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Kundalini update
September 1, 2014

today I am contemplating Kundalini and the Twin Flame Journey… for those who know him I am back with Lakota who I do believe is my Twin Flame (despite the fact that I renounced that earlier and for all appearances walked away from my Twin Flame journey.) … anyway, as a person who see’s those who have already passed, Lakota’s sister showed up and kept fluttering around me.. In the beginning I didn’t think anything about someone showing up as I didn’t recognize her at first, but then one day I was cutting through a parking lot that I used to go to with him and she showed up and reminded me of our (his and mine) reminded me of the book I wrote him from 1981-1983, that I had printed off and sent to him before I knew that I was full fledged into my Kundalini journey.. anyway after that when she would show up I would recognize her, so finally I reached out to him and told him thatdestiny and lakota his sister said hi… a few weeks later he called and said he would like to rekindle the fire.. so he did rekindle the fire within me for him..

and in doing so I find that within my Kundalini I have achieved a higher love.. it is a different kind of love that I am now held within.. I can now so clearly see that part of the journey was needed within the Kundalini journey.. for myself there was a past love that I needed to make a journey with as it was he the Earth used to activate my Kundalini on the day he turned and sang a song to the Thunder Beings and love poured out of my heart for him.. and yet 4 years later when the opportunity presented itself to me to hold him as a boyfriend, I turned and discovered that in love with him I felt like I was suffocating…

within the realization that I needed to take that journey, I also realized that Lakota needed to take the journey he took..

On my Kundalini journey I am now up to my throat chakra.. I had a dream that I was over at Lakota’s and as I sat there with my Kundalini spinning and dancing I saw myself arriving at the day when I became completely lit.. and in that moment I knew that I was seeing into the future .. and I also realized that as I have more chakra’s to pass through … and who knows, maybe each one will have a ‘test’ that we have to pass through… maybe we will have moments again when we have to take separate journeys…

and its like I know in my heart, when the time to move back into his energy approaches his sister will come and lead me back to him.. no worries..

It has been a completely remarkable journey traveling with him from the root chakra, to the place where I am now at my throat chakra, 4 years later… my dreams say that when I get to the light of the crown chakra, there too my Twin Flame will be.. no worries…