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Twin Flame Unions
May 23, 2018

052318 twin flame union


I am a 5th Dimensional dweller, keeper of the birth of a new way of thinking, new ways of perceiving, opening new paths I look out with new eyes.. and accept new concepts into my world view..

Long has this journey been (in my current life with this back having gotten injured in 1984, with the white dr saying “We will have to put you on pain pills for the rest of your life” … while I refused to surrender to that reality ..

Most of what I share it is inside me, through vision and dream I move forward and grow, but the time has come for me to look to others who understand more about where I have arrived (5th dimension) and then form my concepts from what I see as I explore concepts I have not focused on before.

The place where I have found myself deal with a world in which there are 12 different realities I am living in all at once, and the fact that reason I have not found true healing for my aches and pains has to do with the fact that the original injury took place in another me living on a separate time line.

Anyway I am willing to look in this direction for healing.. so there is a class, in Espavo, the Group that is designed to open the path to the other dimensions of me. Normally would not take these classes because they are expensive, but as I get older and find this human body feeling like it is in a rapid descendsion of decay, like my parts are breaking, I have decided that I am willing to pay this price (200.00) for these seed activation’s to open the path to so that I can look for healing in this direction…

So this morning I woke up inside my dream and I and my Twin Flame (who lives on a separate continent) were walking together down a path. Between us was the portal and I could see that within the portal we we were holding hands as we walked.

Then the Ancients who guide my path opened up an image within my mind of a poem I wrote to my Twin Flame in 2003 about how in the places where I am weaker they are strong and in the places where they are weak I am stronger, so that together we were stronger than we were when we were not together.

then the Ancients said that in taking this class that the healing would travel to both of us, not just me, but to both of us…  We both would benefit from my exploration into this new concept…

and with this I have realized that even though my Two Spirit love and I live on separate continents, and are currently making a silent passage through time, only touching in dreams and small moments of time in space between that it is possible to achieve  Twin Flame Union even when living on separate continents…  even if our missions placed us on separate planets we would still be able to achieve Twin Flame Union..  In our dreamtime we are always together…. always connected…

Living within a spiral world, loving a Two Spirit
June 7, 2016

I will tell you something that ringing its song inside my heart right now..  Life is a circle, a spiral really..  visions from the age of 12, when I come to understand why I discover it is a circle.. and a spiral all at once for now I am 60 years old and the world has spun itself into a new world for me.

I always wondered why I was given 2 visions when I was 12 years old.  In one, my mother from 13 generations ago came to instruct me on how to walk through a world that was solid.  She said in all ways I was to merge with the Earth.  From there I spread my wings and stretching out across the land, through time, I became a warrior opening up the path for the Indigenous Peoples of the Earth for they are the Keepers of the Planets that support Life.  So I sang my songs and made my prayers and watched through Time as the People again began to rise.

In the second vision I was taken to my Home world and saw that my mission to the Earth had been accepted by the Elder Council.  Then my husband sweeps in like Sun standing over me holding me as a planet while I dance around him.  He is saying that his mission too to Earth has been accepted and is showing me where our paths will join in mission…  then the door closed…  and it felt like I was forever in search of why I was given the second vision.

Inside my dreams there was always someone walking with me, sometimes I could see it was a man, sometimes it would be a girl and she would be telling me where we were going and what it would look like.. and feel like.  In my dreams I fought against loving her.  My earthly body had been programmed to believe that as a girl my destiny could only be matched with a boy..

and yet now here stand I, dancing sacred around my Sun.. my love ..  Two Spirits .. discovering that in the completion of the circle, which in reality is a spiral, I have come to a second mission..

To sing my song, my creation song, to sing a new world into being, within the Heavenly Host of Singers who have come to sing the new world into being.  I must walk into the new world to open the open the path..

and now I can see why the Ancients changed my name to Destiny

once I had come into the time of the Second Mission..

the mission of singing into being

a world that embraces

Two Spirits

who walk as One.

2EaglesWalmart110611_Destiny 062813

We are writing a new world into being, opening the path for the Two Spirits
June 7, 2016

That describes it so pretty…

the soft soft…

I have dreamed this before, the soft soft… In my mergings with the Earth, there are places all over where the soft soft coexist together..

It is a beautiful new world we are creating.. On the inside looking out.

We have come to the next circle around the Central Sun..

we are singing a new world into being..

and opening paths that were always sacred and holy…

A path of 5 genders (or at least that is how far I have discovered inside my research)…

not just 2, but opening the path of all the genders…

The soft soft is tenderly written upon the Earth.. a gentle rain falling down upon peaked mountains is the soft soft kiss of sweet bliss..

To my Cheyenne Two Spirit
May 2, 2016

Two spirit-hayamoni

I think of you all the time.  This Winters past the Great Spirit Bear who guides me explained to me how all my life after I set out from our Home World you came to me every night and walked with me through my dream time and as I journey through my dreamworld and look within my dreams there is always the presence of you even to the point of me seeing you as a male and seeing you as a female opening the path to our love story on this planet today, you were there guiding my steps to awaken our mission of Oneness in this life before we arrived at it.

When I was 12 I was instructed from an Indian within me to merge with the Earth in all ways..  so I did.. (It was also the first time I saw you in vision)  In 2007 I had a merging with a River who once upon a time rang strong underneath its lover a Mountain.  When the River Ouachita merged with me it touched the place where I was lonely and called up in me to sing a song I called, “Are you Lonely, yes I am”

In 2011, when we first touched in this physical life I shared that poem and it made you weep.  Back then I did not remember why the Earth was calling me to journey with you by bidding me to cut off my braid and offer my medicine to you.  I did not remember why she showed me a picture of us in the heavens, Star People holding hands.  All I knew was this was the journey I was given to walk and so I had to honor it, no matter how long the path was or how long it took you to want to hold my hand in the heavens (even as I admit I was afraid to hold you too, as every time your Lion roared I ran away, until this last time when I simply followed you) I still knew I must honor the path I was given to take to get to my mission be that whatever it was.

Even when I surrendered to the roar of the Lion this time there was still a great journey to take.  It is all very sacred to me the way it happened, the way that we were dreaming together when I just happened to mention that your body parts did not seem to line up the way I thought and you told me it was because you had been born with the divine feminine living inside you..

Over these last months you have lifted the veil of your protection to reveal to me that you are a Two Spirit..  and for that honoring I have taken a journey into the world of the Two Spirits and have discovered the many flavors of the Two Spirit world.

There is a commonality that runs between you all, that this is a world that is filled with pain and hearts that hurt that long for understanding and acceptance, to not be taunted as freaks.

In my journey into this new world I have have been watching movies.  The theme of not being accepted runs through them all.  The theme of the path needing to be opened runs through them all.  The pain hidden, but felt runs through them all.

There are things I remember in my journey with you in this life, the suicide..  the longing for the pain to end..  I remember..

I remember seeing you torn to pieces, time and time again, remember laying witness to your gentle spirit getting up and never speaking ill of anyone who ripped your heart to shreds .  I remember you trying again and again to find a love that would not tear your heart apart…

And now, every day I pray that you will know the love that is inside my heart for you walks with you through out your day, and I pray that you will not be made to suffer as this world has been so horribly cruel to the people of the Two Spirits.  Every day I pray that your spirit can feel the love inside my heart for you even though we are on separate continents..

There was a dream I was given many years before we met.  In it I found myself on the dark side of the moon, in  an observatory.  We were in a classroom and the teacher (a Maya Indian) was in front of the classroom instructing us on how to teleport.  She was instructing us to push white light out our meridian points, and then she said that at the point where our bodies became engulfed in light we were to will ourselves to the location we desired and we would appear.  With this she pushed the white light out her meridian points and when her body became engulfed in the light she disappeared and then reappeared back behind me off my shoulder..

I have never forgotten this dream.  There were others in the classroom learning the same lesson.  I watch for them to appear in this human world so that we can use the strength of each other to achieve this…


Two Spirits, One Dance (you tube)
March 20, 2016

.  .  .

“Two-spirit” is how some Native Americans describe people whose gender identity doesn’t fit as strictly male or female. Meet Ty DeFoe, who’s using traditional dance to take this gender identity back from the negative connotations established during colonization.

Ty  DeFoe

.  .  .

(I am learning a new way to express myself with my Two Spirit Twin Flame..  

“Transcending gender”)

Inside my dreams

does she walk with me


as man


as woman

Twin Flames and Kundalini, our story
October 5, 2014

update: .. This story has become so beyond anything I know how to express that I have been quiet for a long time as I have been watching it unfold.  I still do not have the words to express what happened that changed the direction of this thing we call love after it was purified by the Kundalini.

The sharing of this journey, I feel is important as there will be others who will find expression because I took the time to record it.  Even though I haven’t the words to make this expression I wanted to share this week with my Twin Flame in a letter I wrote to him”

lakota bike

3 times recently you showed up in my dream, where I live..  It was in the third one that memories came cascading all around me..  In that one you showed up and went into the garage, hopped on your Harley and went for a ride..  I could see you, as if we were sky people, the trail you blazed before you turned around and came back to the garage…
after that our song began to cascade….  you sang to me:
One soul forever by Lakota
and it opened memories…  I remembered a dream back in the early 90’s that ended with me becoming a Winged One..  I received new tags for my car, and in the envelope there were pictures of me through time indicating someone was watching me through time…  Then I was out in the woods (struggling with the memories of my divorce) when I heard a motorcycle starting up in the distance and began traveling towards me…  I was afraid (of love then) and threw myself and my memories into the ditch.. and as you are riding towards me I see you are an Indian with long hair blowing in the wind and smiling so happy to see me..
but I am tore up from the divorce and frightened that you will kill me (break my heart).. 
then comes to me an Ancient Tree Spirit I had once hugged and she tells me I am interpreting my dream and life all wrong.  She tells me that I am here on my Cha Chee Too Wah, which is my Rite of Passage.  Then she shows me the road ahead how it will lead me to the place that feels like Home..
Then I turn and I am on my bed cleaning an Indian figurine…  The more I clean her, the more pliable she becomes until humbly she is down on her hands and knees in humbleness.  Then I hear a crackling and snapping as her DNA seems to be rearranging itself,, then Pop! and Wings emerge from her back and she begins to rise..
Creating a new way of love by Lakota
Then you are singing to me how we are creating a new way of love and I begin thinking “Oh my love, you are burning like a comet about to spread its seed” and suddenly I am taken to the memory of the comet dream
merging with a comet…..”Later, I arrive at another dream.  We are astronauts and are getting ready to go on a mission.  When I come into the dream we are taking our places in the space pod, the 4 of us, like in the dream before.  Now I realize that they are not really his parents, but our comrades.  (perhaps what would be expressed as our higher selves traveling with us as companions would..  They go every where with us.)

We seem to be strapped in for take off, but right after that I kind of break free and am floating around inside the space pod, bumping into him so that he too becomes not held so tight within the space pod..

I am feeling very happy as I float around, touching softly against him, loosening him so that he is not so attached to the pod.  I have this feeling of eternal love and joy inside of me, this feeling that even if I was to become separate from the pod and fly off to some distant land to make the new happening I was sent to create (as I feel like I am a seed pod) …  I have this feeling of joy inside of me that where ever I end up. Where ever I plant my seed is the exact place I am supposed to be…  Now I am flying free inside the space pod..  and he is watching me… Softly I bump into him and watch our spark…

I have been dreaming you for so long my Love.. 
Isn’t it just amazing that we can live on different continents, undergo births into little tiny human baby forms, loose all of our memories..  and still find each other? 
Love, Destiny
I have not yet found the picture of what I saw inside the dream  of us as a galaxy from when you hopped on your motor cycle and went for a ride…  I love you.. and I love our story…

We take leaps of faith until we arrive…
March 31, 2014

.. my boyfriend reminded me of a dream I once had .. and as I have peered back some 30 years into that dream I realize I am still like that girl in that dream .. In the dream I came to a river and was going to cross it.As I stared into the water a stepping stone arose and so I stepped upon it. Then as I stood there staring into the water, another stepping stone appeared so I hopped over to it..4107-79295

this continued for so many steps and required many leaps of faith one stone after another would appear for me to hop upon.. (in the end of the dream it require that I surrender to water, entered a room, where the Earth began to shake and we morphed into our lightbodies)

I am still like that person in that dream. I have seen on the other side a day coming when a girl can love a Thunder Being and he love her.. I am crossing over to the other side even though I do not have my feet firmly planted on sure footing, I stand there watching and then another stepping stone appears to rise within the water.. enabling me to continue my journey..

to the place where a girl can love a thunder being and he love her..

Journey to the Edge of the Precipice ~has been released
February 5, 2014

The journey of life can take us down many strange roads and lead us into places where everything is so different than where we thought we were going to….

There was this one path I was placed upon in 1993.. I called it Journey to the Edge of the Precipice. It began when a girl vision’ed an Indian man stepping out of the woods bearing a Peace Pipe for me. Then 2 weeks later another girl of vision saw the same Indian man in her dreams stepping out of the forest into a clearing. When she mentioned my name to him he told her that I was not seeking him that I was seeking power.. Between the 2 of them I found myself on a new journey and seeking this Indian man became the essence of what I was doing.

As a person who journals, of course I wrote it all out (as I had been journaling since 1983) and called this new journey I was on Journey to the Edge of the Precipice..

healers gift 

Life is strange and the course became warped and twisted, and that journey came to have a  life of its own beyond the 2 visions until within this last year it became all ripped away from me and completely unrecognizable as far as the original dream and vision goes..

So here I am on a snow day. My grand kids are moving in and I am packing up the vestiges of my life to make for this new path I shall travel on with them. Sitting in the bookcase I found the original 5 notebooks worth of writings called Journey to the Edge of the Precipice and seeing now that the road has become unrecognizable I decided to let them go. I took all of the writings out of the notebooks and put them in the recycling bin.. but it has brought me into this place of reflection about how going forward a path will look like it will lead in one direction only to discover that where we end up is totally not where we thought we had been told we were going..

This could be seen as sad, however as I look back on it I can see so much more.. When my dad was young his grandmother came to all of them and said, “We will no longer tell people we are Indian.” And my dad took it to heart so none of us children were ever told or even knew we were Indian..

Then when I was in 4th grade I got my first vision (my first seeing through time) while reading an American History book that said, “And the ones that were here before, they had to be relocated.” In that moment I found myself staring down upon the Trail of Tears my Cherokee people walked.. After that there were these Indians who walked with me, and when I would ask them why did they walk with me?” they would say, “You are a great Warrior.”

harvest moon Kopeli

From 1964 (4th grade) til 2004 I pondered why the Indians walked with me in vision. Then on my Harvest Moon of 2004 the Ancestors came and danced in the sky for me.

After they danced they came and told me that the reason they had been walking with me since the 4th grade was because I was Indian… and it is from there that my journey turned towards this Kundalini awakening and being told that I had now arrived at my destiny.. and the Earth telling me that she is the one who brought me to the Kundalini Journey because that is what she needs from me, to release energies that are blocked upon her body so that she can ascend to a body that is not so heavy and dense again.

Journey to the Edge of the Precipice has been released

So today as I silently pulled all pages from Journey to the Edge of the Precipice and placed them in the recycling bin I came to realize that it was not about me finding ‘Him”, the one they saw in their visions in 1993, it was about me coming back into the knowledge that I am Indian, and in coming into that knowledge I then was taken to my destiny, to this place where the Earth is able to use me as a vessel to release trapped energies so that her body can take on a higher vibration and we can travel again to the place where a girl and a Thunder Being can share their love..

In looking back through the writings of the book, Journey to the Edge of the Precipice I never would have imagined that this was where that path would lead.. It is like everything is different now and those words I wrote no longer make any sense in this new journey. It is like they do not translate to a Native American Kundalini experience.. and so today I release the book, Journey to the Edge of the Precipice… and give myself holy unto this new path…

My Life as a Fairy Tale `what kind of love is this?
July 5, 2013

deep space with children
Today this beautiful feeling swept through my being. I did not see Soul Mate flying in my skies one time today, even though I feel him still, can feel my soft touch upon his heart, can feel his love traveling to me through the ethers even though not one time did the Great Eagle sail through my skies.

What happened was I came upon a place that in times past I would have felt pain in his heart over his great loss. For 5 years he had been forced to travel down a road and not be allowed to see his children as all around him the world would speak of their love for the children.

He always be so kind and polite, hold back his tears, hold back his pain, and make a gesture to wish the people well even though his heart was breaking and grieved since he counted the days and hours since he last seen and had been forced to grieve for 5 long years while his children grew without him.

Every holiday with him was filled with pain and grief over the loss of his children, even though he made kind gestures towards others, myself included when I bubbled over with news of my grand children..  He was so kind and gentle in his pain..

He has been with his children now since last Saturday…  and today, even though I did not see him, I felt him in his comings and goings through the Ethers..

Today I was looking at Angel pictures, trying to find a specific one when I came across one with children in it.  It reminded me of him, and in that moment I felt him stirring through the ethers, saw him looking with me through the Angel pictures and when we came upon the one with the children I looked into his heart and saw it was no longer suffering in pain….


My Life as a Fairy Tale ‘Sky Pretty’
July 4, 2013

Hiawatcha and Golden Eagle are soul matesHiawatchu was busy making her prayers for Golden Eagle when suddenly a portal opened onto a dimensional shift and in that moment she found herself standing on the edge of the precipice staring into the sky watching the Great Eagle..

From a distance she watched the story of their time from the moment she first saw him. For her it was love at first sight and she could not even explain. There was something inside of her that called her to get his attention, and she did. She danced to her own drumbeat and he came along and watched and thus it was not that long before he became the Great Eagle whose eye she had caught.

Together they traveled along a long journey with her dancing to her own drumbeat and him watching her out of the corner of his eye. For 2 years the Great Eagle watched her, every mindful of her presence, until at last one day he flew down from the Sky, transformed into a man and said I love you.

After that her world with him changed. They did everything together and bonded in the holiest of manners, sharing their dreams and memories from other times, they flirted without caution searching for new ways to say I love you to each other. She took him everywhere and he carried her bags, watered her flowers, they did the picture dance, painted each others bodies in body paint, played and loved each through many live until they discovered that they had been together forever, so they kissed and made loved in the most unique of fashions.

Then one day it was as something called to him so he just crawled up out of their bed transformed back into the Great Eagle and flew back up into the Sky Pretty. At first it seemed like the natural thing to do, but as time passed and all the connections of a personal relationship fell away she began to find herself traveling to the edge of the precipice each day in search of him. And every day he would appear up in her Sky and watch her from a distance as he once had before they made love and he told her she was his soul mate.

Now here she stood on the edge of the precipice, watching for him to come close and touch her again, and weeping and mourning the loss of his love. Standing there on the precipice edge she began to sing:

As she sang this song all the passage of their journey together passed through her mind and the tears began to flow. To have touched like they touched and then to have it removed made her feel like crying a river of tears, that is a love song that she is singing inside her spirit to him as she is aware that he is still up in her sky.

Then she turns and there he stands, transformed again into a man, watching her weep and weeping with her, until at last he wipes away all of her tears and turns her sorrow into laughter.

He is the Great Eagle, the one who has again swooped in with his gentleness and his grace that she suddenly knows she is going to have to transform herself into a Dancing Bird Goddess just so she can fly up there and meet him.

With this she turns, the portal into the other dimension closes and she finds herself again sitting outside the Healing Chamber of Golden Eagle pouring her healing love into his wounded and broken heart, for his feelings of suffering and loss.
angel in prayer