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merging with the birth of a new world
May 31, 2012

The one this morning, I find myself in the swirls of a cave, like in the place where centuries of water sweeping in and sweeping out has left the soft lime like stone to be in the shape of swirls…


My 9 pm one, last night I achieved pulling the energy all the way up and out my head..  was sitting with my eyes closed feeling the energy vibrate out in both directions when I looked over and saw another me looking back..  I was startled for a moment and lost my connection..


then the one this morning again, very slow the movements, til he makes me spin..  then repeats.. again and again…

giving birth to stars and galaxies
May 31, 2012

I am doing it this way because.. gosh you make those moves, so soft and subtle.. (like send me a birthday card.. and call me)  and the next thing I know I turn into a babbling brook and I just can’t shut up..  And that is what you did.  You touched me so gently that suddenly I found myself in the place where I was a babbling brook…  this make the 5th letter you would have received today as I babble in this place….  but you touched me and now I cannot shut up..  artist I am I have to sing, so this way you will only hear if you want to listen.. only if you go to the place of the babbling brook will you hear her song..

I found some words to go with where I am now, in the place where you said you saw me giving birth to stars and galaxies..  I read this:

Stellar Archaeology Traces Milky Way’s History

May 30, 2012: Unfortunately, stars don’t have birth certificates. So, astronomers have a tough time figuring out their ages. Knowing a star’s age is critical for understanding how our Milky Way galaxy built itself up over billions of years from smaller galaxies. But Jason Kalirai of the Space Telescope Science Institute and The Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Astrophysical Sciences, both in Baltimore, Md., has found the next best thing to a star’s birth certificate.

Using a new technique, Kalirai probed the burned-out relics of Sun-like stars, called white dwarfs, in the inner region of our Milky Way galaxy’s halo. The halo is a spherical cloud of stars surrounding our galaxy’s disk. Those stars, his study reveals, are 11.5 billion years old, younger than the first generation of Milky Way stars. They formed more than 2 billion years after the birth of the universe 13.7 billion years ago. Previous age estimates, based on analyzing normal stars in the inner halo, ranged from 10 billion to 14 billion years. Kalirai’s study reinforces the emerging view that our galaxy’s halo is composed of a layer-cake structure that formed in stages over billions of years.

A new one appeared today.  He is very signatured.  very slowly does he penetrate my atmosphere until he sets the wheel to spinning.  Then with his movements he increases the spin until just as I am feeling it in the fabric of my being he withdraws and disappears…  for a time..   then he comes back and does the same thing again…  he did it all morning before I went to work, and showed up again here after I got home from work.  He is very signatured, coming at me in the exact same measures repeatedly, then disappearing….  I wonder what a pulsar is..

lapping waves
May 30, 2012

You have such an effect on me.  I am still on the great ocean drifting away from you, and your words are like the lapping waves, drawing me closer, while another wave bids me to drift farther away from you..
I try to be quiet and not say anything more, just drift away..  and then someone reaches out to say, “He loves you” and softly, like the wave that draws me in I feel this pull upon me, drawing me close, while my journey draws me away as I drift upon the great ocean trying to be the silent wave..

Wild Women
May 25, 2012

Now that we’ve awakened
May 17, 2012

It is time to consider the creation of a balanced government.  We do this by reflecting on how it should be.  As a collective soul, like thoughts join together to create the bigger picture, which is the world we know.

All the rules for how we are suppose to do this have been written upon the Earth.  It is by looking at the Earth, and the governing laws of the solar systems that we are able to create our world to maintain balance.


May 7, 2012

That boy, yesterday, he sure did talk alot..  He would talk and the rain would start falling.. then it would subside..  then he would say something else and rain would start pouring again… he did this many times over..  He dropped lots of beautiful rain on us…  will make my garden grow…  dropped some hail on us.. and a bit of a whirl wind of activity next door..  sent us running..  when really we wanted to stand in the rain and watch him..  oh how he danced and sang and danced and will make our garden grow….

Kind of made her want to ask after him, “”Hey, whats your name?”

Life as a planet
May 7, 2012

To walk the Earth as one who is a life sustaining planet is to have forgiveness that is all encompassing

There are many who come to this planet on their Rite of Passage to study under the Earth what love that is all encompassing looks like.


Years ago I had a dream.  It was a night mare in which I was running away from that which seemed would destroy me if it ever caught me.  I was carrying the memories of my x with me as I was running away from the one who was pursuing me when an Ancient Tree Spirit appeared.  I was so releaved to see her that I ran to her.  She told me that I was interpreting the dream and my whole life wrong, that this world was not about someone trying to kill me.  she told me that I had come to this planet on my cha chee to wah, my Rite of Passage….  She held out her arm that looked like a tree limb and a long path at the same time to show me at the end my world, which was shrouded by a veil..


To walk the Earth as one who is a life sustaining planet is to have forgiveness that is all encompassing

Peony ~Walk in Beauty
May 6, 2012

Last nights Moon
May 6, 2012