11:11 our awakening call to rebalance

OMGoodness, I just woke up inside a dream in which I was looking through time and witnessed the establishing of the rule (in this new calendar that we are now writing) … the ruling was to establish that each Nation’s dialect must be honored.. It was like an Olympic event..

As we rise back into our god goddess memories, it is so much more, and so much more.. jobs there are different.. like now, in my present state I would be considered the detangler of knots of energy because of my ability to see through to places where the energy is tangled.. like in the place of big business and governments not taking ownership of their roles and leading the people, with honor, back into a state of balance which is what the next great circle of calendar events is about.. the Master Alarm clock of the 11;11 has been ringing for every person, Nation and establishment since the digital revolution began…

It is time for big business and the government to step into a state of compliance, to work with the reason we created this journey into denser bodies, for myself I wanted to touch a Tree Spirit.. without passing through (I am a natural born Tree Hugger).. for each had their own calling because they wanted to participate in our endeavor, like some, who danced in the place of the great cat running, wanted to experience a love of cats without passing through because we were energy beings..

for many reasons we came together to create this world of solid, and now we have vibrated as slow and as low and as heavy as we were going to go before rising again back into a higher vibration which is what this next circle is about… rising again…

the 11:11 alarm has been resounding for all to awaken and remember…. how we each wanted to reach out and touch each other.. without passing through.. sacred journey’s we have traveled to…

It is time for big business and governments alike to lead the people back into a state of balance…

110118 circle of we



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