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A Higher View, from the book “Life as a Planet”
February 19, 2015

Many times my visions are more like portals that I can, at any time look through.  They are stories that I can see that my knowledge of progresses through time..

One of them involves ‘forgiveness’ on my home world.  it was not like it is here.  On my home world when one of the inhabitants of the planet does something to strike out against a member of our Tribe, forgiveness is that we go merge with that inhabitant (for example the snake) so we take on the form of a snake and go live in the snake community until we understand (for example) that by walking between a snake and her babies she will strike out at you.  And this deep understanding is what we call forgiveness.

Further down through time, (in my early 30’s) I see marauders galloping towards us.  I see all of our Indian Village in our passage through the sky.  And I see the surrounding Tribes in their passage through the sky as different Villages.

I see the marauders tearing through the Villages, galloping towards us until at last one of them penetrates my atmosphere and I become pregnant with his child..

Further down through time, in 2003, I am about to give birth to his child.  I am still young and he has grown old, is on his death bed and his embers are burning out.

I am staring, with slight resentment at an old wound he left upon my arm, rubbing it.  Then upon the light of the moon, my mother flapping her wings as she settles into human form comes to me and says, “It is now time to do the Healing Remnants of Past Wounds Ceremony”

With this I am taken into vision that last 3 months, walking through my human body, and watching the Ceremony take place there in that world until at last I find myself in the pains of giving birth and feeling a great rift coming between 2 sisters I scream out in pain.

2 moons dream 1Then my mother, and my grandmother are between my legs with my grandmother slightly off to the side.  She is peering down intently upon the Grand Canyon that is forming through this rift…  Then she sort of laughs and says, “Oh it is a stretch mark, and only a teeny one at that”

With that I am seeing through her eyes a little teeny 1 inch stretch mark has formed upon my pregnant tummy..  And upon realizing that we could see through each others eyes, I was taken back to the place of a dream in which my human body was dreaming a man was chasing her and trying to kill her.  Then an ancient tree spirit appeared in the dream and said “you are interpreting your whole life wrong.  This is not about someone is trying to kill you.  This journey is your Cha Chee To Wah, your Rite of Passage.  Then she showed my human self the road ahead, and the road lead me to a place that was covered in star dust, covered by a veil that was guarded so only those allowed were admitted…

and as I am laying there, about to give birth to a new world, looking through my Grandmothers eyes I realize that we are a planet with our Star and moons and other planets we are a Village, a Tribe…  and the surrounding Villages that I could see so clearly as different Tribes.. they are like us with their Suns and moons and circle of planets

Earthen destiny