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Dream Catcher
March 11, 2012

Last year was my first year where I live now. In my excitement I bought many flowers early in the spring. Then every time it froze I would bring them in and talk to them. On the final time it had finally gotten warm enough that I knew it was time to take them back out so I was photographing them like crazy, talking to them, telling them it was time for them to continue their journey back outside when all of a sudden I found myself in a room full of people. There was this lady dressed in an exquisite blue dress made of light whose hair was done up in a very tight bun. She said, “Well if we are going shopping then I must get dressed first.” With this she picked up something large that looked like a dream catcher and attached it to her bun like it was her hat… I tried to draw out some of them I saw standing talking to me that day..






pictures from earthen’s garden 2011