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A Higher View, from the book “Life as a Planet”
February 19, 2015

Many times my visions are more like portals that I can, at any time look through.  They are stories that I can see that my knowledge of progresses through time..

One of them involves ‘forgiveness’ on my home world.  it was not like it is here.  On my home world when one of the inhabitants of the planet does something to strike out against a member of our Tribe, forgiveness is that we go merge with that inhabitant (for example the snake) so we take on the form of a snake and go live in the snake community until we understand (for example) that by walking between a snake and her babies she will strike out at you.  And this deep understanding is what we call forgiveness.

Further down through time, (in my early 30’s) I see marauders galloping towards us.  I see all of our Indian Village in our passage through the sky.  And I see the surrounding Tribes in their passage through the sky as different Villages.

I see the marauders tearing through the Villages, galloping towards us until at last one of them penetrates my atmosphere and I become pregnant with his child..

Further down through time, in 2003, I am about to give birth to his child.  I am still young and he has grown old, is on his death bed and his embers are burning out.

I am staring, with slight resentment at an old wound he left upon my arm, rubbing it.  Then upon the light of the moon, my mother flapping her wings as she settles into human form comes to me and says, “It is now time to do the Healing Remnants of Past Wounds Ceremony”

With this I am taken into vision that last 3 months, walking through my human body, and watching the Ceremony take place there in that world until at last I find myself in the pains of giving birth and feeling a great rift coming between 2 sisters I scream out in pain.

2 moons dream 1Then my mother, and my grandmother are between my legs with my grandmother slightly off to the side.  She is peering down intently upon the Grand Canyon that is forming through this rift…  Then she sort of laughs and says, “Oh it is a stretch mark, and only a teeny one at that”

With that I am seeing through her eyes a little teeny 1 inch stretch mark has formed upon my pregnant tummy..  And upon realizing that we could see through each others eyes, I was taken back to the place of a dream in which my human body was dreaming a man was chasing her and trying to kill her.  Then an ancient tree spirit appeared in the dream and said “you are interpreting your whole life wrong.  This is not about someone is trying to kill you.  This journey is your Cha Chee To Wah, your Rite of Passage.  Then she showed my human self the road ahead, and the road lead me to a place that was covered in star dust, covered by a veil that was guarded so only those allowed were admitted…

and as I am laying there, about to give birth to a new world, looking through my Grandmothers eyes I realize that we are a planet with our Star and moons and other planets we are a Village, a Tribe…  and the surrounding Villages that I could see so clearly as different Tribes.. they are like us with their Suns and moons and circle of planets

Earthen destiny


Planet dreams, the arrival of the Tuber babies
December 27, 2014

When I was 12 I found myself staring into the face of a flower when a portal opened up and I found myself staring into the face of a beautiful Indian woman. she came and instructed me, that in every way I was to merge with the Earth…So in my dream this morning I had to go to class, and while I was there thetubers eye teacher handed me a flat of babies wrapped in blankets and asked me if I could take care of them…

… later in the dream I found I was carrying around a flat of flowers and thinking I really needed to get them in the ground,  So I dug up tuber babies Jerusalem-artichoke-tuber-001some garden space and was trying to plant them, It was hard to find their roots to place them in the soil so I kind of picked up the flowers and looked beneath them and saw that they were tubers…. wrapped in blankets just like the babies I had been given earlier…  as a matter of fact, I think they were the babies I had been given earlier..


We are mystical magical beings, work of arts in progress..  We are the ones Tuber dream 51D9oCa0YmLof old who the most sacred of stories were told, who later appeared in the songs and legends the Tribes sung about…  A transformation is taking place within me and it is showing up in my dreams..  I am being prepared to take my consciousness into being a life sustaining planet…  I am feeling that is why the horses appeared as children..  and these babies were actually plants..

There is a vision from a long time ago, in my 20’s,  when I was receiving the ‘forgiveness’ instructions..  I remember our Village and how we moved in our work..  remember how we could take our consciousness and talk to anyone in our Village, how I was an Earth, and my mother a Moon (controlling my ebb and flow, instructing me on the ebb and flow..

I remember looking out and seeing other Villages going about their daily business..  Then came the ‘marauders’ blazing through our sky, and burning through my atmosphere, I was impregnated..

In my youth I thought this was a most horrible fate..  but in my dreams, since being told that I had arrived at my Destiny..  it feels like these dreams are saying that in the place where I had my consciousness as a planet…  Crystal People are with me… and the Horse Children have arrived and the Tuber Babies are growing..

It is possible for planets to take human form…  and dream of what is taking place upon their Earthen bodies in their absence..

tubers dahlias_fog

I was given a clean piece of paper and told to paint my next journey
January 13, 2014

I gotta love like you won’t believe…  Rick has been googoo eyes over me since we met on the Manataka forum in 2004..  I have fought against him trying to ensure that he was not going to break my heart, so to speak (now that I think of it)…  I walked away from him so many times, and every time I went back he would open his arms and take me back..  Sometimes he would be mad at me when I would reappear and I would just have stand there until he finished venting…  and then the next thing you know he would be holding me softly in his astral arms..cradled in your arms

He is a seer too…  One morning I was feeling light as a cloud laying next to him and he noticed and said, “Ohh you have become a cloud, I am going to have to lift you up and move you over so I can get up…  I did this picture of what I felt like laying next to him…

I dance for youAnd another morning when I called him he was like, ” I dreamed I saw you dancing with the Thunder Beings.. and knew it was you…  so I made this pic.. even though what I saw was more like me dancing with them in the Grand Canyon…

I have been moving his energy to my Destiny name..  Yesterday morning he called me Destiny dela`Cee…

It has been a strange journey, all these years with Rick, me leaving, me coming back, him with stars dancing in his eyes, always taking me back…  I finally realized, “He is never going to break my heart” and have given my love to him..    

…here is the song I gave him…

and here is the song he gave me

~life as a planet
December 18, 2013

As a Native American it is our way to follow our dreams and visions.  And through time, when I look at them (the visions and dreams that I am given) they appear like streams of roadways that all intersect at different levels within me … like a greater map of which I in this current life am a part of.

One of the paths I have been following since my youth had its intersecting point within a sexual molestation that happened when I was 13

which was followed some 2 years later by a man in a dirty white robe bearing a cross trying to extract the Indian from within me.

(The Indian who was within me had traveled a long ways inter-dimensionally to teach me how to walk in a sacred manner through the world of solid.)

From the molestation it was as if something exploded within me that caused a shock wave and

when the dust began to settle some 17 years later my whole world had changed.

Sometime in the span of what was and what I would become there  came a vision in which I could see my Tribe

and our movements across our space, that had the appearance to me as being land.

And as I looked around I could see the surrounding Tribes, each wearing different attire that matched who they were as a people.

Each tribe, like a family I could see them walking about in their daily movements across a space that appeared like land to me some distance away across the heavens.

There was a whole story that went with this world I could see myself coming from.

We had a way of being that was different than it was here on Earth as a human being.

It had to do with forgiveness.  In our Tribe forgiveness was different.

We would go on walk abouts, and there would be other life forms that cohabitated within our Tribe as we walked about.

The main one I remember was the snake from the time I had been bitten by it. It was from the snake bite that I had learned what forgiveness was about.

Now, when one was on a walk-about and they got bitten by a snake,

our instructions were to place our consciousness within the snake family

and live with them as one of them until we understood why we had been bit.

(we were shape shifters and this was normal to us).

So we would place our consciousness within the Snake Clan until we understood

what action we had committed that had caused them to bite us.  .  .

for example, if we moved our body between a snake and its babies, the snake would bite us…

and the knowledge of how this worked was known as forgiveness,

and this forgiveness brought us into a place of peace.

My dreams and visions spanning the intersecting points last for years within the human time frame.

I first learned the story of what forgiveness looked like to us

long before seeing the time when marauders came galloping at us bearing their crosses.

When the marauders came galloping in on their horses I could see them

first off in the distance pillaging the other Villages, raping the woman, killing the children, men, and old ones.

And galloping on as if they were on an unstoppable mission

 they came towards us repeating their moves through the next Village over..

And then they were upon our Village, raping our women, killing our children, our men and old ones.

We were helpless against them for while we were a peaceful Tribe moving gently through the Universe,

they were galloping full speed through us, obliterating members of our Tribe and members of surrounding Tribes..

When the dust cleared I found I had been penetrated by one of marauders,

 and as I said, forgiveness for us was in merging with the one who had hurt us, who had done this to me.

 I had to merge with him so that I could understand what actions of ours had been perceived as a threat to their world that they had done this to us…

From here I passed through some rocky debris

to discover that in my human life I was one messed up person over all that had transpire.

In the course of this, I was given a word, Cha Chee To Wah.

It kept whispering itself to me across the wind.

I did not know what the word meant until a few months later

I found myself in a dream in which I was running in fear of the man who was chasing me

because I was convinced that once he caught me it was his mission to take my life..

Inside the dream an Ancient Tree Spirit appeared and told me that I Rite of Passage AncientTreeSpirit 2was interpreting my dream and my whole human life wrong.

She told me that I had come to inhabit Earth as a part of my Cha chee To Wah,

as a part of my Rite of Passage and that even though the road behind and in front of me looked bleak,

that at the end of the road I would find myself again in the place that felt like home

because this Earth journey was my Rite of Passage, and it was a journey I had agreed to take.

In human time the span of the vision stretched out until one day,

as the one who molested me lay on his death bed

I found myself again upon the planet where the marauders had passed through.

I had merged with him and married the marauder who had raped me when he penetrated me.

And while I was still very young, he had grown old and was laying upon his death bed.

As I sat nearby with my back towards him

I found myself staring at one of the scars he had left upon my body with some bitterness.

About that time I heard the gentle flapping of wings

and turned to see

upon the light of a full moon rising

my mother

folding her wings

and lighting upon the ground

she came to me and touching the scar upon my arm she said to me,

“It is time to begin the Healing of the Remnants of Past Wounds Ceremony.”

With this I was taken into the Ceremony in which I was given the instructions

that the path I was to follow was the one in which

I was to take to him a bridge that he might

pass over into the great beyond.

This journey had to do with forgiveness,

to see his journey on the larger scale,

to understand his greater purpose in my life,

and meditate upon what he had given me with the molestation..

Right after I came to peace with all of that that,

I was ready to take him the Bridge so that he could cross over,

and once he did I found myself in another story line that was about

2 sisters and the rift that came between them in his passing.

One sister had stayed and one sister had left,

and in the place where they came back together for his burial

a rift formed between them.

In a frantic moment I found myself standing between them

in a rift that looked so large that it had the appearance of being a Grand Canyon.

I became frantic over the rift that was forming

and as I screamed out in pain over the immensity of the rift that was forming

I found myself back in the place where my mother had instructed me that

it was time to perform the Healing Remnants of Past Wounds Ceremony.

I was standing in the center of the rift feeling very small,

for to me it looked as though I was standing in the Grand Canyon.2 moons dream 1

As I cried to my mother over the rift that was forming,

my grandmother appeared

and peering down intently I heard her say with great affection,

“Oh it is just a stretch mark, and a very small one at that.”

With that I found myself staring down at myself through her eyes,

and saw that my tummy was swollen with the new life

the marauder had placed within my body

and that I was about to give birth…

and I realized that I was a planet..

In the years that followed the human existence of paralleling worlds

I began to understand that I was a planet who had come to study

under the Earth as a part of my Rite of Passage

because she/he/them (the 2 who walk as One) is a life sustaining planet.

For those who read my writings it can be marked

by my writings shifting to talking about

how we need to recognize and protect a life sustaining planet

for it is a holy and sacred journey

to become a love large enough to support a multitude of life forms.

After Lakota came along and searched to see where we came from he said that we came from Andromeda.

He also said that he believed that the Milky Way and Andromeda had already collided and passed through each other…

I agreed with him because this is what my journey has shown me..

through the marauders..

In the passage of time, since discovering that I was a planet

who came to Earth to study under herdream too

I came to the journey of Comet Ison and began exploring

what is now believed about the world that surrounds the Earth

and have discovered the larger movements of

the world of Galaxies, Stars, Constellations’, Comets, and Asteroids

through the heavens and their affect on the world that surrounds us.

I have watched a comet called Ison sail across the sky,

with its tail that reminds me of the snake from the vision from years ago,

and came to realize the ‘Sacred Snake was on a journey to its birthing ground,

which gave the appearance to the Astronomers would think of as breaking up,

but really it came to release its seeds which carry new life..

And just before I decided to write this piece I started watching this

and all of a sudden I realized that what I had saw

as the marauders riding on their great horses

that came through and pillaged our village and the surrounding villages

were 2 galaxies colliding and passing through each other..

and the one that I saw as raping me,

and impregnating me with his seed to form a new world within my womb

would be like a meterorite, asteroid or like that from the effect of 2 galaxies colliding..

For Native Americans, and others of the Indigenous Tribes

it is our way to see life forms in everything..

to dream a comet is a woman.. or man..

to see Asteroids as men on horses

pillaging our Village and the surrounding Villages

is the way we see what happens around us.

In the great mystery of life as a human on Earth

who began having visions at the age of 9

which lead to me being told that

all of this journey was a Rite of Passage,

that in the place I come from

I am in the process of becoming a life sustaining planet

who has already been implanted with the seed of the ‘humanoid’ life form ..

and here I am being made witness to the final stages of what it entails to be a life sustaining planet,

watching the sleepers destroy the planet, while her love remains ever unconditional…

watching how the light family has been sent in to turn the wheels of change and write the new world into being….

while another part of myself too is here for the purpose of assisting

the raising of her/his vibration to one that is not so heavy and solid

to fulfill the prophecy of the Indigenous Peoples, that

as it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end..

and it was beautiful

Earth lessons, Hurricane
June 12, 2013

words taken from youtube video Earth From Space….

It is said that the core of the Earth is molten lava, that the Earth is a living organism and that part of its own defenses, as a living organism, when the ocean get too warm, as a combination from the suns heat, and our molten lava core, sea water begins to evaporate fast. This water goes straight up, 180 tons of water will be rising per hour vertically and then 1 kilometer up the vapor will condense into a cloud raising the temperature of the air by several degrees. As the air heats up it rises further, producing powerful vertical winds which will drive the clouds up to 15 kilometers high. As the storm cell grows the effect of the earths rotation down below will force the storm cell to spin. The Thunder clouds merge into a vast circle and a hurricane is born and then begins its movement across the ocean.

It is through waters ability to store and release energy that that we owe our lives to the process that produces the storm. A hurricane acts like a release valve when the ocean gets too warm. it helps to balance the climate by redistributing the heat around the planet and returning the ocean to equilibrium.”

hurricane 2

the Kundalini hug
April 13, 2013

kundalini hig tooThis release I am passing though now has a different energy about it.  It is the one that I have been describing as feeling like when a cat purrs, yet little tiny bubbles at the same time.

The other day there was a swirl of energy in my shoulder that passed all the way through from front to back.  It brought up the memory of the night I fell and broke my elbow.  When my bone broke it sounded just like a tree breaking in the forest.

That evening another different feel.  The feel of cuddling up in hug when my heart chakra started spinning.

Then yesterday, as soon as I got home from work, beginning in my tummy, just huge, thekundalini hug galaxy started spinning, and just kept getting larger and larger until I could feel it in my whole body….  In my feet, in my legs, my tummy, heart, arms and head.  Radiating, coming in my feet and going out my head, a full body release so strong that I threw myself upon my bed so that I could watch the picture and check all of my parts..

And afterwards when I threw myself off to the side to lay down, I had this feeling that 2 arms were holding me, not so much like a man, but really long arms..

This morning I woke up and it was like… wow, I think this release has to do with fallen trees..


In the year 2000 I surrendered my journey to the Earth, to follow the path that she asked me to walk.  I get my instructions from her, from them, the 2 who walk as 1.  She is the one who guided me to my Kundalini Awakening.  She told me that she needed me to do this (because in the beginning, when the Kundalini began spinning hard and strong and near constant, one can feel a bit delusional, a bit like they know they are acting like a crazy person, not knowing what is going on.)  During this time, in her instructions, she told me repeatedly that they needed me to do this.. that I had arrived in the place of my destiny.  She explained to me that in order for them (the Earth, the 2 who walk as 1) to ascend up to a higher vibration, trapped energies that were holding them down, locking them into the dense bodies needed to be released.. and that this was what I came to do.

The promise that I made when I was standing in my Home World, and the call went out, “We need volunteers to go to the Earth who has chosen at this time to ascend.”

This Kundalini release I am going through now feels like it has to do with the trees..

life as a planet, a sun, a galaxy dream
March 12, 2013



last night I woke up inside my dream
and saw myself looking out upon my world.
 I was a sun,
and looking out I could see
many other suns
surrounding me
as family

walking around the way that they do

Then later I awoke to see
I was inside an Earthen body..

and I was love..

our tribe

I could feel myself.

I was love.

It takes an all encompassing love to live as a life-sustaining planet.


I will sing a song to lift you up
I will hold you sacred tender to my

will sing to you so tender.

I will hold you and sing a song that can be
traveling across airways
and galaxies of how sacred the feel
his waters rushing over your lands..


life as a planet ~ forgiveness
February 22, 2013

hongiThere were many Celestial Guests who had come to live upon our body, Snake family, tree family,snake three bush family, bird families.  They traveled from across the galaxies, drop in to rest and then stay for a time.  We also had Indigenous Tribes who made their  homes upon our body.  Their numbers were not so many, and different tribes had settled in different locations, each into a place that felt like a garden to them.  Their existence upon us was very noble and beautiful

My Mother, my Grandmother and I, we could at any moment, see through the same eyes.  That was how at any moment wedark-eyed_junco too could know what each other was experiencing, was how we could see out into the whole the villages that surrounded us and all of their movements.

Any of our celestial guest who came had a divine agreement with us, to allow us walk about rights, meaning we could inhibit one of their bodies for a time so that we could see our world from a different point of view.  We would just simply merge our spirit into them, and become them for a time.  Then we would go on a walk about and see the world through their eyes.  They felt very honored by us when we would do that.  We would appear as whispering spirits to tell them that we wanted to go on a walk about and were in need of a host.  They would be honored to assist us.  Our host would be put into a dream like state so that we could merge with them and begin to see through their eyes, and when wemaplebig_leaf_maple would awaken inside them, it was like they would awaken inside a dream, and see our walk about much as a person would see a dream.

They honored us and we honored them.  We would show them what it looked like to see through our eyes, to merge with the face of a stone, hear their vibration, their hummmmmm, slow down ‘time’ and watch the movements of the surrounding Tribes that looks like people walking about taking care of business, or hear them talking to each other, or singing their Tribal Song.  It was a beautiful union between us, held sacred by both.

Forgiveness as different there than here.  When we would be on a walk about we would be 2 people walking in the same body having experiences with each other.  She would show  me things from her world and I 01would show her things from my world.

Her merging with my world would leave her (or him) more vulnerable, and sometimes unexpected things would happen, like having the host body get bit by a snake.  Now the Snake Tribe they had wound,  twisted and slithered their way across the ‘universe, to come to us and lay their egg upon our body so that we may host some of their children.  Each species that came to live upon us had their own rules, their own set of protocol that was natural to them.  And if per chance the host body was to get bitten, by say a snake when on a walk about, the first thing we would do is to call for help to get the host body back to her people (and when you are a Planet your call reverberates so that you are instantly heard and felt.)milky way over pemaquid point

The first order of business is to take care of the healing of the vessel.  As a planet the healing was inside us, so we did not leave the vessel until after the vessel was healed.  There was ceremony that was done, spinning and dancing in dervish style, while those who specialized in their relationship with the Snake People would gather the knowledge and the medicine to heal,  while the dancers would build the energy to allow the stream of poison to go back to Source (its Source, which would be thought of as like the Milky Way, the Great Snake)

After the host body was healed completely, as we did not leave our host body until all their strength was regain, that was when the forgiveness ceremony began.  I would then go to the Snake People and ask to merge and live among them.  Then I would be like the dreamer looking through their eyes, following their reactions, seeing exactly how it was their nature to respond as there were many Tribes living upon our body in harmony with each other.

I would stay there for as long as it took to understand.  With my consciousness in the background, and the snakes consciousness in the foreground, I would live there, participating in their Rituals and their movements until I would see the line that was not to be crossed.  It was like there was a space between them and their babies that no one should walk between.  It was the space they felt most protective of.

And this understanding was what was known as our forgiveness ceremony.  After this I would go again to the host body and stay with her so that I could impart all I had learned from the Snake People.  She would become a friend to the Snake People this way.  It would be like a graduation for her to now be in a relationship with the Snake People.

We did not abandon the host body when the unexpected happened.  If the host, inside her dream had asked to merge with a stone person and a far and dangerous edge.  And we had given them that, but had lost footing and become broken in the fall so that their body could be recovered.  We would call to their Tribe to attend, ask the host body what they wanted to experience next, maybe a bent and crooked tree with roots that straddled to top of the ground..  or maybe a gemstone vein..  or a river that ran beneath a mountain.  The whole Tribe was given the choice over what they wanted to do..  The whole tribe may decide they all want to be transformed, or some of them may say they wanted to stay next to the family member that was choosing to take their next life as a vein of gemstone…

This was how forgiveness worked on my world… and it was beautiful..


Affectionately this was the memory that was given to me when I was 12..  and is the only way I could conceive of forgiveness happening

it was always about surrender… 2004
February 19, 2013

Oh how do I make the jump from here to there?

To land with footsteps

Upon the place

Where my spirit danced to walk in moccasin’d

Where I found no one to treat me weird

because I hugged a
tree or held Earth sacred to me,

Or because I watched the

one Eagle going in

two Eagles going out

after I had
spent a whole weekend

dancing in the shadows

Moving from tree to

Blowing them kisses

Touching my nose to their

Til the message came in

that Great Spirit had a gift he
wanted to give me

that required the surrender

of everything I


and believed

about how exactly it was going to

that love would touch my heart

Dancing on waves of

I set out upon my journey

and noting 2 Eagles going

I surrendered

to the path of being led

And listened

to everything Great Spirit said

inside my

while I was given very specific

instructions on what to do

I surrendered

To no longer walk the path

I thought I was supposed to walk it

But listening to the voice

I laid aside everything

I knew as the way to proceed from

and surrendered my all

to the path I was given to

It was a picture,

just a picture

of a cloud
so fair

With dancing lights within her belly

and one lone
lightning bolt coming down

To kiss the Earth with such a fury

vehicle which it struck

A truck

became all engulfed in

It was just a picture

Dancing lights within her

as I sat staring at

I hear a simple command,

her a kiss”

Two fingers upon my lips,

To lay them

Upon the picture

I sat staring at

While listening to
the inner instructions


My all

I hear

“Blow her a kiss”

So soft upon my lips

make the kiss

And touch her softly there

Upon her belly

dancing lights

While one lone lightning bolt

Reaches down

Touches the ground

With such a force

I can almost hear

Thunder Song

And again

I hear the

of Great Spirit speaking within

Instructing me for 3rd

To kiss the cloud


earthen 2004

Life as a Planet ~ the underground river
February 19, 2013

I was having a bit of a hard time falling back asleep, so I closed my eyes to merge inside and see my unseen world.  Found myself staring at some speckled black stone while doing its unusual dance in the light.

Thought I should go deeper so I slipped down below, into some dark water that gentle pulled me into a long tunnel.  As I drifted along watching the sights it had the feel of being an ancient vagina that was crusted over with barnacles which I felt a need to touch with my hands.

Deeper deeper I drifted as I was pulled by the current while watching how the stone formations changed the further I underground-river-puerto-princesa-philippine-762715traveled.  I found the place of the underbody of a large red and white spider who spit out the red eggs (others thought as gemstone).

Continuing on the walls became smoother to the touch and I began to realize that I was drifting along in an underground river.  Sleep was evading me so I was witness to everything the river had to offer.  And inside the intricacies of its twist and turns I found the place of the kissing stones as they softly touched their lips to each other..  His body came from one direction, hers from the other, locked for eternity in the embrace of their kiss..

When I see them I remember, I am the planet who came to Earth for her Rite of Passage.  As I planet I sustain life already thmbl_dearesther_2013-01-20_16-51-56-45and we have guest who live upon our body,  a few have the human form, the indigenous ones walk softly upon us with the others, but there are none of these ones there who rape and pillage a planet like there are on Earth, and I am here on Earth on my Rite of Passage to see first hand the height and depth and breath of love that must be sustained to house  even those who would pillage a whole planet.

I continue drifting down the underground river to the place where there is a Y.  I briefly send my consciousness to my left as I am floating on my back looking up. see that the energy goes off and spirals, come back and take off in the other direction when I find myself, much as log would, turning head over feet, and rising to the surface…. where I can see far far up above me a waterfall coming down..  In that second I am staring into the mud hole of the splattering brothers.  And the one who was changed because he touched me, I can see the reason for his pots of unusual structure..  because I am looking into his garden..


With this I glance down and realize that I have merged with some kind of insect, of which I don’t know which kind because I all I can see is my feet..

praying manthis