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Giants in a world of little people
June 19, 2016

I feel so small beneath you
My feet reaching through the soil
To touch youYour song


and takes back through time, back to the place where once you hovered in the great expanse.  Even there in your rainbow pulsing energy you looked like the beings we came to know as Trees inside our human shells.
You are beautiful and magnificent.  I feel so small beneath you..  and yet … protected by you
smal beneith you

I have loved you for forever ~Egyptian Twin Flames dream
February 23, 2016

I dreamed you for years before we met in this life.

I knew our Sanctuary well

Traveled there so many times

that I wrote it in a book to you (91-93)

and called it The Prayer.

(even though I only met you in our current life in 2011)

In the beginning of the dream every time I came to the Sanctuary I would see myself standing at one end of a massive long stone building that stood not far from the River Nile.

Between us was a row of trees that we would have to travel through to get down to the river, where we would teach the children by speaking to them in verse.

Time passed and it came time for me to graduation.  The front of my hair was shaved off in preparation for my graduation, and inlaid into my forehead was a Golden Sun

More time passed, we continued to go down to the River to teach the Children

by speaking to them in sacred verse

We could hear their sweet laughter as they played all around us

splashing in the water

as we continued to speak by verse..

On the day of my graduation I was taken down the Long Hall

and found myself standing at a doorway

that led down into some lower rooms

which I entered into by the kitchen

which was a small and cozy room

reminded me of a french restaurant

with their table for 2 and an open bar on the end that had some bar stools

The kitchen opened up and led into the Music Room

and Wow, what  Music Room!

It had a Center Stage

for others to come play their music.

Looking through time

I could see bands,

yours and guests

getting up on the stage and playing their music

in a room that was acoustically sound

and perfectly balanced

so that every note could be experienced

as a song within itself.

Behind Center Stage

there was a massive Pipe Organ

where you would sit and play your music for me

Off to the other side

a stairway, with no railing

that led up to our bedroom

which appeared to be up above the music room.

Back in the kitchen, there were some sliding doors

that lead out onto a huge stone porch.

I knew this space to be mine because hanging

from the awning

was one of my rainbow catchers.

There were a few steps

That led down to a small private garden

next to a small creek.

When I first arrived here the garden was in disarray, so I knew I should occupy my time by planting some flowers there.  So I did.

Down closer to the creek, there lay a Sleeping Dragon.

For the outside observer

it would have looked like a bush

growing in the shape of a dragon

that was curled up and sleeping

But for me the Dragon was alive and watched over me as I worked in our Garden..

The Dragon would never really speak to me

sometimes, as I worked I would catch the Dragon

watching me.

One day I was trying to figure out if I should plant another bush in the Garden

you know, because I was a girl and her Dragon.

so I thought another bush could represent me

but my Dragon, she just grunted her disapproval

saying softly, “I do not like it there”

so I took the bush back out of our Garden.

Another time

after I had worked and worked

to create my masterpiece

of Flowers growing,

I was knelt down and

working the soil around

yet another flower

I was planting

when my Dragon

raised its head

and told me that it very much enjoyed

watching me make

my Garden grow..

. . . . . . . .

Enter 2016 We find me, a girl, born with her Moon in Leo, engaged in a never ending love story with her Twin Rainbow Flame who was born in the sign of Leo… In the year of the Dragon

and you Lakota, Leo, Born in the year of the Dragon

Whales alive

You sit in Music Room

and Play your Music

While I work in the Garden

planting flowers

watching you as you play your music.

There is something about Twin Flames

that speaks to us through time.

Time has no boundaries

in the Twin Flame journey

but intertwines

one over the other

and Dances.

Destiny’s garden song
August 26, 2013

When I feel your spirit touch mine..

I am awed

I want to sing songs of joyous exaltations

tell you how much I love you

and how honored I feel

at your spirit touch upon my life

softly caressing my body

as I step past you,

standing there looking so gallantly at me

I feel you

Touching my spirit body

touching my heart

I feel loved

by you

xxoxx august 24 2013

In the quiet places, where love speaks, I hear your whispers.. I feel your touch

the Hummingbirds have arrived
August 5, 2013


I don’t have any pictures yet, but last night my neighbor came over and told me that the hummingbirds had arrived..

so we had to redo the bed, put the hummingbird feeder where I can watch them while I am working on my computer…

They were pulling up their giant sunflowers so I propped them up next to the window where I work on the computer…

She said that the little yellow finches are showing up too..

another bird they described as a tiny blue and yellow bird…

I feel as though I have made a bird cage with no bars..

and every day I delight in their dance..


Morning Love ~in the Garden
August 1, 2013

morning love in the garden

sacred spirits in the garden
July 31, 2013

Tis the beauty season. I am loving my bench facing the flowers.

sacred spirit b

sacred spirit 02sacred spirit 03

sacred spirit 04

I am working on a piece for my love, out collecting half moon coming rising over the ocean pictures…

Making Sacred Space
July 29, 2013

for the bush 01I got a new bush. Where I live I am not allowed to plant bushes or trees into the ground.. but I love their presence in my life so much that in order to have them close to me I put them in pots.. and talk to them a lot as they can be quite upset thinking their journey was back into the Earth.. so I sing to them and talk to them a lot.

for the bush 03

I got this bush for the Bird Tribe for them to play amongst.. I wanted it in front of my computer window so that I can watch them light upon the limbs. I had rearrange the flower bed yesterday to accommodate the love dancing bush.. she will look so lovely in the spring when she blooms.


I am not finished yet, now I have to redo the stones… but did a lot of work yesterday.. and I am feeling pleased with the new look..

for the bush 02

Come to my window
July 28, 2013

come to my window 02

My $4.00 bush I found yesterday for the Bird Tribe….

In the center is the $2.00 tree.

It is hard to say no when they are on sale..

come to my window 06 Prunus%20glandulosa%20RoseaThis is a picture of what its lovely flowers will look like next spring when it blooms… come to my window 01

Today’s pic
July 27, 2013

todays pic

.. in the garden with the Pudding camera ..
July 25, 2013

this camera is an application on my phone… thought I would take some pictures with it today

<<<<<<<<<<<<   xxoxx    >>>>>>>>>>>

This tree is so happy I feel like a mom that needs tm measure its growth every day..  this tree smiles at me

today with the pudding camera 01

My Elephant Ears look like 2 hearts on my path..

today with the pudding camera 02

..what lovelies.. they were not happy in the place I put the, but here

they sing

today with the pudding camera 03

well, WOW me then, surprising me like that

today with the pudding camera 04They have a lot of personality..  are like a slow moving grace

passing through my space

today with the pudding camera 05

This one just stands by my door…

it is a quiet one

but when I look upon it

it shines a light upon my path

today with the pudding camera 06