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If I had something that was me to give..
March 28, 2012

If there was one piece of advice that was mine to give because of the life I have lived it would be to merge with all aspects of the Earth.

Merge with a tree and know what it feels like to be a tree, feel your roots go deep touching the roots of the trees and plants around you, know what it feels like to share of yourself in a place no one else can see, yet reflects on the outside world so beautifully.

Merge with the water, run free, talk constantly like a babbling brook, enter into the stillness of the deep, roar like white water rapids, go places impulse leads, trickle down the path of least resistance, throw yourself off of the edge of your world with abandonment, not knowing where you will end up, be the water falling into a new world and discover that even there you are still who you are.

Merge with that which you are scared of, merge with 2 of those tectonic plates pushing against each other.. opposing views make mountains come forth.

 Merge with the volcano and surf the lava to the center of the Earth.

Merge with Thunderbeings and sing their song.   Feel what they feel when their lightning strikes the Earth.  It makes protoplasms upon her body that looks like the roots of a tree going down into the Earth, touching the Crystal people, adding charge to their creativity, to the mathematical reason for their being.  In that moment they are one with the outside world, a portal, a doorway is opened..  Merge with all of her.  Do not be afraid to see what she has to tell you about how it should be.

Do not be afraid to get swept away by emotions that travel in different directions.  Be the tornado, and be the beautiful sunset that reveals its face at the end of a tornado kind of day.

Be the seed inside the shell, struggle to break free and become all that you can be…  and when you break free let go of the shell (the memory of being confined) and just be.  Grow like you were meant to grow.  Turn your face towards the light and feel the love that is coming to you.  Feel the clouds share their rain with you, the soil share its nutrients… and grow, grow, grow.

When disaster strikes give yourself permission to feel sorrow, but merge with the birds and ask them what they do and they will say, “it is time to rebuild”.  Going forth we find them building a new nest.  We find them singing like they do, gathering food..  They do not just sit and hold their sorrow inside of them for the rest of their lives.  They say, ‘We go on.  We rebuild.”

All of the rules for how we are supposed to walk through this dimension have been written upon the Earths body.

There are many trees that grow in the forest, together in harmony they make sacred sharing of how we should be.

All the rules for how to walk here in this world we know were written upon the Earths body.

Merge with the Earth, see the bigger picture, embrace the bigger picture.  Then there is no need for prejudice, for war, for hate.

There are opposites that work against each other, but even they have their place in the grand design.  When the 2 winds blow against each have a big emotion, but when again you find that other wind is somewhere else, then be the gentle wind that sneaks up and kisses a friend on the cheek..

Merge with the Earth..  if I had one piece of advice to give for guidance, that is what it would be.. Merge with the Earth

Do not be afraid to hug something different than yourself.

Sacred Thunderbird, her story.. ~Part 1~
March 21, 2012


You know once we incarnate on Earth, we forget everything… and thus begins the journey of finding our way back…  This story could belong to anyone…

She did not remember why she had incarnated on Earth or what she she came to do.  Her first recollection was waking up in Christian Sector, sitting  in a sanctuary of 4 walls and watching the thoughts of the people come out of their heads in living pictures.  She traveled all through time looking at the places where their ancestors before them had thought the exact same thoughts, saw the way, just like the mist goes up and forms the cloud, so also did all the peoples like  thoughts collect and form the world around them..

to be continued…

You Visit me Often
March 17, 2012


You visit me often in my world.

You are the shadows 

that dance upon my body,

my ground, my home,

the place I now occupy.

The place of my shinings 


You are the shadows

that dance upon my ground 

and play upon

the quiet places of my longings. 


You are the darkness

that lives inside of me,

in my caves and crevices.

And in my long treks

you lay with me.


When you slip in

I hand you a crown

and follow ever so softly beside you.

I am the blue your grey merges with,

the pink

that dances upon 

the blue you have created.

I soften my light

and watch your shadows shift gears 






I dreamed the water said, “I love you” back.
March 15, 2012

The instructions I received, in my youth, were that I was to merge with the Earth in all ways, that the instructions for how to walk in a world that was solid had been written upon her body and so I was to make my walk like her walk.

I have spent years merging with her, even in places where I was scared (like with the Thunderbeings) I merged with them once that was the instructions I received. 

In 2007 I went to the River Ouachita and he merged with me and sang me a song.  During that merging, I had traveled again to sit within his body when I began to hear a different and strange song.  That night into my dreams I could hear the singer way off in the distance so I began to swim through the great ocean (the sky) towards the singer of the song and arrived there to realize that a Great Whale was telling me that this was the galaxy it was living as when the call came forth that we were going to journey into a world of solid.

With this the Great Whale began swimming back towards the Earth, all the while I was listening to its song.

For the next 3 months the Great Whale took me on a journey through the ocean to show me what was happening in the water.  He showed me that we humans like it was a dumping grounds.  He showed me ships and airplanes at the bottom of the ocean, and one that were purposely being dropped off there.  He showed me that in the erosion of time the chemicals in these vessels were leaking our poisons.  He showed me places inside the ocean where the water was dead.  He showed me animals loosing their lives in the big fishing nets.  He told me the ocean was in distress and needed us.

From that day forward, I have

Every Day Said I Love You to the Water.

This morning I was dreaming I was on some Island.  I do not know which one (perhaps Japan)  We were like touring the Island when one of my friends hollered at me.  When I looked to see where he was hollering at me from I saw a huge waterfall and he was standing on a stone in the place where the water cascaded off asking me if he should jump.

I didn’t really know if he should jump or not and as I was trying to tell him that off on the other side I hear a sound and when I looked I saw an ocean vessel blow up into the air a big fountain of water.. that came down in the shape of a heart…

About this time my friend says, “Oh look Maureen the water is telling you

I Love You.”

then I realized it was true, the water coming through this vessel was saying

“I Love You”

..I woke up thinking, wow the water just said I love you back..

~I dance as you invade
March 14, 2012


I dance as you invade,

turning my light into shade.

Your return thrills me to no end.

Each and every night I always walk beside you.

In some small way,

I shine my stars above your head

reflecting my light upon our planets.

I am the moonlight

shimmering upon your dark cold waters

the light that dances

upon the grounds of your forest

In one way or another

I touch your life.



Dream Catcher
March 11, 2012

Last year was my first year where I live now. In my excitement I bought many flowers early in the spring. Then every time it froze I would bring them in and talk to them. On the final time it had finally gotten warm enough that I knew it was time to take them back out so I was photographing them like crazy, talking to them, telling them it was time for them to continue their journey back outside when all of a sudden I found myself in a room full of people. There was this lady dressed in an exquisite blue dress made of light whose hair was done up in a very tight bun. She said, “Well if we are going shopping then I must get dressed first.” With this she picked up something large that looked like a dream catcher and attached it to her bun like it was her hat… I tried to draw out some of them I saw standing talking to me that day..






pictures from earthen’s garden 2011

Eagles Dancing and the Thunder Bird
March 8, 2012

In 1995 a bunch of artist showed up at my house and began drawing pictures.  At the time I was working on this Eagle picture..  which when I drew it the Eagle told me it was head dress..  then as I am putting her underneith the Eagle, I hear the words, “And at the end of the story the Dancing Bird Goddess steps off the edge of the precipice and begins her flight..  It is the story of her leap of faith….   As I was watching the story I could clearly see every step of the journey was taking  her to the edge of the precipice

 Last November I came out of Walmarts looked up at the sky and saw 2 Eagles dancing in flight inside the body of the Thunderbird I had been talking to..  I tried to take pictures of them but they barely showed up, so I had to take 2 Eagles from the internet and clone them on..  The actual Eagles that I saw that day are the 2 spots underneith and to the right of her chin on the lower pictures….  This picture is my honoring of the completion of a great Cirlce…  and as always the circle becomes a spiral..

….  from 1995 ….

 Other pictures from the same story… time….  for some reason I felt like I was drawing her, the Dancing Bird Goddess from other countries too…


My Life as a Fairy Tale, Journey to distant Star
March 7, 2012

She danced to the beat of her own drum, followed the path she was given to walk.  Her son had once said about a former love of his, “She is not crazy in the right way, if you can understand what I mean.”  She understood that perfectly.  Both of her sons were attracted to the crazy ones she had observed..  even as all of her life she had been the crazy one, dancing to the drums no one else could hear but her, following the song she traveled on..  It was an NDN thing that called her to dance when no one around her was dancing the way she was dancing..  so she understood what her son said that day, completely..

She remembered, way back 26 light years ago hearing the Ancestors whispering her ear, “The only thing to fear is the fear itself.”  At the time she lived in fear of the Thunder Beings so she decided it was time to go out and face them.  She believed that they would not strike her life from her before she understood what happened to the people because in her passage through the christian sector she had been told that everyone was going to hell except them, so she had to make her journey into the place where she knew what was going to happen to the people.  Knowing this was her destiny gave her the strength to go face the Thunder Nation.

The place where her and her children were staying at the time was in the great wide open.  It was there she knelt before the Thunder People and watched them as ‘He’ walked over her head..  He barely noticed her as he walked over her, except for that one small moment that he turned around and looked at her standing there saluting him, he continued on..

After that she began taking her children out with her to salute them as they passed by.  They would wrap up in sheets, and she would stand there with them looking through time at other lives they had lived…  so she completely understood when her son told, “She is not crazy in the right way.”

There was a sign she was always given that guided her with the Great Lion, and when the sign showed up, she got out her magic arrows, and shot a flair up into the sky..  and soon he signaled he had received her flair…

It did not change a thing.  She was still traveling on her path to distant star, passing through the NDN OCEAN looking at all the arts, poetry and prayers of the people there..  Sailing on through such beauty, on way to distant Star made her glad she had come this way…

Descending Cloud and Rainbow Raindrop
March 5, 2012

It began after moving to sacred mountain,

Driving home from work one night

And who should be standing in the road

But a lovely Cloud Person

standing there so gracefully

That I surrendered to what she was saying

And as I drove right through her

A portal opened,

Time elongated

And when I came out

On the other side it was as if

I had entered a new dimension.

It was soon after that

I walked out from work at midnight

To find a cloud had descended down.

And every morning when I arose

This cloud had ascended

Back up to hover over us.

I would go to work and it would be clear

but when I would come out at midnight

I would find the cloud had descended down

to ascend again by morning light

to hover each day above us.

I came into to the realization

that someone was saying hello

so I begin saying ‘hello’ back

and giggling and laughing

and cherishing these moment

inside Descending Clouds body

at midnight on my way home.

Some days passing

this journey through

Descending Cloud

Until at last I come out

at midnight one night

and see it was clear again,

stars shining bright.

I journeyed home

with my head out the window

Looking at the stars

until just as I arrive at my driveway

I see him standing there

Descending Cloud

has come to bid me fare well

And it all becomes holy, holy, holy

as I get out of my car

to see him standing in my yard.

So I curtsey and I bow

In a gesture of thanks

And in that moment

There comes a shift

that is felt in the moment

my next footstep

Touches the ground

All my footsteps becomes

The sound of chimes

And as I look around

The sound of chimes is everywhere

It’s in the trees all around me.

It’s in my footsteps

I have entered the space between

There has been a shift in my dimension

A change in my perception,

Time has slowed down

And I am standing inside the cloud

Listening to its sound,

To its heart beating

And it sounds like chimes.

They are everywhere,

Huge big raindrops

20 feet apart

And with every leaf,

Every branch and every touch

A sound goes out

The sound of chimes ringing

In the night.

And as I stare up with wonders eye

I see way off in the distance

a beautiful rainbow ballerina dancing

all her movements are fluid

are dancing in beauty

with each swirl and twirl

she is moving towards me

closer and closer she comes

in her dance


until as she travel past my eyes

I see she is a raindrop

And with laughter

she hits the ground

with a chiming sound

and I realize

she is Rainbow Raindrop.

Blessed inside this journey..

Visited by

Descending Cloud

And Rainbow Raindrop.

Earthen Girl 2007

Pink Lady of the Amazon dreams me
March 5, 2012

…Inside the dream…

spring 2011


I dreamed a dream in which in the midst of the dream I went back to bed and dreamed a dream within the dream.. In this dream there was a man who seemed to always act as my escort, where ever I went he was there. He was very tall, at least 18 ” taller than I and I remember feelings of being held gentle inside his embrace, and the feeling that when I spoke my words in soft whispers to him he cherished the ground I walked upon, and then again the soft feel of being held by him as every where I went he was there..


I was out tending to the garden, looking around at my creation when I realized that when I looked up to the second story balcony of our place the plants had grown so thick that they had formed a beautiful canopy that made the deck very private, so I ran upstairs to see if it was as private on the inside as it appeared on the outside.. and thought I saw orchids growing on the deck..


About that time my grand daughter came along and was saying something about wanting something to eat, so told her that I would travel with her in search of food..


At this point I realized I was bare breasted, tried to grab a pink shirt, but instead the shirt was plaid and would only button enough for me to go in search of food, so I button 3 buttons and told my companion, the very tall indigenous long haired dark skinned man that we were going in search of food. The moment I stepped close to him, his arm automatically came around me to hold me in a gentle embrace, and I don’t think he understood the effect his holding me this was having on me because I totally wanted to flirt with him, but he just held me and listened to my whispers like he was holding something sacred..


I awoke with my grand daughter and I traveling in search of food..


It was a short time later as I sat staring at this plant, sitting at the foot of my bed, that I realized that I was inside the plant and she was dreaming me… I believe that i was seeing her world through her eyes, and the tall dark skinned man was a tree that held her in his embrace as she grew…


I believe the reason I put the plaid shirt on to go in search of food was because she searched for food with her roots…


And in the dream we were in search of a pizza shop in search of food.  so I think that through her roots she must find her food through where the mushrooms grow..


what a gift she gave me

dreaming me like that