Visited by

Descending Cloud

And Rainbow Raindrop.

Earthen Girl 2007

The White Haired Cowboy
March 3, 2012

He strolled into town like a cowboy rides in on his horse.  We could not see that under his white hat he was sporting some beautiful white hair, but we watched him, curiously, like people watch strangers passing through, wondering why they had come, wondering what they would do.



Then shouts rang out, commotion stirring we ran to the window in time to see the Cowboy had taken off his hat.  His white hair was blowing in the wind, swirling and twirling in the most awesome of manners.  He wowed us..

and then, as quickly as he had come, he left..

then the sun came out and smilled upon us..

the day took on a golden hue..

we were mesmerized by his passage through.


and it was beautiful..

what he showed us

what he gave us

as he passed on through…