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She adds our hearts radiating love and light the doorway bright
May 8, 2018

Two Heart apart but touch through the portal she adds our hearts of radiating love

The positioning of her divine feminine in the picture comes from a dream I had during the time of great sleep (last winter 2017) when I was being brought into the understanding that I had been dreaming them all my life.

In the dream I could see I was in my Home world as all of my animals began to congregate a party began to form and grow through time until the party spilled over to the front yard, but still more people kept coming to the party and after a time the animals all turned into people but I could still tell who they were.

From the clan of the ancient deer people by destiny

down the hill stood the Clan of Ancient Deer People who, it seemed had migrated across the river to my side, and were standing at the edge of the party.  Then comes one of them walking past me, and this time I could see their features up close, her softly flattened nose.  and her dress of deer skin.  She had 2 braids hanging down in front and on her chest she wore her crest, the emblem of the Ancient Deer People.  She was long and graceful and after she passed me, upon her back I could see she wore her emblem there too and she had another 2 braids hanging down.

She was headed back towards her clan, and she reminded me of  the way a comet shoots off to seed new worlds and then comes back home to their clan..

ancient chinese knight picture3b59092b1b5d994e3c467948b54e455cwith this I realize that all along a man and a woman have been standing there with with me along (as the Deer Woman had passed between us and caused me to look towards her and see them.)

The man was very very tall and larger than life.  His attire was quite elegant and at the same time he was an Ancient one.  The woman was a lot shorter than him and was dressed only slightly like the pic above.

There was another woman there and she was talking to him about her art, asking him if he wanted to see her art, so I asked him if he would like to see my art, and we took off to the front of the house.  The passage up the stairs was like jumping from stone to stone up a waterfall stairway..  He took the lead and his woman ran danced skipped beside me..  then as we neared the top she ran on up the steps in front of him..  and that was when I recognized my love as she looked over the top of his head and smiled so bright back at me..  (I have seen us in this same position many times inside my dreams..)

When she gets to the top of stairs she makes this odd movement, lays down and slips through the opening..  Then he does the same, so I do the same thing and walk into an alternate world, where we are standing up..

I am looking around for my art to show him so I take him into my glow in the dark room..  in the sky up above I have stars and clouds….  and he is getting romantically distracted by it to the point where he goes, “I wish you hadn’t painted those stars in the sky for they are distracting me from my mission,” and pulling me close (as my human form was quite sick at the time) he was asking me if maybe I could ask someone to turn on the music so we could dance…



This was one of the dreams from before I realized they always were with me in my dreams…  so when I sketched out the picture of the mirror portal with my hand reaching through and touching their heart.. and their hand reaching though and touching my heart I put my loves divine feminine in the position from the dream, from when she ran up the stairs ahead of him.. and looking back she smiled at me….  ♥♥♥




Two Moons Dream
December 4, 2013

Our dreamscape is a world of its own and I have found that by recording my dreams it is easier for me to see when I end up in the same places more than once.  I also have programmed my dreams so that when I want to bring something out I take a picture…

 2 moons 120313

so this morning I woke up inside a dream that I don’t remember what I dreaming before but when I woke up inside the dream we were driving down the road when I saw, off to my side, 2 moons shining in the sky.  I was like, “wow, how pretty they look” and the closer one he seemed to be looking at me (though I didn’t find a way to represent it in the picture I made….  Anyway after we passed the 2 moons and got to the house I said, “Get the camera, we have to go back and take a picture of the Two Moon.”  And at was when I discovered that it was cloudy where I was and the opening to see them was only in one location….


Here is the other time I had a dream with 2 moons:

Here is a picture from the first 2 Moons dreamscape


Two Moons
October 19, 2011



Was in a dream with my sister, did not realize I was on a different planet until we were in our vehicles on the way back..  trying to get back in time for the sunrise.. I was looking off to the side watching the clouds when through the clouds I saw a very large moon rising over the horizon and right behind it… a second moon..

I have dreamed this planet before.  This is the first time I have been shown a sister with me.  I wonder if we were twins.  At the end of the dream I went to the rest room.  She went with me.  The room we passed through was cluttered and full of debree from the babies.  I remember laughing and saying, “You’re going to do the same things I do?”   And she laughed and said, “yes.”

When she put me in my vehicle (as I was trying to get home as the sun was rising) she guided me to a familiar road.  I had to pass through the gates and continue for a long ways.  At one point I realized I had left my cell phone so at the next corner I tried go around the block to make my way back…  I passed a red planet made of iron or some kind of heavy metal..

I have been here before..

art by mdeering (Earthen Girl Native Rainbow Star)