Kundalini, Black Holes.. and Twin Flames

kundalini black hole 06At a very young age I was instructed that all the rules were written on the Earths body.  SAMSUNGThose are the rules I have followed since then.  But now that I have come full fledge into this Kundalini Journey, the rules have expanded.  I have been a seer since 4th grade.  When my Kundalini is spinning I can see it, and they look like galaxies spinning, so I have now begun to look at what the Astronomers are seeing in the Universe as we are experiencing it.

Last summer, one of the entities that I came across during an especially hard and painful Kundalini spinning identified himself as one who is a kundalini black hole 03creator of Super Nova’s.  When that round was happening I about had to keep a soothing stone between my legs because of the feeling of the fire.  It was also at that time that I had to get away from all men in general, including my Twin Flame, who at the time I did not know kundalini galaxies 01he was my Twin flame, I only know that I had to leave and I did not know if I would see him again.  I literally felt like a combustible engine in which the Super Nova maker was the fuel that was added to my engine that made it a combustible engine.  I felt like I had to go far far away and I did not know if I would ever see my Rainbow Twin Flame again.

Last weekend I experienced one that had the appearance of a black hole.  It wasn’t that it hurt so much (even though it was pushing hard through me) as what I saw while it was happening.  I watched as one of the galaxies in my tummy was pulled into it and thought, “Wow I think this one is a Black hole.  And as  a person who takes her instructions from the natural order I decided to research some about Black Holes and their function.  I found these words:


…   “Think of the black hole as the eye of the cosmic hurricane, kept rotating by all the stars, gas and other black holes that fall into it.  As this matter flows in it forms a spinning donut like feature called an ecretion disk which works like a dynamo. the  spinning motion of the disk generates magnetic fields that twist around and channel some of the inflowing matter out into a pair of high energy beams or jets.  How much energy depends on the black holes gravity and how much matter has already crashed through the event horizon.   Is this just another frightening spectacle of nature or is it part of a more profound process at work?  The largest black holes in the universe probably rose between 10 and  12 billion years ago, the Age of the Quasar.  By releasing energy in the form of jets they heated up their surrounding regions.  this prevented gas from collapsing into the central galaxy and allowed smaller galaxies on the peripheral to form and grow.  But the impact of the black holes did not stop there….  They have immense hot cavities, as well as a jet blasting out of its central galaxy.  Gas along the edge of the jet contains high levels of iron and other metals, probably generated by a supernova explosion in the center.  By pushing these metals into regions beyond, a black hole seeds more distance galaxies with the elements needed to form stars and solar systems like ours.  The black holes in these galaxies then seeded their own environments, making them the master architects of their time.”



I find it interesting to note on the fact of last summers Super Nova Kundalini encounter.  Before I blasted off like a rocket ship, I had jealousy issues (that I have had every since came into boy girl relationships), but in the transformation that followed jealousy was transformed into complete and total unconditional love for him..

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