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Year of the Hummingbird, a spiritual journey
November 27, 2012

Great Spirit moves in mysterious ways to bring the message from Earth messengers.  When one enters into the time of an animal messenger sometimes the Earth will use unusual methods to let a person know where they are on the Medicine Wheel.

Last night I came home and stuffed into my mailbox, just like the postman had left me a flyer,  there was a single window curtain with the picture of a Hummingbird on it.  My heart danced for joy to see it as if I had found another picture to put in my Hummingbird book.

And more than that, it was again Great Spirit moving, reminding me that I have been placed within the protective energy of the Hummingbird.

In the old way (and day) when such a messenger would come along I would

lovingly carve them into my Totem pole.  In a dream the Sun Bear showed me that he was the first one I carved into my Totem pole for all my Totems were upon his back within the chest he carried.  And each and every time an Animal Messenger was sent I would lovingly carve the Animal into my Totem Pole and place it within the chest.

The appearance of this Hummingbird was unexpected, out of the blue, as we are now standing in the space between Autumn and Winter.  It quickly brought to mind how unusual this Hummingbird message has

been sent.  First the Sky People spoke to me about coming of the Hummingbird.  3 times they showed me pictures in the clouds of the Hummingbird.  Then as I was looking out my window there came a Bumblebee Moth Hummingbird a calling.

Next the Hummingbird dreamed me…

And now this coming home to find stuffed in my mail box a single Hummingbird curtain..  Then I fell asleep and in my dreams I was standing outside.  There was a bush, it was very tall, at least 10 feet.  There was a woman there and it appeared she was thinning out the growth because she had dug part of it up and tossed it off to the side.

I thought I should look and see what kind of bush it was and when I picked it up I saw a card attached  that had a picture of a Hummingbird on it.  When i looked over at her she said, “yes, the Hummingbird loves this bush”

This is my honoring song.  In the old way as we would carve our totems into the wood, we would sing our honoring song.

I’m glad you came
November 27, 2012

My Universe will never be the same, I’m glad you came

♥ Lyrics by The Wanted ♥

found on Facebook, I thought it was so beautiful

portals on an Earthen body, from Life as a Planet
November 25, 2012

It is so weird, the guy who is “extracting” his so-called Book of Trees from me, when I look into the astral field to see what he is doing the picture kind of looks like this picture.  In another dimension I am a life-sustaining Earth.  In that dimension when this guy (the cougar) goes astral and comes and does whatever he does here on my present body, I can look through a portal and see a picture similar to this one..  It is like on the Earths body there are natural power points, energy vortexes that individuals, with or without permission can access and extract information.

However the thing of it is that what a medium is able to transmit is only as pure as the human spirit accessing it.  Those who do not practice purity transmit something other than the pure energy they are plugging into.

So if a person plugs into one of the Earths natural power vortexes and, in their state of not being mindful of being pure, transmits misinformation, then regardless of what they say it is they are still transmitting misinformation…

I know the creed that was given to me in my youth, that all the rules for how to walk through a world that was solid were written on the Earth…  My words in the Book of Trees he says is mine would reflect the way, for example the strongest trees, through their roots will offer nourishment to the trees who need it.  And the trees talk to each other, spanning thousands of miles from one tree to another to reflect our ability to communicate telepathically..

This man who calls himself Piro, he teaches me how it looks to turn the Earths beauty into a design of his own creation in an attempt to manipulate the people…  he teaches me un-conditional love, because there is nothing I can do to stop him..  the only thing I can do is observe when he steps into my light.  I do not have any control over how he interprets it..


a new world
November 21, 2012

It was different, this journey on the other side of the astral boys, lion love and the cougar.  It had become complicated, having them both in her life, watching their reaction upon meeting each other on the astral plane had made her realize how comfortable she had become bouncing between the 2 of them.

Truth was, neither one of them had a long-term destination with her.  Looking back after she made her decision to create the story as only 2 (or 3) ships passing in the night she could see that they were, like portals that one passes through to get to another world..  And this world that she was now in the journey was different and she did not even know where would lead.

There was a song, Hotel California.  The passageway through the 2 astral boys was kind of like that, kept her sucked in, leave one and a portal would open to the other, looping again and again until she realized that she was in a pattern of looping between them.

Once she decided that she was going to leave them both for good she had to move forward with steady determination.  The lion, she did not miss so much.  He was only in her life for a year and a half and spent the whole time coming close and then running away..  but the cougar, she did miss.  They had 8 years of phone chat that she enjoyed, but as it was with every life they shared she always left him because she found him intolerable..   He was in her life when she lived in the Castle.  He wanted her then too, kidnapped her and held her prisoner in his dungeon, offered her what he could of his life even as he held her prisoner.  But she managed to escape..

In the Mohawk life, he wanted to own the love that she could not return so he did the unspeakable, sold their daughter then brought her bloodied clothes and said she had died.  When she did not give him the love that she gave her daughter he had spit in her face and screamed in front of everyone that it was her fault their daughter had died..  So she left him..

In another life they were childhood friends who she would let him have his way with her from time to time.  To her it did not really feel like they were connected a way of love even though they ran around together all the time.  One day another Tribe came to visit and in time one of the boys she was sweet on and talking to asked her for the friendship dance.  This had a strange effect on her lifelong friend, a jealousy arose and he told the prince that he and her were intimate.  After that it got strained between them because he was always sneaking around watching her and when the prince would show up her lifelong friend would make certain he told her he knew that the prince was coming around again.  Then she knew that she was going to leave them both because her life long friend was never going to allow her to be intimately involved with anyone without making his presence known.. as if it was his right to lay claim to her..  He had ruined their friendship by the way he responded.  He had never even acted like they would be mated but ran with many like a horse with his harem.  The intimate moment that they shared was only like that.  He danced around all the girls like he danced around her,  so when he grew interested in someone else and he let them know he had been with her.. well she knew she would never touch Love the way she wanted to touch love with a man, so she left the Tribe and headed for a new world where she would no longer carry the mark as one mare in a mans harem.

And that was where she was now, leaving them both headed out for a new world.  She was pretty sure she had passed the final test that would allow her to leave.  A portal had opened and the lion had appeared.  In the past this would have been her Q to say hello.. and he would have said, “I was just thinking of you” .. but this time she did not say “hello, how are you..”  she just kept her eyes in the direction of heading out to a new world..

It made a strange feeling inside her body feeling the distance come between them not knowing a future in which she was not linked as part of a harem, but opening herself now to the possibility of some love… one on one

November 18, 2012

“The highest state of human love is the unity of one soul in two bodies.”

~Sri Aurobindo

from Life as a Planet
November 15, 2012

I am learning much about how to be a life sustaining planet, especially since my Kundalini awakened and brought me a vibration where I can see happenings differently..

There is this guy who, honestly, in all the lives I am able to look through and see him and I together in, he is quite despicable .  In one life in a castle with him I was held captive by him.  He called me Princess but he had seen me and he wanted me so he had stolen me and I walked around with a chain around my ankle, around my wrist.  Depending on his mood sometimes he would chain me in his dungeon..

In another life I had gone to marry him in order to add the warrior bloodline to the seer bloodline.  I married him to produce his babies..  We had many boys before I finally gave birth to my daughter.  In that life he became jealous of my daughter because he wanted the love I gave her, so he went to a not so noble Shaman and had the Shaman trick my eyes so I could not see what happened.  He sold my daughter for money to the Shaman, bloodied up her clothes, came back to the village saying she had been killed, and blamed me for her death to bring me to humiliation.

Even in this current life he had behaved in a despicable manner.  Right after he met me he saw I had a portal to the Animal Kingdom, decided he wanted it and decided under the guise of feel good he was going to use it for what he deemed as more important then asking permission.

Then basically he said, “I am going to walk with you and you are going to like it.”  I could not explain what happened, why I did not have the power to resist, but in looking through time I had seen such bad Karma between us that I thought I would stay and work through the bad karma our being together created.

In the time that lead to the ending, he had said that he had seen into the future, a book called the Book of Trees that had been written by me and 1000 years into the future they were going to use this book as school lessons to teach the children.  After that he kept trying to force me to write the book in scripture, and I kept trying to explain to him that my whole life is writing, it is a song and that if my writings were found in the future it would be that they would compile bits and pieces into teachings.

But he would not hear me.  So finally he told me that he was going to have to do it himself, that he was going to have to write the book…  I did not really know what he meant..

Then comes this Kundalini rising, and my vibration begins to raise.  Without him knowing what is happening, suddenly he is calling me all the time saying that I am making love to him in the astral world.  I assure him I am not.. and things get even more strange.

He keeps calling me over and over, acting like we are boy friend and girl friend intimately connected..  And I keep telling me, I am busy with someone else right now.  So I begin asking him if he is looking in on my world without permission.. and he keeps calling telling me how great a lover I am being with him.. and I am telling him, “It is not me.”

Finally I start looking over on the astral plane to see what it is that he sees that makes him think I am connecting to him..

I enter in, and I am an Earth.  Upon my body there is a garden, a very magical place..  and without asking permission from me he is sneaking into my magical garden and taking from the essence of me..  From this essence he is writing something he calls the Book of Trees.  But in all honesty his Book of Trees does not resemble me in the least.  (my ‘all the laws for how to walk in balance in world of solid were written on the Earths body’)  No his Book of Trees is a poisoning for the mind of the people to bend them to his will and keep them enslaved..  It does not reflect me at all.  It is like digging gold out of me, melting it down, forming it into wedding rings.. enslaving.. and is not the essence of who I am in purity..  or making a diamond ring, charging by the karot .. enslaving.. the minds and hearts of the people to believe that is a status..

But I am an Earth and and Earth must be life sustaining to all who come to inhabit her .. his.. their body..  so I cannot hold myself in contempt, or judgement..  He is like a miner, making camp outside of one of my caves, mining it…  but the really strange thing is, even though I find it despicable that he turns my gold into rings to sell and my diamonds into a status, thus working to enslave the people..  when he is in garden and I am in the place of my Earthen body, his touch feels sacred….

Being a life sustaining planet requires that we are capable of allowing many different forms of species to co exist upon us..

Activation points Ballerina Dancer, part 2 of 3
November 13, 2012

And it came to pass, that after the Ballerina danced through my life I found myself in a dream:

In the dream I had been placed on the edge of a plowed field by the ones who guide me from within.  I was instructed that I was stand in furrows and leap like a ballerina across every mound until I got to the other side.

But in the dream I thought this was a ridiculous exercise and so I decided not to do it.

Then I turn and I am a runner in a race.  There are many of us and we are squatted down when I hear the words, “It is time.”  With that the gun goes off and we begin running.  There is a hurdle up ahead that I am suppose to leap over, but I didn’t do the exercises that I had been given and so when I tried to leap over the hurdle it falls to the ground and I loose some momentum.

Traveling on I run to the second hurdle and it too falls over when I attempt to jump it.

I get to the 3rd hurdle and it is that same thing.  I realize I am poorly prepared, and by now I am spending a lot of time picking up the hurdles I am knocking down.

Then I hear a voice, it says, “It is not how you run the race, one second you are running, the next second you are there.”

From that time, until the next ballerina event, 10 years passed..

Activation points Ballerina Dancer, part 1 of 3
November 12, 2012

This happened 20 some years ago..

One day she just appeared as I was playing music, a ballerina dancer, standing in miniature off to the side, spinning in sacred swirl, dancing to the music that was playing on the radio.

Once she appeared in my vision it seemed like every time I turned on the radio there she would be spinning and twirling in her ballerina dance to the music as it played on my radio.

She was a miniature ballerina, about the size of a music box dancer.  She fit perfectly everywhere I went, be it dancing on the radio or dancing on the dash of my car.  It was like clock work, every time the music played she would appear and begin to dance.

I do not know how long the passage through time of the time of the ballerina dancer lasted.  Some visions last for 3 months, some for a year, and some transmute from one thing to another..

What I know is the last time I saw her I had gone to the grocery store and she had danced upon my dashboard the whole way there and when I arrived at the grocery store, I could feel her spirit dancing there, just like always as the music played.  My own heart dancing spinning and twirling I went up and down the aisles until at, coming around the corner I saw her at the end of the aisle, full body inside her sacred dance, spinning and twirling..

It was the last time I saw her.


We are on our way
November 11, 2012

I have begun to see, when people are talking, a mist coming from their mouths..  We are gods and goddesses, all of us on a journey back to spirit, back to a world that is not so solid, to a world where time is different than it is here..  On our way there some people will walk in one time while others will walk in a different time (like being in different time zones)  Spending a lifetime seeing through the veil.. being a warrior.. prepares us to travel with boldness into new worlds..

November’s beauty
November 10, 2012