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FW: Whale Meditation Technique
December 30, 2011

Hello from my heart, everyone, this is Barbara Wolf.
Global Meditations Network.

After I sent a newsletter yesterday to you about the need
to help the whales, 900 of whom are in danger of being
killed by a Japanese whaling fleet for purposes of research,
I received an email from one of you, Darlene, who said,
“I would like to facilitate a meditation with my group
and the whales.  What would be your suggestion in doing so?”

Here is my answer:

Hi Darlene,

If you can, print whale photos from the Internet.  Place them where you will
be meditating so everyone can see them.  Concentrate on these photos
and talk about the whales for a few minutes.  This allows your group to
‘soak in’ the vibrations of the whales you are trying to help. It puts you and them
on the same ‘wavelength’.

The whales will know you are thinking about them and they will be pleased.

You can download  free The Divine Love Music,,
from the Internet, or, you can have it playing on the Internet while you are meditating
on the whales.  This music puts everyone in a good frame of mind for the meditation
because it is full of peace and love.

Remember, the whales have a consciousness that can understand what you are doing.

Interesting, on the news last night, the newscaster said gray whales have appeared
off the California coast. Good!  We humans are trying to help them!

This morning, when I turned on my computer, an email was waiting for me from
one of you, a woman who has translated my whale message into Russian and then
she sent it all over the place. Good!

A message has been sent to President Obama and his wife about efforts
being made to stop the intentions of the Japanese whaling fleet.

It will take much effort to change the minds of the fleet, but we have to try.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


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