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Kundalini update ~relationship effects on continued rising
January 30, 2014

I have to wonder what effect relationships play upon our Kundalini. Now that my Kundalini has risen to my heart charkra it calls me to a higher love.

It was a week and a half ago that a thing happened for which I normally would take it as my cue to turn my energy somewhere else when I heard Rick say, “you are doing it again. I feel you leaving me and I don’t want you to go now that I just got you back.”

At first I thought I turned my energy back towards him, but in reality I continued moving my energy away from him.. 2 other things after that rubbed against me poorly and then I got to last weekend and I came down sick.. and still he wanted to dance and play and ignore the fact that I was saying I am sick.. and so.. well I can be a bit like a cat who will let you go so far but then too far is too far and then the cat just reaches out and claws ya… so it was like that.. and ultimately I hurt his feelings… so after the 5th day of just not feeling in my spirit that I wanted to speak with him I wrote the piece I wrote yesterday and somehow in writing the piece I began to reflect on what it feels like to have his spirit sleep with me… and the energy began to turn…

and then I was over at FB seeing what he was reflecting on his page and he had this picture up… rather convincing and it touched softly so I replied, “Rather convincing” Then I went and PS’d my writing from yesterday.. thinking of how it feels when he lays with me.

Then I went to work and before l began to feel a stirring in my heart chakra.. It was a very pretty opening heart chakra night-light flower gardenrunning the fill width of my chest and had the appearance of many flowers spinning with lights shining and pouring out of them..

Later he came on and replied to my “rather convincing” comment, “Yes its from a verse i wrote some two years ago to a lightworker name Celeste LOL” .. so no wonder my heart felt soft over the picture he put of.. since he wrote that for me when and Ancient Merlins were calling me Celeste…

This Kundalini journey, and all of it happenings, I have to wonder if the Kundalini in my heart chakra spinning like it did yesterday is because I achieved a higher love…

short term love affairs on long walked journies
January 29, 2014

I think I am ending it with Rick.. It began a little while back, something, a gesture he made and the next thing I know I feel myself being propelled away from him and as I listen to him say, “you are doing it again, you are leaving me. I don’t want you to keep leaving me like this.” I try to tell him that I don’t want to leave him again.. but my heart it just keeps traveling in a different direction and before I know it I reach the point where I am just kind of feeling like I don’t want to talk with him anymore.. That is where I have been since last weekend.

Navajo Trail of Tears

There is something about the Trail of Tears he says that haunts us, that has to do with my always leaving him. This time he sent me the link above with this picture which he captioned “for healing”holds me in my sleep

The problem is:  I don’t remember what happened between us there and every time I try to get him to share it with me so that my memories can be restored he always says, “It’s too painful.”  .. and then I just leave ..

That is where I am now, stuck between turning and walking away in disgust and holding on to the memory of what it feels like when he holds me as I sleep….


PS… it is the way he holds me when I sleep, that is one of the strong points over why I keep trying to find my way back to him, no matter how many times I leave, when the dust settles and I am alone in my bed I always find myself searching for the gentle feel of him holding me.

It is as if in our waking hours I can feel the tug of an Indian life we shared, and me a strong willed girl with him a strong willed man struggling through the sense of betrayals, struggling through all the pain inside the journey until the night comes and there he is holding me so sofgesturetly..

Anyway I seem to be in my dream time, in the time of my bear medicine. I seem to need the clatter to slow down so I can sit with the Ancient Council, the ones who guide my journey and receive my next set of instructions..

I think part of the problem with Rick is that as we draw closer my telepathy picks up and I begin to hear what he says inside his head and it winds up becoming more than I can process.. and here I am in my sleepy time, in the time of the Bear Medicine, needing the restpid of a quiet mind, but listening to too much clatter.

I sent him this after I wrote this piece.. I do not actually know that he will still be around when I awaken..

Rainbow Love… an honoring song
January 27, 2014

raianbow revolution

Oh this is priceless…  it is the story of a 64 year old man and a set of old broken down stairs that he decided to paint in rainbow colors…  once the city saw what he had done, after dark one night they sent in the city workers to paint them back gray…. and started a revolution..  of honoring…



Time Weaver, dance for me, sing to me our memories
January 20, 2014

I will probably be not so active here this year. My grandkids are moving here and we are beginning a new adventure…  Most of my time here is spent being a weaver.. The sharing of the Kundalini is a weaving for my people, Indigenous ones who can relate to the fact that our prophecies speak of time that is coming when the balance will be restored and again we will with softer feet upon the happy hunting grounds, and “as it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end.”  The sharing of the Kundalini journey is a weaving for raising the vibration of the Earth as that is what she told me needs to happen to release energies are stuck upon her/his body so that they can be transformed anew..



Another part of my weavings involves looking through time, looking through the collective soul, trying to share what I see..  For example, there was a great sadness that came upon a friend of mine at work.  It involved on of her granddaughters passing at the hand of an abuser and it just happened last week..  I have another long time Indian friend was also looking into the ‘other worlds’ and said something about her being recycled into the same family in about 80 years.. and that thought set me upon a journey. 


the truth is, when I was 12 I was staring into the face of a flower when a most beautiful and graceful Indian woman appeared and took me on a journey of learning.  She is the one who taught me how to merge with the Earth.  She is the one who told me that all the rules for how to walk in balance had been written on the Earth.  She was my guide in vision until just before my 30th year..


Somewhere in my 20’s I had a dream that my grandmother came into my rest area and wrapped around me her cloak.  From there she held out her hand and as if looking into a magic ball that played like a TV I saw my dad holding me as a baby, then her holding my dad,  then her dad holding her, then his mom holding him, and her dad holding her, and by taking these footsteps backwards through time I was taken back to a life, some thirteen generations in which I was a baby being held by my mother.  And this mother was the one who had, in my current life, been guiding me since the age of 12.


As I travel through my current life with this knowledge I have many times thought of how we recycle through the same blood lines over and over, and what the advantages are of doing this.  Back in my life 13 generations ago my father was a seer also (so I carry that within me) and my mother was a rainbow woman, so gently and graceful she that when she walked across the Earth little bitty rainbow people danced at her feet..  In that life my father saw through time the devastation that was coming to our people (this time of backward thinking when the rules people follow are chaotic and destructive to the Earth who feeds and clothes us)   So he bid me to marry a Mohawk Warrior that so that we would add the Warrior bloodline to the Seer/Rainbow woman bloodline..


I did as he asked..  and then recycled back into the same blood line in this life, as a gentle spirit and also as a Seer Warrior (Lightworker)


I have also thought about some of the people who hold especially painful memories of the Trail of Tears, in terms of how we recycle into the same blood line over and over..  I think of how the ones who are so bitter as having the worst things happen to them while walking the Trail of Tears, and how it seems this life reflects the pain they felt in that life..


As a Time Weaver whose ultimate weaving is to restore the Earth to a higher vibration (so that again the day comes when a woman can fall in love with a Thunder Being, and visa versa)  I purposely try to weave with my words in such a fashion that others might touch distant memories, and by touching them they will vibrate a little bit higher too..


This is what I will not have so much time for this year.  My grandbabies will be making their transition to this town by moving in with me..  Right now it is scheduled for the weekend of February 22 and I am busy with the preparations.. but not all the way gone yet…. the voices of their laughter and love will soon fill my life and my Time Weavings may slow down while I take this journey… just thought I would let you know that in just a little while I may disappear for the most part… 


However, right now I have other Kundalini piece on my mind as I have been thinking there were actually signs in my youth that I was headed for a Kundalini Awakening…  so I will try to share that shortly…


Love and Laughter, Destiny dela’Cee


We dance inside so many names..


I have been a Destiny..  a Celeste..  a Earthen Girl Native Rainbow Star..  a Lolita..  the list goes on and on..  now Rick has added the dela’Cee….  I find it interesting the parallel between how close Destiny sounds to dela’Cee…  I do not always understand all of what Rick is saying as sometimes he is speaking another language and I am just trying to look through the words to see what pictures I see, but he said something about dela’Cee being my Star name and that he could not tell me my Star name before, not until I arrived at Destiny..  He says that dela’Cee means, “look out there is a platform, and upon the platform is a star.  She is the Star upon the platform..

 dela Cee

Any way… I have these memories from my Home world that I have held sacred since I was 12.. have watched over the years as they have grown, like a collage, every time a new memory is added I add to it….   It seems his adding this name dela’Cee adds to my picture of my Home World…

dela`Cee Destiny and her Kundalini
January 14, 2014

Rick keeps calling me dela’Cee.  He keeps pointing to a platform, and saying its meaning is the Star upon the platform….  I haven’t been able to see a picture of  it yet so I can try to find one to put with it, but when he is talking to me I keep hearing him say dela’Cee…  As long as I can remember I have been telepathic, or hear people talking and talk back to them only for them to say, “I didn’t say that out loud” … so I don’t know if he is saying it in his head or out loud as we are talking on the phone.. but he said it fits me dela’Cee Destiny (so I have gotten his energy moved to call me Destiny now as he kept calling me Celeste in the beginning of my going back to him.. )

My Celeste name has another meaning than my Destiny name..  As a light worker who is a part of the ones who travel to distant planets to correct the energies that have become fragmented and broken they call me Celeste because my song has the power to travel through the dimensions to reach them.  In reality the Celeste missions are the hardest because they require traveling into the core of belief systems so I can see what is going on and report back..  It is like traveling deep into insanity and crying out in pain, for yourself and and for the others you see..  Inside that place, the tears are for the healing..  but the Celeste song that has the power to reach my home world is birthed and strengthened through immense pain.. like walking with someone who has cancer and feeling it so deep, and then crying out to the high heavens in song that this is what is happening on this planet now..  Same with those who have been raped and beaten, crying out and singing a song how innocence is being stolen by those who had their innocence stolen from them, crying out how it is a long chain through time..  Those songs are songs of Celeste…  

But now that I have arrived at my Kundalini they say I have arrived at my Destiny, and so they changed my name to Destiny… I like how Rick is calling me dela’Cee Destiny…  or Destiny dela’Cee Deering

Yesterday my Kundalini was spinning hard..  it kind of makes me wonder if there are parallels in the Kundalini journey, if it becomes stronger under the influence of certain men..

In my journey with Rick this time, there was this moment when he was telling me how he had been given 4 soul mates, which he then described to me with me as one of them..  I kind of understood that because in this Kundalini journey I have been touched by 3 Lakotas’..  The 3rd one I never mention because he came to activate the kundalini in my first chakra, after Rick had activated it in my heart (for which I still have not told that story)  Anyway the second Soul Mate, he was a Lakota Sioux Indian, went by Red Thunder.  He brought great visions into my head that tied with visions I had in my youth, of a dream in which an Ancient Tree Spirit spoke to me of my Rite of Passage and that when I arrived at my destiny I would feel like I was Home.  Luta Wakina was the one who took me into the purification chamber for the activation of the Kundalini in my first chakra.. and it seems the my Lakota whose recent journey passed across mine, it seems like his influence on my tummy chakra.

Yesterday, with my Kundalini spinning so hard after Rick and I totally re-merged last weekend..  I have to wonder how much influence the right male energy has on my Kundalini spinning..


I will watch through time and see…  

(I have to wonder if the platform Rick is talking about is a cloud in which a star is shining through)

I think I will make a picture for him of a star above a platform of clouds (like the one above..  with a ballerina dancing next to a Thunder Being..  kisses…  Rick is a Lakota Indian..  The Lakota are the Thunder Tribe..

I was given a clean piece of paper and told to paint my next journey
January 13, 2014

I gotta love like you won’t believe…  Rick has been googoo eyes over me since we met on the Manataka forum in 2004..  I have fought against him trying to ensure that he was not going to break my heart, so to speak (now that I think of it)…  I walked away from him so many times, and every time I went back he would open his arms and take me back..  Sometimes he would be mad at me when I would reappear and I would just have stand there until he finished venting…  and then the next thing you know he would be holding me softly in his astral arms..cradled in your arms

He is a seer too…  One morning I was feeling light as a cloud laying next to him and he noticed and said, “Ohh you have become a cloud, I am going to have to lift you up and move you over so I can get up…  I did this picture of what I felt like laying next to him…

I dance for youAnd another morning when I called him he was like, ” I dreamed I saw you dancing with the Thunder Beings.. and knew it was you…  so I made this pic.. even though what I saw was more like me dancing with them in the Grand Canyon…

I have been moving his energy to my Destiny name..  Yesterday morning he called me Destiny dela`Cee…

It has been a strange journey, all these years with Rick, me leaving, me coming back, him with stars dancing in his eyes, always taking me back…  I finally realized, “He is never going to break my heart” and have given my love to him..    

…here is the song I gave him…

and here is the song he gave me

The Dream Portal.. its uses and functions
January 9, 2014

The dream world is a portal.  It is what we use, for example, if you came here from another planet on a mission to the Earth, then one of the passages the Elder Council can use to ensure a successful mission is to enter through your dream portal and guide you.  Entering into a human body to preform a mission can prove to be a difficult task because we have to enter through the human birth canal and loose our memories.  When we loose our memories we also loose the knowledge of what we came to do.  There are many who came here from other worlds to assist the Earth as she/he/the 2 who walk as One have chose to ascend back up to a higher vibration.  So the dream portal is used to guide us in the right directions so that we can perform the mission we volunteered for..  In our Indian prophecies it speaks of traveling back to the Happy Hunting Grounds.  There are many from other worlds who volunteered to come assist at this time, to raise the vibration that will enable the Happy Hunting Grounds to remanifest anew..  The Dream world portal is used to help keep us on track where the Councils can come visit us and guide us through the next stages, point us where to go next etc.  That is one of the uses for the Dream world.

Radiant Orchid Color of the year 2014
January 7, 2014

Radiant Orchid Color of the year 2014.


I love this…  It reminds me of the Iris dance that I adore…

to the flowers that dance,

and to the people who see the dance of the flowers…  

I salute you



2014 ~ Year of the Unicorn
January 3, 2014

I feel as though I have been set free, as if the calendar turned to a new clean page that has yet to be drawn upon..

2014 year of the Unicorn

And as I look back on it I am discovering that I needed 2013 to be over…  my mind feels like it has been set free from everything that was holding me hostage.. 

The Kundalini journey can take you down unexpected routes to set you free.. and that is where I am now…  It is like the calendar turned over to something new and I have been handed a clean piece of paper to write something new…

Happy New Year everyone…  

I hope your slate has been wiped clean too..

It is feeling kind of amazing

sitting here with this empty piece of paper

ready to draw something new

Apparently Christmas this year was designed to give myself…  and some others I noticed too,  a new perspective..

it was at that moment that I saw in the mirror

2 happenings


and yet the same..

Then the clock struck 12

The calendar changed to a new year

The Unicorn showed up


I found I had been set free

by the mirror that reflected

the mirror.