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Honor me with Anime… It is a prayer from me to you
September 20, 2015

I am old now and have spent my life cultivating the placement of the written word..  I would love to see the beauty I have seen in my dreams and visions brought to life in anime..
In one I was walking through an enchanted cave when a young white unicorn ran past me with laughter that rang out like a 9 year old..  I turned to follow the direction from whence it came and found myself staring ahead at 4 young children standing together, staring across the road talking to each other.  There were 3 girls who had the longest blondest whitest hair and the 4th was a boy with curly red hair.  . I walked over to see what they were looking at and when I got next to them I saw that they had collars around their necks and had been tied to a post.  ..  I asked them, “Who did this to you?”  They pointed across the dirt road to a saloon and said that their owner was in there…  I awoke realizing they were horses..
In another one that last 3 months a singer began to sing me a song of remember when..  we passed backwards through time, my companion and I, past Hercules, then we headed out for the stars..  drifting on through space I saw up ahead an old friend sitting by his fire so I went to sit by him for a spell.  Off to the side, there was a beautiful pulsing light being, reminiscent of what a tree looks like on Earth..  I curtseyed to show honor then sat with me friend and watched his fire with him..
After a time I fell asleep and I awoke I found the light being who looked like a tree had shimmered over to me and I was now resting against it..  In that moment I conceived the idea the idea that I wanted to experience a world that was solid where we could touch each other..  The call went out to the others who were thinking the same thought, and after a while we had gathered to make the blueprint and plans to submerge ourselves into a world that was solid.  There were those that excelled at this and those that excelled at that.  I was a creation singer, able to hold the same resonance for thousands of years.. there were others who determined how we could all do this, determined the rules for how we could all sustain each other..  determines the rules for how we would find our way back to a higher vibration using activation codes (like 11:11)..
The story, too long to sing here, ended in the moments when I was about to go under the veil..  with my companion telling me that he could not go with me there, but would meet me on the other side..  Then I found myself in a tunnel that glowed with a magical mist.  Each mist particle was a bubble that when I drew close to it I would be able to see a life I had lived while under the veil.  Then I feel a great pulling.  A light opens up ahead between to bushes and the trees, and I can hear the singer of the song singing to me.  It is my companion who traveled with me all along and just I burst through into the life, there stands the Singer.. a Unicorn .. who says, “Hello Celeste”
In another one I have my consciousness as a planet.  I can stare out into the sky and see the surrounding villages.  Forgiveness is merging with the who hurt us.  I learn this lesson through the snake..  In time, as I watch I see marauders on their horses galloping towards our village.  I see them tearing through the other villages, raping and plundering.. then they gallop into ours and one penetrates me and wounds my body…  I must merge with him in order to forgive him .. so I a sent on a Rite of Passage to a planet called Earth.  She is a life sustaining planet every form of species imaginable has come to live upon her body.  She is the manifestation of a gracious hostess.  There is one species that abuses her, and yet there is no malice inside of her for them..  Then I am back seeing through the eyes of the planet I am.
The marauder who penetrated me is old now and on his deathbed dying, while I am still young..  I am pregnant with the child seed he laid within me and I am about to give birth to a new world..  I am about to become a life sustaining planet….
(and what I witnessed was the colliding of 2 galaxies)

Kundalini Colouring In Folder!
September 12, 2015


This is so cool!   had to share for my other Kundalini friends.


Source: Kundalini Colouring In Folder!

Twin Flame Creation: A Biblical Love Story
September 1, 2015

I love this girls writings (Ostara, The Good )… they parallel journeys I have already taken.. bring back to the front, picture from the past..  I thought I would share in case any one else would like to look at the way she sees…..


Source: Twin Flame Creation: A Biblical Love Story