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Mermaid Island, a spiritual retreat,
June 6, 2017


I have gone to Mermaid Island on a spiritual journey, spiritual retreat… It is the place where I lived in our passage through Lemuria.. I will be searching through time for my memories from that life…

Once we set our mind on something, it will cause the path to open before us..

and thus through my dreams and ‘seeings’ I will be be able to access memories from there…

I found myself in a dream from there this morning, but I was not able to bring it out with me…

but the thought is crossing my mind, as I swan down the corridor that we lived in the caves.. that was as much of the dream as I was able to bring out

I have a feeling the Hawk.. and the Blue Butterfly will both have appearances on this journey…. along with the water dragon with golden light in its hair…

Twin Flame Dreams from before we met, another dream of the sacred 3
January 8, 2016

Our lives found this way of connecting in 2011.  Now Sacred Bear has told me how you stayed with me in my Dream world as I incarnated into the human body before you.. and he said that every morning you would walk me home and erase my memories of us together..


Way back in the 80’s when I conceived that I wanted to travel with consciousness into my dream world in search of a woman I had met there I had no concept of finding you there.  There were instructions I received from books on what had to happen.  One of the instructions dealt with the Gate Keepers of the different realms, how the in order to pass with full consciousness into the first realm one must travel all the way through their nightmare to see what it transformed into..  so I did that.  For a long time I would enter the nightmare and work my way a little bit further through it until at last the energy of my long standing nightmare transformed into something incredibly beautiful.

After that I was granted access into the various realms of my dream world.  One of the instructions were that even in the dream world there were Gate Keepers guarding the gates to other realms, so when passing through the Gate Keepers the dreams also would tend to distort out and appear to be nightmares that one would need to pass all the way through to get to the true heart of that realm.  To truly see what was meant to be shown one had to pass all the way through the nightmare.

The dream journey was fabulous as I searched for her, the one who appeared in my dream when I was 11 or 12 years old.  It was just so amazing as I would travel to the same place again and again until I could get all the way through.

One day I arrived at a place that when I woke up inside the dream we had just arrived at the Gate Keepers space into another realm.  It was not easy to remember this about the Gate Keepers because in the dream news had spread of my arrival and they looked like cops patrolling the area and searching for me, so I spent many of the dreams running away in fear of them until at last I was inside the dream and I remembered that I might be looking at this all wrong and wondered what would happen if I just surrendered to them..

The Prince of Persia-The Sands of Time-Gemma Arterton-Tamina-wetSo I came out of my hiding place behind the vehicle, held up my hands and said, “Here I am, I am the one you are looking for.”  I was immediately surrounded by the Troupe who grabbed me by each elbow as they told me how long they had been looking for me.  They said something about the Man in the High Place had heard that I was coming and had sent them out to find me and they had been searching for me everywhere since they heard I was coming.

They took me to this building in which we had to travel up the stairs to several floor (like to a pent house to the Royal Suite) And the more stairs I walked up the thinner and taller I became until at last it seemed like I was 7 feet tall and thin as a rail and my clothes also changed form  (I draw pictures from those dreams of us)

When they open the door to the Royal Suite, it is lavishly decorated like something one might expect from Princess il_fullxfull_352139535Tamina in the Prince of Persia movie.  Where sheer silk blows in the breeze over a bed.

When the man who lives there sees me his eyes light up and he immediately comes to me and explains how as soon as he heard I was coming he had sent his sentries out to pick me up and immediately bring me to him.  There was the presence of a woman there.  I could see her, hovering, in the room and thought she and he were bonded.

Then he did something I was not expecting.  He began making all these movements with his hands until I stood naked in front of him.  He put his kisses upon me as he swept me across the room tossing my clothes as he went and laid me naked upon his silken bed where he made wild passionate love to me..  I had to keep wondering who I was to this man of royalty that he immediately thought he should disarm me by removing all my clothes…  and who was the woman who hovered near but did not offer an objection within her spirit..



Tree spirits and me… dreams
April 29, 2014

just woke up from a dream in which I was hunting for someone and got lost. There is someone with me but it is not the person I was looking for, he is a frien.. I was looking around trying to figure out what direction to go when I spotted a lovely white tree with gracious arms and announced that I would now go ask the tree where the person I was looking for had gone..

It was cool.. when I got to the tree I found myself in the trees apartment discussing where the person could be found, and after a little discussion she said person was at 530 Hollow which was down by the river front.. the Tree, she takes her arm, and standing behind me she points her arm in the direction, tells me to go to this corner, turn, go down to the river front and turn.. and go until I arrive at 530 Hallow……. It was really quite cool talking to this tree…


I love to dream..  I love to reflect back on my dreams, on how when I merged with the tree to ask it where the girl was I found myself in an apartment with wooden floors and wooden walls…  I love the way that then the tree spirit (or should I say one of the tree spirits, as there was more then one in the tree) was showing me the map on how to get to the River Front, she was using her arms and crooks in her arms were telling me where to turn….

.. Everything happens for a reason
April 17, 2014

happens for a reason 2
I once had a dream that I came to a river and as I stood there staring at the water a stone rose up so I jumped upon it.. and stood again to stare at the water. Then a second stone rose from the water, so I jumped on it.. From stone to stone I jumped until I arrived at the center of the river and this time a column rose that had a small ledge I jumped upon.. by now there was another man with me and a storm was blowing in. The water was becoming rocky and no more stones were rising for me to make a leap of faith to. The man let go and disappeared into the water, so my leap of faith this time was to let go and fall into the water where I sank down and found myself entering a room that had a storm window and a chair and desk.As I looked around the room I saw a doorway that lead deeper into the building, but about that time the earth began to shake like an earthquake and the chair and desk picked up their legs and ran in fear. and when I turned around the man, something was happening to the man, he made a leap of faith into a beam of light and morphed into his light body.. then there was a woman who made her leap of faith and the storm window broke as she did it, and she too morphed into her light body… then I knew that this was to be my next leap of faith… so I did it.. and the world changed…


This is a far journey for the girl who had this dream was almost to the place in here life where her husband of 10 years was just about to divorce her….. and the storm that would rage from his announce that he had changed his mind about wanting to be married to her was intense…


“out of Time journeys” ~Native spirituality with the Thunder People
April 3, 2014

Sometimes my ability to see through time leaves me wondering if anyone understands what I am talking about, or if these out of time pictures are just touching memories we share..

One of my “out of Time journeys” began in 2004 with a dream in which I traveled for 2-26,000 year periods singing a creation song about a place of peace in order to make an exchange with one of the sons of a Thunderbird..

In the beginning of the dream I didn’t understand the dream, but as time stretched out and I merged more and more with the Earth, following her every instruction I was lead to a place where something happened to me with the Thunder People and when I asked her why I was feeling what I was feeling, she pointed back to the dream and said it was because I was a cloud who had made an exchange with the Thunder People and that where I was at now was all a part of that continuing story.. and why I could hear them talking to me..

At the I was writing it all out in poetry…  and eventually I was taken to a place where I was shown that from that exchange (beside being a part of the cross patch clothing we dress the Earth in (with that emotion becoming a Mountain who had a River running beneath her) 7 Little Thunder Children were born to me.  There were 3 shy girls who danced in my billowing skirt and 3 boys and 1 girl, all bold with their lightning bolts and dancing behind me as I walked. 

So I continued on my journey through the passage of Time and found some 7 years later, hearing someone at the back door and when I ran to see what spirits had shown up, I opened the door to find the 3 daughters who played shyly in my billowing skirt greeting me and telling me that I was their mom..  

Behind them came the raging storm, it blew through our town with a fury and as I went out to chase them I saw my other 4 children following behind me, just like in my dream from 2004..

I have grown so much on my journey, watching these story lines and they play before me outside of time.  What I have witnessed has made me stronger in my belief that the gods and goddesses have descended down upon the Earth again to write the next part of the story..

What I remember is that our Goddess Mother who agreed to take her body into the Earth so that we could touch each other in a land that was solid, it was we who clothed her in mountains and rivers and land scapes… and I, Misty Mountain who made the exchange with Slowing Rolling Thunder River Love Song became a mountain (range) that had river that run beneath her…

Just now, I looked at this picture and wondered where on the Goddess Mother Earths body my 7 children manifested as the clothes we clothed her with..

three daughters in my billowing skirt

Extraterrestrials come my way ~dream
March 17, 2014

Woke up inside a dream.  One of the guys I remember he was saying how when a certain Extraterrestrial person would come he would show up on his horse and then when he was leaving on his horse he would transform it into another animal.. It was like a signature way of recognizing him.


So when I woke up inside the dream Bridgett and I were asleep in bed when I hear my German Sheppard/part wolf Samson begin to bark.  My first thought was, Samson is beginning to bark to announce the arrival of someone.  Within a few minutes he barked again and I thought, whoever it is is getting closer..  then he barked again, each time a little louder, and I was thinking he was saying they are almost here now, I I decided I had best get up and get dressed before they arrived.


I got dressed and went out into the livingroom and the dream house transformed into a house I once lived in where I saw Extraterrestrials beaming down on a ray of light under cover of clouds down at the barn.  So I was in the livingroom watching for the arrival of someone when a knock comes to the back door.  There was another guy in the house and he and some others went to the back door, opened it and began talking in an unknown language so I could tell that they knew each other.


I thought, “well I should go see who it it.”  and when I got to where I could see I saw that there were 5 people standing outside the door.  The tallest one was doing the talking.  He had a painted face, like a stripe going across he eyes and there were other symbols painted on his face too.  He had a curly wig on and it seemed that he had disguised himself to blend in by taking on the appearance of a clown.  And as if 3 of them were from the same species they all 3 were looking like clowns in their appearance.  and the other seemed to be another species that I could not recognize.  They were much shorter.


As the conversation between the man and the Extraterrestrials began to wind down the 2 that were different they took it as their cue, got on their horses and began to gallop down towards the barn where the beam of light carries them..


Then the other 3, as if signaling that they were from a different direction (species) they get on their horse, gallop up a hill, jump a fence and kind of lift off the ground as they head in the direction of the barn.  At the last minute there came like a flash of light that had a noise with it, and when I looked over I saw the horse transform into an elephant…  So I took it as my sign that this had been the one I had already been told about..


…..  Later in the dream I was outside when I saw a lovely lady poke her head out the barn door so I went down to investigate.  She was little, like only 4 feet tall, and in appearance it was as if she had been clothed in a see through human skin but underneath she was like a rainbow type of liquid.  she had gloves on her hands as if she would be vulnerable to picking up germs, but she hugged me with deligh when she saw me and then began walking through the garage.  She was so delighted with out world touching everything..  I remember as she was sliding her hand along the wall, she touched a rake and it just sort of fell over as if she did not have a concept that her movements had consequences..  she was quite lovely, fascinated with everything, touching it all.. then I awoke

the Bear and the Honey Comb dream
February 6, 2014

duct tape and honeycomb
Wow what a dream. I was dreaming that I was the forest when we came upon a bear. He was lumbering along and went straight to a hollowed out tree that was laying on the ground. then he proceeded to reach into the tree and pull a naked man, who happened to be sleeping there, out. The bear put his whole mouth over the mans head (I was freaking out a little in the dream) but the man was fighting him and put his sharp knife into the bears mouth stung the inside of it so that the bear then dropped the man to the ground where he continued to defend himself.

then a strange thing happened, as if by some magical force it looked like the bear was being drug off by his tail.. and I was left pondering that fact that I had just seen the honeycomb inside the hollow tree as a man…


The Dream Portal.. its uses and functions
January 9, 2014

The dream world is a portal.  It is what we use, for example, if you came here from another planet on a mission to the Earth, then one of the passages the Elder Council can use to ensure a successful mission is to enter through your dream portal and guide you.  Entering into a human body to preform a mission can prove to be a difficult task because we have to enter through the human birth canal and loose our memories.  When we loose our memories we also loose the knowledge of what we came to do.  There are many who came here from other worlds to assist the Earth as she/he/the 2 who walk as One have chose to ascend back up to a higher vibration.  So the dream portal is used to guide us in the right directions so that we can perform the mission we volunteered for..  In our Indian prophecies it speaks of traveling back to the Happy Hunting Grounds.  There are many from other worlds who volunteered to come assist at this time, to raise the vibration that will enable the Happy Hunting Grounds to remanifest anew..  The Dream world portal is used to help keep us on track where the Councils can come visit us and guide us through the next stages, point us where to go next etc.  That is one of the uses for the Dream world.

Stone people ~and the Higher Self
December 28, 2013

Seeing through their eyes in my dreams.. the stone people .. makes me ponder a deeper thought…  For those of us who walk this way we know that beyond these human bodies lies our Higher Selves, and this life we are living is but a tiny fragment of our greater whole who is capable of seeing us in every single life we are living simultaneously…

In my dreams, it seems the stone people are telling me that they too are like that, that when they travel as seed pods so too does their Higher Self travel with them…

Stone people dreaming me ~a seed pod dream
December 27, 2013

I am on the same quest I have been on since I was 12 when I received the instructions that I was to merge with the Earth in all ways.

Somehow we have come into a journey through caves, to looking through the eyes of the Stone People.  They speak to me through my dreams..seed pod dream 1

Yesterday some more came to live with me, and they instantly began talking to me through a series of dreams that lasted all night…  I was dreaming I was at home, inside the cave, Which I knew I was inside the cave because when I came to the 2 cave entrances I took the one on the left.  All was going as expected when all of a sudden a man on his chariot comes flying through and we all scatter away from him..

Then I find myself in another dream that is action packed an involves a man who is running.  Suddenly he jumps upon his chariot and races away from us.  I follow him as he is kind of blazing a trail when he comes to the edge of the cave.  It has a feel that is equivalent to when we believed that the world was flat and if you went to the edge you would just fall off.  He shot out the cave hole and the only thing to catch him was the clouds he was passing through…  But wait!  He is traveling forward with such strength and such gusto that he makes it to the other side, which I discover is the seed pod dream 2entrance to my cave, to the one I entered into in the first dream.. and this time when he pushed through, riding on his chariot I am in a space down below, and looking up I recognize I already dreamed this…. and that I was being shown where he came from how he came to be in our world..

Later, I found myself in another dream, seemed this one must have been a crystal cluster dream.  There was this guy and he seemed rather attracted to me.  Kept hanging really close and it seemed he was convinced that it was our destiny to be held together in an intimate way.

I was feeling rather shy about it in the beginning.  Then when I finally consented to our being held together in an intimate way I gave him a green card that signaled I would be with him in an intimate way.  Our houses were next door to each other so he took me into his house, to the place where the silver metal (lithium?) ran beneath the water.  It was picture perfect and clean.

Suddenly there was a noise outside.  He disappeared, to go do something and I found myself back in my room that was now adjoining his room.  Then his parents walk through the door and sense I have been there.  So they come over to my door and come into my space as I am standing in the place where the silver metal runs beneath the water.. I tell them that him and I have joined together, but I am thinking, “You live with your parents?”  ….   LOL   ….

Later, I arrive at another dream.  We are astronauts and are getting ready to go on a mission.  When I come into the dream we are taking our places in the space pod, the 4 of us, like in the dream before.  Now I realize that they are not really his parents, but our comrades.  (perhaps what would be expressed as our higher selves traveling with us as companions would..  They go every where with us.)

We seem to be strapped in for take off, but right after that I kind of break free and am floating around inside the space pod, bumping into him so that he too becomes not held so tight within the space pod..

I am feeling very happy as I float around, touching softly against him, loosening him so that he is not so attached to the pod.  I have this feeling of eternal love and joy inside of me, this feeling that even if I was to become separate from the pod and fly off to some distant land to make the new happening I was sent to create (as I feel like I am a seed pod) …  I have this feeling of joy inside of me that where ever I end up. Where ever I plant my seed is the exact place I am supposed to be…  Now I am flying free inside the space pod..  and he is watching me… Softly I bump into him and watch our spark…