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Now that you’ve discovered the joys of Kundalini, what do you plan to do with the energy?
May 5, 2013

The most important thing I have ever done in my life h
as been to allow the Earth to lead me to my destiny…
In my youth, I would be driving down the road and she would say,
“Take this exit”
I would fuss with her, not take the exit, and ask her why.
She would say, “I want to see if you can follow my instructions” ..
but I was resistant and would ignore her,
or argumentative and tell her I did not want to..
She was quite obvious
in telling me she wanted me
to follow her instructions. 
Finally after being torn apart while giving my love to a junkie,
I surrendered to her unusual path,
followed every instruction she gave me,
sang the songs she asked me to sing in the places she told me to go,
…until at last she told me to
cut off my braid for a man
and told me to send it to him,
so I did the crazy dance in front of him she told me to do, ..
and discovered she lead me to my destiny..
and then he,
who turned out to be my Twin Flame said,
“I love you” ….. 
now we are back in the kitchen cooking up what you may not believe,
and manifesting easily and seamlessly.. 
and we may need to write a book called,  
Now that you have discovered the joys of the Kundalini spinning,
what do you plan to use the energy to manifest?”
It is a magical world,
and the Earth longs again to not be held down by such a solid body,
him and her,
the 2 who walk as One,
long again to see the Unicorns running free,
and to feel the Winged Lion light softly upon the Earth…
 We have been locked into this dense creation for far too long..
it is time to see through the veil to the magic that is our heritage
Winged Lion