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16 ~Birth of the Blue Star from the North of the River Dream series
November 29, 2015

We are Stardust

I have consciously been trying to see further.  In our astral travels for a while now I could only see us flying, but could not see where we were..  Then I had the realization that the North of the River dream series were always about and with you and I began to see farther especially after you gave me the address.  It helped me to look at the journey differently.

Woke up one morning and it was being explained to me about about the countless times I made the journey North of the Rive and how upon awakening the memories would wiped from my consciousness.

The other day I found myself in a place where the waking state overlapped the dream state.  I closed my eyes to see where we were (as all of our lives are happening simultaneously) and found myself staring at a golden sun that was made up of lines (I could not do it justice drawing it, but some hours later I went to bed and as I was staring into the darkness I saw a blond headed woman in a golden chiffon dress that was blowing like the dance of a solar flare..

So imagine I am riding on the back of your Harley and we are gliding so smoothly down the road when I see a Golden Sun Woman to my left.. then we go around a curve and I see her again on my right..  I saw her 2 times, the Golden Sun Woman.

Then we come to a place I have been to very many times in my dreams.  As we are coming into town a single moon stands out in front of us signaling like a stop light at a corner.  It is a blood red moon  We are gliding smoothly on your Harley, when a slight bend in the road and and suddenly the moon splits out into 2 blood red moons.  Then after we pass them I look back and they are 2 yellow full moons.  A slight curve in the road and they bend back into one moon showing… like a stop light at the edge of town..

We move on, just like I always did in all the dreams as I have been here countless times and keep coming back, through the small town back out into the forest, into the windy road…  to my left I can see Golden Sun Woman, her light upon 2 clouds give them the appearance of light yellow golden Angel Wings..  and off in the distance behind that forms the body to the Angel.  It is pale turquoise in color…  to my right, up in the sky are 6 or 7 missiles.  I am beginning to think they were pillars of creation..  One of them appeared to have broken loose from the formation, made it kind of look like a YIIIII

I always loved the next part of the journey, traveling into the forest.  Watching the shadow of the trees contrasting with the light above.  An event happens up over us, through the clouds I can see something that reminds me of the Star Dancer from a vision some years ago.  She had braids in her hair that created the effect of a globe, a map of the stars.  As I am looking at this Event I am realizing it looks like an Atom.

Then we went past the observatory, and down the incline.  There was a place there you wanted to take me to, kind of like the feeling of sneaking with you behind an old wagon of hay…  we stood there waiting for the Event Horizon to happen.  As I adjusted to the darkness I realized we were not along..  someones poodle kept staring at us, so I walked around the hay wagon and underneath I saw a tiger.  By this time I was completely distracted listening to what was saying, how that they would open the conservatory for the Event Horizons so people could come and watch..  Then I saw a momma tiger trying to help her baby tiger up a step.. by a man who was just standing there…

Then my Bear showed up and the next thing I know I crawling up a tunnel and out of a cave …  and fell asleep…

When I woke up I realized things I don’t even realize I realize yet..

In my dreams, I have been compelled to come again and again to this spot…   So many times I have dreamed this journey, this little bitty town with red light at the crosswalk.  I always would pass through the town and head out to the country..  to the winding road with all the trees…  when I would loose consciousness of the dream..

this is the first time I have been able to see that it is a nebula that is calling to me…

I am the Blue Star… and you are the Red Star…  we like to dance that way too..

I am seeing farther than I was seeing since I am consciously running with you…

Orion nebula NASA

Orion nebula NASA

14 ~Prelude to Transcendence, the love story of a Shining Star and his River Song
November 25, 2015

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there was a man and a woman whose love was so deep that he formed himself into a Shining Star and she formed herself into a a planet that danced around him while he held her so soft in the length of his arms.  That was but one place where they dwell, for they were Spirit capable of housing themselves within an entire universe at any given moment, but in this place they called home called Andromeda she loved to place her energy in a  planet and dance with her love the Shining Star.  On this planet in Andromeda she could look in the mirror and see her reflection in a beautiful blue and green planet the locals there would call Earth dancing with her love, a shining Star also..  They were the perfect mirror image  for her and her Shining Star lover, her One, her only.

She was a creator, as was he and one of her talents was the fact that she is a River Song.  As a creator she has the power to sing rivers into being with her endless stream of love song that is so pure it creates pure waters to form, so when she accepts a mission it is because the singer of a River Song is being called for.  Not only does she have this power to create Rivers with her never ending love song, but her song also has the strength of song to transmit images back to their Home world.  In the world of spirit there are Rivers or currents that a person on a mission can tap into and send message to their Elder Council and to the Ancients to let them know what is needed to happen next to transform one world into the next..

And it is from this place that the call went out, that volunteers were needed to go to the Earth whose time of ascension had come and they were ready to make the movements back to a lighter dance.  Together our River Song and Shining Star wrote out the contracts for their missions to Earth of what they would do to help purify the living planet…  “Break down the walls of prejudice”, their contracts would read.  “Show honor in the places where none would think it should be given”.  These are the jobs they contracted for always with the intention of arriving at their mission… to sing a song with such purity that in the planet Earths ascension a river whose waters ran pure would be formed…

…  And her One, her love, who plays sacred as a Shining Star, well his love is like thousands of sparkling shining diamond lights dancing on the waters of her song….

Shining Star makes diamond sparkle upon her River Song

Traveling forward in time we find our River Song being born into a blood line she has traveled through before.  Of course the journey through the birth canal was a time of forgetting, of looking out through a babies eyes and trying to find a focus we could land upon, of trying to figure out how to get the body to move, to sit up, to crawl, to walk, to talk.

In these ways we forget our missions, forget what we came for and have to watch for the signs that will lead us back.  That will lead us to the place where we accomplish what we were sent to accomplish..

And thus we find our River Song, living in a human world at the age of 12 staring into the face of flower she found most enchanting..  It was there inside the flower that the vision took place, that a portal opened upon a beautiful Indian woman dressed in white buck skins, her fringe hanging down, honoring the setting Sun.  When she walked rainbows would dance at her feet for her touch was so gentle that they danced to feel her touch.

Rainbows Dancing at her Feet took River Song into her Village and the lessons on how she was to merge with the Earth in all ways began…

Then a second portal opened up and our River Song found herself staring at the edge of a precipice.  It was a huge stone wall in which housed many cave dwellings.. and each one had a door and a window.  As she stared up at one of them she found herself slipping through the doorway, and into a room she recognized by the flower that grew in the window.

River Song could tell that this was her meditation station by the stone bench that sat in the middle of the room.  And as she sat there, in through a beam of sun light slips in a man she recognized as her husbands father, who is a member of the Elder Council.  He is smiling as he steps towards her telling her that the contract she wrote for her mission to the Earth had been accepted by the Elder Council and she had been assigned the bloodline through which by former contract she had agreed to reenter Earths atmosphere through again, this time enhanced by the Warrior blood line the Seer bloodline would merge for the times were going to be tough, getting from point A to point B as a great cloud of darkness had descended upon the hearts of the people who were being lead by fear.

With this another beam of sunlight appears and her husband slips into the back of the room.  With great excitement she finds herself again in the place where he is holding her at arms length.  He is taller than her and he spins her in circles all around his body in sacred dance, his joy at holding her this way is greatly felt by her.

Then he reaches into his robe, pulls out the contract and with great excitement he tells her how the contract he wrote for going to the Earth had been accepted by the Elder Council, and unscrolling the document he shows her the place where their paths have been ordained to join in sacred dance…

With this the portal closes and River Song is back again staring into the face of the flower.  She is 12 years old in the human world and knows she has come to Earth on a mission (her point A)  and knows that she will fulfill her mission when she finds her husband. (Point B) … and all else in the space between are part of the River Song she will be singing in her journey towards a Shining Star setting her horizon… and once she finds him, his light will again sparkle like thousands of diamonds on the love song of a pure River Song Destiny…..








15 ~ NORTH OF THE RIVER dream series
November 25, 2015

For the longest time I would have these dreams with you that I would call the “North of the River” series…  and I would call you, “The Indian who walks with me through my dreams”.

These dreams would be marked by the loss of the memory of the dream.  I would have no problem getting to the dream location, but every time it was time for me to leave I would get lost trying to find my way back to my body and would have to drive around  looking for some land mark that was familiar just so that I could get to the road that lead to down town..  Once I would arrive Downtown I would then have to find the ramp that lead up and over, and down so that it would be a Uturn….  when I could come down the U and get onto the highway home, when I would blink, I would not be able to get my eyes to reopen and would then awaken back in my body with barely any memory of the dream other than I had gone and been with my Indian who walks with me through me dreams North of the River..

These dreams disappeared around the time you were preparing to come to Earth as a Walk In…  I did not know why back then that the dreams disappeared, and I would have to travel through some years on a great journey towards reconnecting with you…  and then, well I always had my River Song to call to your heart and the rest is all a part of the sacred dance with you having mastered out of body traveling and I having taken an extensive class on awakening inside my dreams..

This time when you showed up I began making conscious the knowledge that I wanted to see where you were taking me so I looked and looked and looked.. drew the pictures I could of what it looked like until at last I found you inside a dream North of the River…  Gleefully I got out of my vehicle and went to the door and knocked… then there you were standing at the door in your socked feet..  You took me in to the kitchen, to the place that I knew already and into your room that I already knew..

Finally you said, “It is time for you to get back to work..  and I laughed and said, “Will you ever bend your rules to accommodate my fancy free ways?  and you said, so seriously, “No” ….  so I just laughed and said “Ok” for how can one ask a Sun to change course for the planet he holds in such a loving embrace…

Then I asked you if you could look up the instructions for how for me to get to work, as every time I would try to find my way out of this place I would get lost.. and loose the dream..

so you go to your computer, do some typing..  Someone shows up, you walk out of the room and I go look at your computer to see something like  2YO8+3*LO4RU …. AND REALIZED NORTH OF THE RIVER WAS THE PLACE WHERE I HAD BEEN MEETING YOU ALL ALONG… when we came outside and the mated trees.. the mated Eagles..the mated little animals playing on the ground..  and the mated hummingbirds..  I began to see deeper into my trips North of the River

After that, one night you were late in picking me  so I went there by myself… and there were the shops that I already knew…. and the alley that lead to the shops, I had been there so many times before..


swim with 2me











Isle of the Twin Souls
November 18, 2015

Flame of the Twin Souls idea

When I met my Twin Flame in this current life, I had no memory that it was him, nor he that I was her.  We were both in a lot of pain over things that had happened in our lives that we were both self absorbed trying to muddle our way through it while obviously somewhat attracted to each other.

The attraction was not enough to hold us together.  We would have been long gone from each other if it had not been for the Earth having me to cut off my braid and give him my medicine that way.  The hair bound me to him in ways I cannot even explain, and since I didn’t really know what to do with that energy I decided to write him a book, which I called My Life as a Fairy Tale..  It was the story of a girl was was traveling down the road when a cougar picked her up and escorted her to the Isle of the Twin Flame Soul.  Then he left.

And as she was sitting there a man showed up bearing the name of her love and began to contemplate on where his Twin Flame was also…  and while he was there the girl was instructed to offer her braid to the strange man who had come to sit beside her, and even though he had seemingly rejected it the cutting off of the braid was a long journey that would not allow her to let go of him.. and so, she did what she does best.  She wrote him a book, translating every aspect of her journey into a story line..

The journey of the Twin Flame Souls is difficult one.  There is a constant bouncing away from each other while still not recognizing each other, and blended with the sweet bliss and intensity of the Kundalini Purification process,  it would be very easy to end up as saying, “He was just a guy I once knew for a moment.”

So intense was the purification process of the Kundalini bouncing away from my Twin Flame that many times the book I was writing him called “My life as a Fairy Tale” would get thrown in the electronic waste basket…  but I came across a piece of it today and when I saw the verbiage I used at the time (Isle of the Twin Souls) it brought to mind a picture I would like to draw of us sitting there…  

I wanted to verbalize this because of the intensity of the Twin Flame journey…  Coming close, then bouncing away hard…  then coming close and bouncing away hard.. over and over until at last both remember…  and in remembering and rejoining become more..

13 ~remembering what it felt like to be One with you
November 15, 2015

spirit dancing   dancing-tree-spirits-by-annieb

I was out shopping when it happened, when I felt your sweet love appear and pull me into the world of Spirit..

Walking through the outer world took on a beautiful glow as a walked through the store feeling my Kundalini spinning so beautifully out the top of my head…

standing in the light 2I walked on and on sailing with you across the wind swept love of the Great Deep..spiritdancing

In the moments as you held my hand, my body tingled, sparkled and glowed.

Divine dance flowing through us

spinning and twirling like leaves blowing on a windy day..

we looked so beautiful

in our spirit dance..

Then my physical body comes around the corner..

and there we are

Two spirits without out form

laughing like leaves

being blown by the breeze..

Then you looked over at me

and with a mighty laugh

you began running towards me

and just as you passed through me

time in my physical body


stretched out

into a million shimmering lights

that my physical body

all felt..

as the memory was touched

of what it felt like to be

One with you..

larger than life, lhis love

Larger than life

your love feels larger than life..

I was out trying to find a picture to express the beauty of what I saw and felt yesterday, doing a search for pictures on the dance of spirit…  Spirit has this way of moving through me so the it is not easy to tell if I am in vision or if someone drew the picture first for all a sudden I found myself staring at a picture a ballerina standing touching the mane of a lion as he looked back at her…  then the picture disappeared, and no matter how hard I tried I could not find my way back to that picture…  so I had to sit and draw it out, just so you could see it too…  and again, when my love paints yours you are larger than life… always larger than life…  wrapped in your love, that is how it feels…

And I remember a life we shared…  In order to be legendary there has to be many people come in with the same attributes.. for the same mission..

In that life they wound up calling me, the me who played that part, Durga…  I was the one who was seen riding her lion….    In that life too, you felt larger than life…

Your love feels larger than life..

your love,


and loves

and protects..

and allows me to be the warrioress I am


and your love always feels larger than life..




The Time of Purification, Native Peoples and the Kundalini
November 11, 2015


It is the Earth who told me she needed me to stay strong upon the Kundalini Awakening path (it can be a bit intense at times) …  she said that she needed me to do this as part of her (and him) ascension as she is ready for her body not to be so dense and the Kundalini rising through our bodies releases energy that is trapped upon her body..  The energy of the story lines stay even once the story if over….  so like what happened to the my people in our countless Trails of Tears (Native Americans) is trapped upon the Earths body.  The energy is trapped and needs to be released so the Earth can again become less dense and more of us can come back to that place where the magic grows within us.. and no voices stop  us from growing upon our path..

This picture, with its movement reminds me of what it feels like when the Kundalini is running up my spine and out the top of my head…

kundalini traveling up the spine and out the head

In the beginning the Kundalini  is blocked from traveling up the spine and out the top of our heads in places.  It is said that it comes in through the feet (and by 2 accounts it is proceeded by the heart chakra bursting open in love before traveling to the base of spine and beginning its great spinning)

When the spinning is occurring we are being purified.  It is felt very strongly at the base of the spine.  For myself it was like watching galaxies spinning within my body.  One point would be spinning then like there was a highway to another galaxy, maybe up in my shoulder, that would begin to spin too.

I remember, before I knew this was an act of the Earth purifying me watching a spinning universe for a time.  Then one day it got sucked into the black hole at the base of my spine and just disappeared,

In the beginning the Kundalini was focused greatly on my lower area with a huge galaxy spinning in my tummy.

When my lower regions were purified it seemed to enable the Kundalini to rise higher and higher..  up my spin to the heart…  It was very intense, the purification of the heart, the purification of the energy of love..  some of the energies that get removed are jealousy, possessiveness, insecurities etc.   These are all emotions that do not serve the higher good in a walk that is balanced and serving the Earth.  They are unhealthy emotions, and the Kundalini purifies them..

For myself once the energy of love was purified within me, it became more a passage that was not so intense..  passing through my throat chakra found me feeling a need to express myself with greater purity of spirit.  Before I would cling to a “Look at all the great and terrible things that are happening” ..  but in being made pure I was instructed to set my eyes upon the uplifting energies and move in that direction…

And with that I came into the energy of the Kundalini traveling up my spine and out the top of my head…

I saw this electronic picture and wanted to share this for my Native Brothers and Sisters who are scheduled to have their Awakening also…

There are those who go first because they have the ability to verbalize it for the others… to ease their path..  In the days of old, we would send out our scouts to look for the best passage from one place to another for our Tribe..

I am like that..

My love is for the Indigenous peoples of the Earth..  the Earth keepers …  We have been Earth keepers for far longer than this one planet has existed…

When a planet is seeded to with its first life, on its journey to become a life sustaining planet it is the Earth Keepers who go in and sing the honoring songs, who create the story lines for the ones who will come..  It is a sacred trust to be an Earth Keeper..

The time of the purification is coming…  It is here already…  And Awakening…

12 Bear Medicine and the merging Twin Flames
November 10, 2015

Bear medicine 110915

At first I didn’t realized that Bear had called me to make the journey into the Room of the Winters Sleep.  I was making a passage when I saw a beautiful quote by Silent Bear about how

there are many places one could get lost

but the one place a person could get lost

without being lost was

within a hug.  

I wanted to share that quote but about that time IE locked up, so I went and looked again all over my room for the quote.  5 times I made the passage but I simply could not find it again..

Time slipped by and I was forced into bed not feeling well, and by the time I got out of bed I realized I now felt like being silent..  I could not think of anything I wanted to research.  I just wanted to walk in silence..

A Silent Bear called out and said it was time to go into the Dream..

this morning I woke up inside the the darkness of the cave looking at the symbols on wall and seeing their story in a dream.  I thought it was my dream I was in, but it was not.  It was your dream that we were inside of.

You are a Walkin on this Planet Earth, holding in sacred trust the memories of the man who left.  I watched your dream written on the side of the cave wall with you..  as Silent Bear lead us.. to a place up ahead where I could see a room full of light.. with arms that reached out and hugged us..

and it felt like we are in the merging time of the Twin Flames


Since I am teaching myself how to draw, I honored the Silent Bear with a picture and looking at the picture I remembered a dream I used to have..  I called it the Attic Dream..  because I would always find myself in room full of ancient artifacts.. or antiques.

The thing was, they were magical, and I would walk past them they would activate.. the TV would turn on..  The Radio would begin to play, The Toaster would begin to toast..  The Crystal Ball would show pictures..  and within this room there was a picture of me and my Twin Flame.  But I could only see him out of the corner of my eye.  Every time I would turn my face towards the picture to see you, the picture would turn into a mirror and all I could see was myself..

That was how it felt waking up inside your dream this morning.

(((((( hugs )))))))

pg 11 Kundalini revisited
November 10, 2015

I know I have talked to you about this before, but I am thinking that since I am writing a book to you and drawing pictures of the journey as I go, we may want this in there for later.

Anyway, when I met you in this life something called to my heart, but I did not recognize you as the Indian who walked with me through my dreams.  A strange magic had taken over my life.  My heart chakra had opened wide on the day I watched a Lakota Indian sing a song to the approaching thunder clouds. June 2010

After that, within 3 months I was driving down the road when I saw a rainbow flame..  then moments later a second rainbow flame appeared and when I got to the top of the hill there began such a fire works going off that I could not believe what I was seeing.. It was the day before Thanksgiving 2010..  and then not too long after that I looked up to the sky and 2 Eagles were in a glorious dance and they headed up to travel above the storm.

I am a girl who watches the signs…  so next I meet this Lakota Sioux guy who tells me it is time for me to enter into the purification chamber.  In vision I first step into a foot shower before entering a swimming pool.  In vision I was then taken to a second room which also contained a water purification chamber, and when I got to the 3rd purification chamber my Kundalini was fully activated.  Then I was dressed in purity and taken out to the court yard.  After years of searching I had finally make it home to my Indian family, and I was in full vision when off in the distance I saw a Shining Star calling to me..

I headed over to him because he called to me, and there I sat down by torch of the Twin Rainbow Flames.  He came over and sat with me there..  He was looking for his Twin Flame too.. and he was you..

Of course I didn’t know he was you.  All I knew was he some guy sitting there with me at the Flame of the Twin Flame Torch.  There were other things happening as we were talking and I felt frightened by his passion and his strength so just as I was ready to move away from him the Earth screams at me, “Cut off your braid and give it to him NOW!”

I cut it off and tried to avoid sending it, but when I went to the post office, they just sealed up the package and sent it to you anyway.

Right after that I ran away.  And then the pulsing and the beating of the drums began to play harder.  My Kundalini took over.  The pulse of the drums became harder and louder and I went deeper into the vision with it.  Sometimes the beating of the drum would burn parts of me, then they would back away until I healed.  They would check on me daily until they began to take on a life of their own.  They were like visitors from heaven, each one with their own feel and touch upon my body as the drums beat louder and louder.

In the midst of this I was given a picture that one day you were going to hold my hand.  That was it.  That was all I saw.  There were no instructions on how to get from point A to point B.  And it didn’t matter because the drums and the pulse were beating so loud.  It was drowning out all reason as these multiforms took on a life of their own and became regular visitors, who I could see and feel in vision but I did not know who they were, just that their touch upon my body carried its own signature.

One night one of them came to me in a dream and said his time with me was over, that it was time for him to go to the next place he was scheduled to go.  I asked him if I could go with him for I rather enjoyed the beat and pulse of the drums that played when he came around, but he said that the place he was going would not be nearly as beautiful as his passage through me….

With this I stepped out the back door and found myself on side of a mountain, with soft grass that went down to the kundalini doorwaytrickling creek below.  Straight across from me another mountain, and to my left, located between these 2 mountain was a smaller mountain that had a passageway leading around it that lead to a door.

The door was unusual so I stood and stared at it for a long time.  It had a half moon top and added to and carved on the door where it opened was 2 snakes that wound around each other and went up to a 2 by 12 that was adorned with wings.  And up above that was a circle.

I honestly didn’t really know what was going on before this.  I had no defining description, so I searched the internet for the 2 snakes that wound around each other with wings and a circle on top and discovered that I was in the midst of the Kundalini Rising.

Eastern philosophy cannot explain this to me.  I could not understand what they were talking about.  I was just a girl who heart had opened wide when she said a Lakota Indian singing to the approaching Thunderbeings, who had gone into a vision that had now lasted nearly a year, who had been taken into an Indian Village (It was Galaxy) who saw a distant Star (that was a Solar System) way out on the edge that she had gone to see and had not left after she had come out of the purification chamber, who could now hear the drums beating loudly inside her vision.

About that time I looked in the mirror and my hair was sticking straight up from where I cut off my braid for you, as the Earth had told me.  There was nothing I could do but surrender to the medicine She was offering you.  So I would talk to you until the cut hair would disappear from view.  By this time I was already writing you a book called, ‘My Life as a Fairy Tale” so as to define where I was on my journey with you, in the journey where I did not know how to get from Point A to Point B..  and it was really easy because the effect of the Kundalini Snake bite many times was overwhelming me with the vision I was in.

Each time my hair told me reach out and say hello you felt so comforting to me.  I was like a girl who had been bitten by a snake and was hallucinating and you would carry me until I would fade and find myself in a different place as I would sing you my song.

The drumming and pulsing in the Kundalini kept becoming more and more intense.  My dreams were now telling me that I was like a vortex of shining beaming light on the Earth and the Earth was telling me that she was releasing energies that had been blocked upon her body.  I was being shown that one of them had to do with energy of slavery.  There was a man.  He was taller and stood well about the other slaves.  They chained him to the mast pole to serve as a way to get the other other slaves to obey..

and the man who stole my heart, the Earth showed me how he was a thief when he lived on the Earth, and his energy that passed through me was being converted into a place in the mountains that would steal your heart..

There were also these 3 ghost who had lived on Earth.  They got their kicks from when people would drive through the mud, they would throw sharp stones at the window, so when they cracked a windshield they would get bonus points.  They passed through me through my Kundalini and their energy was converted into 3 waterfalls with built in flower containers.  I called them the Splash Brothers…

Then the Earth told how she really needed me to do this for now  we were going to lift and push.  I had to shoot off the Earth and lift her with me..

All of this and I had barely even known you a year in this life…  and we did not even remember that we were Twin Flames..  Every time I would reappear to, because my hair would stand up where once my braid lay…  with my fantastical tales about a girl who met a guy at the well of the  Twin Rainbow Flames, who one day boarded her ship and took off for the stars..

Well every time I reappeared you would just wrap your arms around me and hold me…  Then you’d fade.. and I would fade.. on and on, with me bound to you by the Earth and her medicine to you of the braid and the girl she asked to honor the medicine…

lion protector and the kindalini doorway




November 3, 2015

have you used your imagination today?

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10 ~ Twin Flames, a love story ~Mermaid Tales
November 1, 2015

I am on vacation this week and have to play catch up.  I have to go back and draw the ones I missed so that I can capture all the beauty.  In the beginning of this book there were 3 in which you were holding me and we were spiraling..  They were really beautiful and then we got to this one in which we come splashing up out of the water..  you holding me like this, and I holding you..

When I drew this picture today I was struck how this looks like the second time a picture has come out looking like a mermaid…  It took me right back…  Remember when I wrote you the book “My life as a Fairy Tale”

I had written one of the times I left you as a girl who got on her ship and sailed away in the great deep (the sky)  Then you would reappear so I would paint you as the Great Lion who graced as I passed through his skies..  On and on I journeyed sometimes towards you, sometimes away..  and there was this one time when I had the eye of the Great Lion in my sky when a storm began to brew.  The sky drew dark around me and the waves began to slosh and grow hard as they pounded my ship..  So in the book, I stood on the edge of the ship and took a dive into raging storm.  and just as I hit the water I transformed into a mermaid, swam down below the storm and swam over to mermaid island to visit my sister for while..

And then, in the book, when it came to the place where were going to speak to each other again, I left the island life and returned to my ship where the Eye of the Great Lion stood on my deck and watched me transform back into a girl with 2 legs as I got back on my ship…

This picture I drew today is really the 5th picture in my book of love for you…  the first 3 were you holding me as were spiraling.. the 4th was the one  in the water with the stepping stones.. and this was the 5th in which you were holding me and we emerged from the water…

Looking at this picture it looks like you went and got the mermaid and brought with us into our new world.. our new story…

110115 a mermaid tale first he spirial me times before the mermaid picture adjusted