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Living within a spiral world, loving a Two Spirit
June 7, 2016

I will tell you something that ringing its song inside my heart right now..  Life is a circle, a spiral really..  visions from the age of 12, when I come to understand why I discover it is a circle.. and a spiral all at once for now I am 60 years old and the world has spun itself into a new world for me.

I always wondered why I was given 2 visions when I was 12 years old.  In one, my mother from 13 generations ago came to instruct me on how to walk through a world that was solid.  She said in all ways I was to merge with the Earth.  From there I spread my wings and stretching out across the land, through time, I became a warrior opening up the path for the Indigenous Peoples of the Earth for they are the Keepers of the Planets that support Life.  So I sang my songs and made my prayers and watched through Time as the People again began to rise.

In the second vision I was taken to my Home world and saw that my mission to the Earth had been accepted by the Elder Council.  Then my husband sweeps in like Sun standing over me holding me as a planet while I dance around him.  He is saying that his mission too to Earth has been accepted and is showing me where our paths will join in mission…  then the door closed…  and it felt like I was forever in search of why I was given the second vision.

Inside my dreams there was always someone walking with me, sometimes I could see it was a man, sometimes it would be a girl and she would be telling me where we were going and what it would look like.. and feel like.  In my dreams I fought against loving her.  My earthly body had been programmed to believe that as a girl my destiny could only be matched with a boy..

and yet now here stand I, dancing sacred around my Sun.. my love ..  Two Spirits .. discovering that in the completion of the circle, which in reality is a spiral, I have come to a second mission..

To sing my song, my creation song, to sing a new world into being, within the Heavenly Host of Singers who have come to sing the new world into being.  I must walk into the new world to open the open the path..

and now I can see why the Ancients changed my name to Destiny

once I had come into the time of the Second Mission..

the mission of singing into being

a world that embraces

Two Spirits

who walk as One.

2EaglesWalmart110611_Destiny 062813

To my Cheyenne Two Spirit
May 2, 2016

Two spirit-hayamoni

I think of you all the time.  This Winters past the Great Spirit Bear who guides me explained to me how all my life after I set out from our Home World you came to me every night and walked with me through my dream time and as I journey through my dreamworld and look within my dreams there is always the presence of you even to the point of me seeing you as a male and seeing you as a female opening the path to our love story on this planet today, you were there guiding my steps to awaken our mission of Oneness in this life before we arrived at it.

When I was 12 I was instructed from an Indian within me to merge with the Earth in all ways..  so I did.. (It was also the first time I saw you in vision)  In 2007 I had a merging with a River who once upon a time rang strong underneath its lover a Mountain.  When the River Ouachita merged with me it touched the place where I was lonely and called up in me to sing a song I called, “Are you Lonely, yes I am”

In 2011, when we first touched in this physical life I shared that poem and it made you weep.  Back then I did not remember why the Earth was calling me to journey with you by bidding me to cut off my braid and offer my medicine to you.  I did not remember why she showed me a picture of us in the heavens, Star People holding hands.  All I knew was this was the journey I was given to walk and so I had to honor it, no matter how long the path was or how long it took you to want to hold my hand in the heavens (even as I admit I was afraid to hold you too, as every time your Lion roared I ran away, until this last time when I simply followed you) I still knew I must honor the path I was given to take to get to my mission be that whatever it was.

Even when I surrendered to the roar of the Lion this time there was still a great journey to take.  It is all very sacred to me the way it happened, the way that we were dreaming together when I just happened to mention that your body parts did not seem to line up the way I thought and you told me it was because you had been born with the divine feminine living inside you..

Over these last months you have lifted the veil of your protection to reveal to me that you are a Two Spirit..  and for that honoring I have taken a journey into the world of the Two Spirits and have discovered the many flavors of the Two Spirit world.

There is a commonality that runs between you all, that this is a world that is filled with pain and hearts that hurt that long for understanding and acceptance, to not be taunted as freaks.

In my journey into this new world I have have been watching movies.  The theme of not being accepted runs through them all.  The theme of the path needing to be opened runs through them all.  The pain hidden, but felt runs through them all.

There are things I remember in my journey with you in this life, the suicide..  the longing for the pain to end..  I remember..

I remember seeing you torn to pieces, time and time again, remember laying witness to your gentle spirit getting up and never speaking ill of anyone who ripped your heart to shreds .  I remember you trying again and again to find a love that would not tear your heart apart…

And now, every day I pray that you will know the love that is inside my heart for you walks with you through out your day, and I pray that you will not be made to suffer as this world has been so horribly cruel to the people of the Two Spirits.  Every day I pray that your spirit can feel the love inside my heart for you even though we are on separate continents..

There was a dream I was given many years before we met.  In it I found myself on the dark side of the moon, in  an observatory.  We were in a classroom and the teacher (a Maya Indian) was in front of the classroom instructing us on how to teleport.  She was instructing us to push white light out our meridian points, and then she said that at the point where our bodies became engulfed in light we were to will ourselves to the location we desired and we would appear.  With this she pushed the white light out her meridian points and when her body became engulfed in the light she disappeared and then reappeared back behind me off my shoulder..

I have never forgotten this dream.  There were others in the classroom learning the same lesson.  I watch for them to appear in this human world so that we can use the strength of each other to achieve this…


20 ~Dancing on a Winters Solstice, Twin Flame memories revisited
December 21, 2015

Newgrange picture by Jane Tripp

Newgrange picture by Jane Tripp

I have been journeying with the winter solstice..  And you.   On our Home world..   Remembering the day our contracts to come to Earth were accepted..  And the way you appeared on a beam of sunlight that traveled all the way to the back of the cave where I had been sitting there waiting for you to show up.  Feels just like the Newgrange Winter Solstice..

I could find you in many places, in the way you held me all day long, one arm on each side as we danced in sacred dance, sunrise and sunset..

In could find you in sparkles of your light upon my waters..

and beams of sunlight through the clouds.

in the dance of the leaves through the trees

the warmth of your heat baking me on my summer grounds..

Everywhere around me I could feel you,

Time and time again..

but there were also places where I would go

and wait for you to show.

I adore also dwelling in the secret places with you..

in the places that also marked your movement across my skin..

that said now you will begin moving closer again

Sunlight again coming my way,

making all the babies want to come out and play

Sitting there that day

when I was 12

waiting for your you to come in on your beam of light..

Then first the Elder Council came

the light at the front of the cave

and gave to me the good news

that the Council had accepted

the contract I wrote for my mission to the Earth..

Then there you were,

your dancing shimmering light

making its way to the back of the cave

My heart rejoicing as I slipped back to you

where you held me and did that dance

the way you do..

And showed me the contract that you wrote

to meet me in this place where we have come

to celebrate

Sunlight again coming my way,

making all the babies that want to come out and play

A Winters Solstice day

marking the beginning of another new dance.

I asked you once, "And what symbols would find their way to stand with my Twin Flame.. I understand.. Sweet Love

I asked you once, “And what symbols would find their way to stand with my Twin Flame as.. I understand.. Sweet Love


All this life I am inside this mission, it is always about learning, and the recovery of ancient memories in the place where one belief system has inserted itself over the top of a peoples walk of beauty even though it is not their walk of beauty.  To get from point A to point B takes a great honoring of the all the visions that are given.  (In the winter of my 59th year I have finally come to understand what the Winter Solstice is, and what it meant when I was 12 and you rode in on the beam of light to show me that your contract to Earth had been accepted also)

There was another happening that points to this moment in time when I regain this memory.  It was back in 2008.  It was on a Winters day that all of a sudden my body, in the place of lower tummy began to dance and tingle, like a girl in love.  And even though for all outside appearances I walked alone my lower tummy went into this feeling of incredible dance.  A dance so beautiful that I turned to the Earth and asked her what the meaning of this?

And she began to tell me how I was a Creation Singer, that I sang New Worlds into being with my song.  She said that she was my Orchestrate, that it was she who would tell me where to go stand in the underworld and sing my song to the sleeping ones, and from her commands I would turn and sing to the sleeping ones..

And as I watched the seeds within the Earth, and bulbs and tubes would hear my song and stir again with life..  And that the reason my tummy was now dancing was because I was doing as I had been told by her to do, and was now singing a new world into being…

And there stood you, when I was 12, your light beaming, traveling down that shaft, awakening within me the memory that it was time again to sing a new world into being..

Newgrange Ireland pictures found on line.

Newgrange Ireland pictures found on line.


15 ~ NORTH OF THE RIVER dream series
November 25, 2015

For the longest time I would have these dreams with you that I would call the “North of the River” series…  and I would call you, “The Indian who walks with me through my dreams”.

These dreams would be marked by the loss of the memory of the dream.  I would have no problem getting to the dream location, but every time it was time for me to leave I would get lost trying to find my way back to my body and would have to drive around  looking for some land mark that was familiar just so that I could get to the road that lead to down town..  Once I would arrive Downtown I would then have to find the ramp that lead up and over, and down so that it would be a Uturn….  when I could come down the U and get onto the highway home, when I would blink, I would not be able to get my eyes to reopen and would then awaken back in my body with barely any memory of the dream other than I had gone and been with my Indian who walks with me through me dreams North of the River..

These dreams disappeared around the time you were preparing to come to Earth as a Walk In…  I did not know why back then that the dreams disappeared, and I would have to travel through some years on a great journey towards reconnecting with you…  and then, well I always had my River Song to call to your heart and the rest is all a part of the sacred dance with you having mastered out of body traveling and I having taken an extensive class on awakening inside my dreams..

This time when you showed up I began making conscious the knowledge that I wanted to see where you were taking me so I looked and looked and looked.. drew the pictures I could of what it looked like until at last I found you inside a dream North of the River…  Gleefully I got out of my vehicle and went to the door and knocked… then there you were standing at the door in your socked feet..  You took me in to the kitchen, to the place that I knew already and into your room that I already knew..

Finally you said, “It is time for you to get back to work..  and I laughed and said, “Will you ever bend your rules to accommodate my fancy free ways?  and you said, so seriously, “No” ….  so I just laughed and said “Ok” for how can one ask a Sun to change course for the planet he holds in such a loving embrace…

Then I asked you if you could look up the instructions for how for me to get to work, as every time I would try to find my way out of this place I would get lost.. and loose the dream..

so you go to your computer, do some typing..  Someone shows up, you walk out of the room and I go look at your computer to see something like  2YO8+3*LO4RU …. AND REALIZED NORTH OF THE RIVER WAS THE PLACE WHERE I HAD BEEN MEETING YOU ALL ALONG… when we came outside and the mated trees.. the mated Eagles..the mated little animals playing on the ground..  and the mated hummingbirds..  I began to see deeper into my trips North of the River

After that, one night you were late in picking me  so I went there by myself… and there were the shops that I already knew…. and the alley that lead to the shops, I had been there so many times before..


swim with 2me











Time Weaver, dance for me, sing to me our memories
January 20, 2014

I will probably be not so active here this year. My grandkids are moving here and we are beginning a new adventure…  Most of my time here is spent being a weaver.. The sharing of the Kundalini is a weaving for my people, Indigenous ones who can relate to the fact that our prophecies speak of time that is coming when the balance will be restored and again we will with softer feet upon the happy hunting grounds, and “as it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end.”  The sharing of the Kundalini journey is a weaving for raising the vibration of the Earth as that is what she told me needs to happen to release energies are stuck upon her/his body so that they can be transformed anew..



Another part of my weavings involves looking through time, looking through the collective soul, trying to share what I see..  For example, there was a great sadness that came upon a friend of mine at work.  It involved on of her granddaughters passing at the hand of an abuser and it just happened last week..  I have another long time Indian friend was also looking into the ‘other worlds’ and said something about her being recycled into the same family in about 80 years.. and that thought set me upon a journey. 


the truth is, when I was 12 I was staring into the face of a flower when a most beautiful and graceful Indian woman appeared and took me on a journey of learning.  She is the one who taught me how to merge with the Earth.  She is the one who told me that all the rules for how to walk in balance had been written on the Earth.  She was my guide in vision until just before my 30th year..


Somewhere in my 20’s I had a dream that my grandmother came into my rest area and wrapped around me her cloak.  From there she held out her hand and as if looking into a magic ball that played like a TV I saw my dad holding me as a baby, then her holding my dad,  then her dad holding her, then his mom holding him, and her dad holding her, and by taking these footsteps backwards through time I was taken back to a life, some thirteen generations in which I was a baby being held by my mother.  And this mother was the one who had, in my current life, been guiding me since the age of 12.


As I travel through my current life with this knowledge I have many times thought of how we recycle through the same blood lines over and over, and what the advantages are of doing this.  Back in my life 13 generations ago my father was a seer also (so I carry that within me) and my mother was a rainbow woman, so gently and graceful she that when she walked across the Earth little bitty rainbow people danced at her feet..  In that life my father saw through time the devastation that was coming to our people (this time of backward thinking when the rules people follow are chaotic and destructive to the Earth who feeds and clothes us)   So he bid me to marry a Mohawk Warrior that so that we would add the Warrior bloodline to the Seer/Rainbow woman bloodline..


I did as he asked..  and then recycled back into the same blood line in this life, as a gentle spirit and also as a Seer Warrior (Lightworker)


I have also thought about some of the people who hold especially painful memories of the Trail of Tears, in terms of how we recycle into the same blood line over and over..  I think of how the ones who are so bitter as having the worst things happen to them while walking the Trail of Tears, and how it seems this life reflects the pain they felt in that life..


As a Time Weaver whose ultimate weaving is to restore the Earth to a higher vibration (so that again the day comes when a woman can fall in love with a Thunder Being, and visa versa)  I purposely try to weave with my words in such a fashion that others might touch distant memories, and by touching them they will vibrate a little bit higher too..


This is what I will not have so much time for this year.  My grandbabies will be making their transition to this town by moving in with me..  Right now it is scheduled for the weekend of February 22 and I am busy with the preparations.. but not all the way gone yet…. the voices of their laughter and love will soon fill my life and my Time Weavings may slow down while I take this journey… just thought I would let you know that in just a little while I may disappear for the most part… 


However, right now I have other Kundalini piece on my mind as I have been thinking there were actually signs in my youth that I was headed for a Kundalini Awakening…  so I will try to share that shortly…


Love and Laughter, Destiny dela’Cee


We dance inside so many names..


I have been a Destiny..  a Celeste..  a Earthen Girl Native Rainbow Star..  a Lolita..  the list goes on and on..  now Rick has added the dela’Cee….  I find it interesting the parallel between how close Destiny sounds to dela’Cee…  I do not always understand all of what Rick is saying as sometimes he is speaking another language and I am just trying to look through the words to see what pictures I see, but he said something about dela’Cee being my Star name and that he could not tell me my Star name before, not until I arrived at Destiny..  He says that dela’Cee means, “look out there is a platform, and upon the platform is a star.  She is the Star upon the platform..

 dela Cee

Any way… I have these memories from my Home world that I have held sacred since I was 12.. have watched over the years as they have grown, like a collage, every time a new memory is added I add to it….   It seems his adding this name dela’Cee adds to my picture of my Home World…

Expanding perceptions
October 7, 2013

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to bi-locate and remain conscious in two places at the same time?  Sounds like science fiction but it’s not.  The groups says that we jump consciousness streams all the time, but rarely do we stay there for more than a fraction of a second.  Even thinking of a person in a distant location allows you to momentarily exist in both places at once.  The group says that if you are able to hold that dual consciousness stream long enough, your physical body will follow. The problem has always been holding that connection.  Even though we are multidimensional beings,  we tend to spend a lot of energy keeping our vibrational range within a narrow bandwidth that keeps our awareness limited to a single dimension.”
. . .

I have been doing something similar to this since I was 12 but doing it in different dimensions..  I had a vision when I was 12..  I looked into the face of a flower into another dimension and saw an Indian woman standing with her arms raised towards the setting sun.  She took me into her village and began the lesson by holding a seed in her hand which she tickled the Earth and put the seed in the soil..  A part of me had already split off, conscious of 2 worlds at once, conscious of the lessons of the Indian Woman, conscious of my walk upon the Earth….  At the end of looking into that alternate world she said to me simply, “The Laws of Nature are the Laws of God, if any man tells you different, they are wrong” …  It is why I do not have a concept for evil, only dis-ease..

I believe that all time is happening at once, that there are many dimensions all existing in layers, like the clouds exists in layers..  Another time, when my mothers father was laying on his death bed, in the moment I received the phone call, the dimensions split for me again and I began seeing into another dimension..  In this one the marauders (which may have possibly been Andromeda and the Milky Way passing through each other) .. the marauders amazing-space-wallpapers-2passed through our village and the surrounding villages, pillaging, raping our women, killing our men and children..

In our Way, forgiveness was not the same as it is on Earth.  In our way, when something happen that needs forgiveness we take our consciousness and go merge ourselves with the ‘offending’ party, become one with and in the moment we understand what it was that they perceived as a danger, for instance why a snake strikes.  Once we understand  what actions we had done that had caused the snake to bite then that was forgiveness..

So in this other dimension I had merged my consciousness with the one who had penetrated my being,  In the Indian way it had become a marriage, and now his time was coming to an end and as he was laying on his death bed I was staring at an old wound he had left upon my body when my mother, flew in on a beam of moon light (she was a Moon Goddess)  She came and said that it was time to do the Healing Remnants of Past Wounds Ceremony..  It was a Ceremony that lasted for 6 weeks, during which time a 3rd dimension opened up and I found myself staring into a place where I was pregnant and about to give birth to a new Earth.  A rift had formed between 2 sisters and as I am standing in the middle of the rift it looks huge.  I scream out in pain about the rift that is forming and the next thing I know my mother and grandmother are standing in front of me, between my legs peering down, when my grandmother exclaims, “Oh it is just a stretch mark.  And only a little tiny one.”  With that I see through their eyes that it is just a stretch mark.

The thing is there are many who have come into this time to write the calendar of the next circle around the Great Sun..  and to do that we have to see larger then this time/space we have been traveling in..  My Indian brothers and sisters we have come to the time of planting the seeds for the next great circle around the Central Sun..  We have a prophecy, “and in the end it was as it was in the beginning, and it was beautiful”

We also have prophecies of again traveling to the place of the Happy Hunting Grounds..  The


Earth tells me that in the new world, the new calendar, that there will be many dimensions, like layers of consciousness, that the Crystal Electronic people will exist in their own layer of consciousness.. and the Indigenous Earth Keepers will exist in their own layer of consciousness..

There are many who have come to write the new calendar for the next circle around the Great Central Sun (s)…  We are expanding perceptions, creating a new path to walk upon.

There are many who came to open the path…


Andromeda memories
September 18, 2013

Andromeda and the Milky Way

I am passing through Andromeda memories now….  from a vision when I was in my 20’s…  My mother was a Moon Goddess.. I was a planet who supported life.. my Love, my husband was the Sun I revolved around, why I always see him as taller than I, a man I look up to, which I do even In these Earth bodies.. his father was from the Central Sun..

All Planets and Suns and Galaxies have consciousness and we all interchange our consciousness with the whole galaxy..  Being in the place of being a planet that supported life would be like my eye by which I looked out upon the world around me..  It was the place of my great affection to place my consciousness where the soft grasses grow across a windswept face.  It tickles and delights me to have my consciousness inside a planet that supports life.. Placing my consciousness there was like going to my meditation station.  It was my sacred space.

His father was from the Central Sun..  It is in this place that the Elders hold council, all of the Suns in the Central Sun make up what we know as the Elder Council..

The winds sweep through the Black Holes (the Caves from a galaxies point of view)  The Caves are the homes of Ancients.  The Ancients are the ones who ..  in the vision from my 20’s I called the Ancients the Merlins.  They stood on the edge of the universe staring out into night sky into the stars.  They would wait for one to sing to them, to send them a message.  And when they received a message a roar could be heard coming from the Cave (the Black Hole) as they would be determining what volunteers would be needed to go do the next work.

The Elder Council would listen to the Ancients, and they would put out a call to us, who are known as Members of the Family of Light..  we are like the renegades who go into places and break the rules of the consciousness  of the place..  We would make something new of something old…