Love Song

of a Sentient Earth

February 05, 2012

He is the loud Kaboom of lighting hitting the ground.

She is the dance that follows shimmering lights dancing in waves of ecstacy rolling softly out in gentle song.

They dance.


January 28, 2012


He was out and about, and she was busy at the computer when he flew in the door, made beautiful love to her, then left, just like that…  and all she could hear then was the sound of his laughter upon the wind…  as she sat enamored by his passion…   

rippling waves of love passing over her…

She is the water, he is the land.  She is fluid to his desires.  Laying upon him is her great comfort and yet she is most definitely her own being.


January 23, 2012

At night she lies on her side and with each breath her waves gently lap against his body while she lays her arm across his body and holds him..

We are the 2 who walk as One.


January 12, 2012

I dreamed I was off doing something when I felt my love appear and stand-off to the side as I worked…  I looked over and he appeared as a small island….   He is the land and I am the water…  we are the 2 who walk as One


January 10, 2012

The 2 who walk as One

I dreamed I fell asleep laying upon my lovers body. He held me so soft I could feel his love… and when I opened my eyes I saw that I was a body of water, and he was the land I was laying upon..


October 26, 2011

We the 99, we are so much more powerful than we think. This is our creation. We are the ones giving power to it. By our actions we give power to it.

We have been living in such a way that we are putting out the message that this is a throw away Earth. Big business builds items to use once and throw away. How long does something last before it breaks and a new one must replace it? And what do we do with the old parts, but put them into the land fill.. and buy a new.. When we do this we are giving power to the One’s who are raping the Earth of all her resources.

They will bend to what we want because we are the ones in power and this is our creation

They are blowing off the tops of mountains to get more coal because we as the 99 have given our power to easy street, because we do not invest our money in solar power, in windmills, in a source of electricity that does not require damming the water, blowing off the tops of mountains and nuclear power plants to keep us in our comfort zone..

God, goddess We need to save the Earth


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