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Ocean, Sky, Stars and you
July 31, 2013


Reminds me of how my love feels, and how it feels to be with him, to move across the universe, making sweet love through time.. into many worlds and story lines we travel, to dance in love in many different expressions.. to lift again our spirit bodies and then move on to find another place to sing our love song.. for eternity

What a grand form of love to have found

to taste

to kiss

to dance with through time.

eternal love

eternal flame

loving and embracing this sacred journey with him

my forever love

picture by muddymelly

sacred spirits in the garden
July 31, 2013

Tis the beauty season. I am loving my bench facing the flowers.

sacred spirit b

sacred spirit 02sacred spirit 03

sacred spirit 04

I am working on a piece for my love, out collecting half moon coming rising over the ocean pictures…

How to draw a simple face
July 31, 2013

Obviously I am lacking on knowing how to draw a face…


Life is art

person of nobility dream
July 30, 2013

July 30, 2013

I woke up inside a dream in which I was looking at a writing, much like one would look at the inside of an invitation.  It said (something like):

“On November 18 you will be asked to participate in a”  .. some kind of ceremony.. ?sacrament? .. “in which you will say yes.  While participating you will become aware of an energy that feels discordant so you will raise a’ .. ?riot? .. trying to raise the goddess again.  In the 18th Century you will be a person of nobility who will be remembered in the years to come for your courageous acts.”

With this I find myself staring at a picture

of a lovely young woman

who is wearing a crown like pictured.  It has white pearls running up it arms holding a huge red ruby. . only it was somehow fuller, like this picture is the princess version.  My drawing of it looks more like a cap, whereas it looked more fuller like a crown.  I had black, kind of wavy curly hair.

person of nobility dream, crown

All time is happening at once,
with paralleling intersections’
we meet through the strange line
that we call “Time”

In reality there is no time

for time is happening all at the same time.  All of our lives intersect and parallel and touch each other.. are all like cells upon our Higher Selves who wished to experience a human connection.  Too large are we to put ourselves into just one body, so we shot our cells, each one existing as in a human body, across the dimension known as time to experience lives that paralleled…

Making Sacred Space
July 29, 2013

for the bush 01I got a new bush. Where I live I am not allowed to plant bushes or trees into the ground.. but I love their presence in my life so much that in order to have them close to me I put them in pots.. and talk to them a lot as they can be quite upset thinking their journey was back into the Earth.. so I sing to them and talk to them a lot.

for the bush 03

I got this bush for the Bird Tribe for them to play amongst.. I wanted it in front of my computer window so that I can watch them light upon the limbs. I had rearrange the flower bed yesterday to accommodate the love dancing bush.. she will look so lovely in the spring when she blooms.


I am not finished yet, now I have to redo the stones… but did a lot of work yesterday.. and I am feeling pleased with the new look..

for the bush 02

the Wisdom Keeper, revealed
July 29, 2013

flygeiserThere was a dream I hadfly-geyser-_black_rock_desert_nevada_23927_990x742 recently I called the Wisdom Keeper dream.

In the dream it felt like I had found myself on some place on the Earths body where something was consistently happening again and again.

And with each happening the Wisdom Keeper would speak his knowledge.

That night as I went to be I clicked play on the video I use ever night to lull my mind into a state of sleep.  It is a video I find most comforting.  8 hours of  the sound of lapping waves

And as I felt that first wave hit me, knowing, again and again, all night long the consistent sound of waves lapping against my sleeping psyche I realize the Wisdom Keepers voice spoke in the sound of the lapping waves..

 “You must honor your discipline.”

was the knowledge of the consistency of the waves lapping.


“What if the rope you believed you were climbing up, in reality was actually traveling down?”

was the mist that comes up from the Earth

and traveling up

forms the cloud

by which the rain comes falling down


sustaining life.

Earth and moon

It is said that the water swells and presses itself towards the moon as she feels its passage through her sky..  and this movement in the places where he has done passed over pushes the water away and causes the lapping of the waves…

and upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands of years the Wisdom Keeper moves her sacred water

and sings his song

upon her sacred waters.

another Love…
July 28, 2013


Come to my window
July 28, 2013

come to my window 02

My $4.00 bush I found yesterday for the Bird Tribe….

In the center is the $2.00 tree.

It is hard to say no when they are on sale..

come to my window 06 Prunus%20glandulosa%20RoseaThis is a picture of what its lovely flowers will look like next spring when it blooms… come to my window 01

Robert Mirabal – The Dance – long version –
July 28, 2013

My life as a Fairy Tale, on the other side of the black hole
July 28, 2013

my Life as a fairy tale_other side of the black hole

Once she got to the other side of the black hole she discovered it was a whole new world. Most of him stayed on the other side and did not follow her through. However there was a part of him who came with her, the part of him that was inside her heart so that every second of the day he was with her still, but it was like in the dream she had of him with his rainbow friend who traveled with him everywhere. It was like that. He was like that small part of her that she took everywhere and she still believed that his movements across her sky brought with it the rise and fall of the tides that held her in place and made her world to spin.

Together they formed a whole universe, constellations that held galaxies in place. And inside this dance they had played every form of sacred romance. She had danced with him everywhere taking on many forms in their never ending love story. In this place where they were now she was his Earth and he was her Moon

my Life as a fairy tale  other side of the black hole

And as she slips into the rhythm of this new world, looks out upon her sky, always speaking to him in her mind, telling him how much she loves him inside their sacred dance, she decides that it is time to explore the sacred stones in this new world, lay her body next to them in sacred sleep and see what dreams they give her..

FLUORITE Dark Blue Wand Crystal

…there was this part of her that thought about how nice it would be if he was to create a special place, like she, to sing the songs of his ebb and flow in this new world…..