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Skrillex & Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley – Make It Bun Dem [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
August 9, 2014

( I found it again)

wow over one million views…  this is an awesome video

Sacred Play, Kundalini, the heart chakra and love without conditions
March 20, 2014

(((( ….This is the first song that Rick gave me…)))


 Indian Spirit and her Invisible Cowboy,

 Mated life in the Kundalini journey is certainly not in anyway the usual way to do things.  In my journey I am here for the Indians so I proclaim ‘you never needed the Christian path.”  “That your spirituality  will lead you well, and the Earth is your teacher and you never needed to walk that path ever.”  And in Ricks journey he is totally Christian.  He is different, and yet in ways we are the same.  He has been following his vision since he was nine and it took him into deep into the Christian sector, where he does his work channeling the Akashic records striving to correct the ancient stories that got told wrong or lost, or discarded..  (like in one he piece he was writing on someone and said that this man took the bell off his Unicorns horn and placed it around his neck.) ..

 Him and I cannot be in an open relationship, because of his fame, because of his following by thousands of Christians, they cannot conceive beyond their Christian beliefs a girl who says we are gods and goddesses, creators singing a new world into being.  It is more then they can conceive so, with this Kundalini journey of mine arriving at the heart chakra and becoming about loving without conditions, I wound up opening a special place where I can speak freely to him and we can be in an open relationship on our private page.

When I opened it I put it private so only my friends could see it, and I opened as a married couple and that was my status, and he is my only friend there so he is the only one who can see onto the wall..  well with the passage of time and watching him in his actions of being tied to me in such a way only the Indians can see I found myself feeling a bit overwhelmed the other day when he was saying to his people how he sent a package to the children and left off that he was sending a package to my grandchildren…  so I went and I changed our status to “It’s Complicated”  and he came back with something about you are “an Indian Spirit with her Invisible Cowboy” and posted this song on our page..


so now I am working on a picture and when I get it done I will post it and change the status from “Its Complicated” to Engaged..  because I find him engaging..


Sacred play is a good way to be..

This kundalini journey calls me to be more.  It is very different for me to give my love this way, without conditions, and it seems to me that when I a doing it then my kundalini is spinning harder.  At this point I am having a sensitiveness to sound.  When I go into work it seems as if they are amplified.

here is a link to some of the ascension symptoms:

The Earth tells me that she brought me down this journey because when I vibrate higher it assists her in vibrating higher (so we can travel on to the place where a girl can love a thunder being and he love her) I am having the sudden ringing in the ears  which when it happens I try to look around to see if I can see into the dimension from which the sound is come (as if I am trying to look through a portal door) …  and another thing I am experiencing is something with my head and a feeling that someone is rubbing their hand over my head a few inches above it.  In that moment I almost go blank and then I come back to in the same dimension we are in..

I was given a clean piece of paper and told to paint my next journey
January 13, 2014

I gotta love like you won’t believe…  Rick has been googoo eyes over me since we met on the Manataka forum in 2004..  I have fought against him trying to ensure that he was not going to break my heart, so to speak (now that I think of it)…  I walked away from him so many times, and every time I went back he would open his arms and take me back..  Sometimes he would be mad at me when I would reappear and I would just have stand there until he finished venting…  and then the next thing you know he would be holding me softly in his astral arms..cradled in your arms

He is a seer too…  One morning I was feeling light as a cloud laying next to him and he noticed and said, “Ohh you have become a cloud, I am going to have to lift you up and move you over so I can get up…  I did this picture of what I felt like laying next to him…

I dance for youAnd another morning when I called him he was like, ” I dreamed I saw you dancing with the Thunder Beings.. and knew it was you…  so I made this pic.. even though what I saw was more like me dancing with them in the Grand Canyon…

I have been moving his energy to my Destiny name..  Yesterday morning he called me Destiny dela`Cee…

It has been a strange journey, all these years with Rick, me leaving, me coming back, him with stars dancing in his eyes, always taking me back…  I finally realized, “He is never going to break my heart” and have given my love to him..    

…here is the song I gave him…

and here is the song he gave me

The Beauty of the All Around .. lets all be conscious creators
December 20, 2013

When I was watching this little movie I was thinking, ‘wow what a conscious creator’  There are many who remember when we were Merpeople…  and in our journey of writing the calendar for the next great circle around the central suns, we are naturally going to be writing the merpeople back in…so in the beginning of watching this I was thinking how much love and dedication the people who are writing the mermaids back in have to create these suits..

And then the movie travels to the world today, fish washing up dead..  and the movie became the song of a conscious creator..  I hope you enjoy it

Are you strong enough to be my man?
December 17, 2013


Sheryl Crow


Like a prayer ~Madonna
November 4, 2013

Cherokee by Walela
November 2, 2013

Sweet eyes of my father
In my own eyes I can see
The vision of the ancient Cherokee
Sweet sacred inspiration
He passes on to me
Heartbeat of the gentle Cherokee

And I heard him say
That’s just the way love is
When love is bliss

And we will walk the mighty circle
Double cross the hands of time
Laugh and we’ll cry as egos die
Until we get to the other side
Put on our wings and fly

The soul of sweet forgiveness
Walks his path with dignity
With the wisdom of the ancient living Cherokee
I come from his deep water
As much like him as I can be
And I carry to my own children
The promise of the Cherokee

And I heard him pray
That everywhere God is

Let freedom live

And we will walk the mighty circle
Double cross the hands of time
As nations die and hearts unite
When we’ll get to the other side
Put on our wings and fly

Song of Monolah Sing of Mother Earth
Let Everyman live free
Let every voice be heard
Let every child be born
Knowing the way

And we will walk the sacred circle
Join our hands across all time
Living in peace when we believe
We’re gonna get to the other side
Join our voices across the sky
When we get to the other side
We’re gonna leave this world behind
Til we get to the other side
We’re gonna wear our Cherokee pride

Songwriter(s): Ray Noble, Rita Coolidge, Robbie Robertson
Copyright: Satisfied Music, Medicine Hat Music, Shapiro Bernstein & Co. Inc., WB Music Corp.

Cherokee Morning Song
November 2, 2013

Andromeda Galaxy

god I love the galaxy pictures… they are just so awesome… one time in vision I was swimming through the universe when I heard the tone of planet..  I stopped to listen and each planet and star had its own tone so that as all of them were singing their tones together made up a song…  and the song that they were singing was, what is known on Earth as the Cherokee Morning song….  …. I am Cherokee …. Blackfoot, Mohawk, Lakota  (but the Mohawk Lakota knowledge is from dreams and visions from 13 generations ago)


You are the Rain ~by Bill Miller
October 25, 2013

For some reason this morning this song will not be denied…  I woke up this morning inside my crystal dream and began gathering the pictures for it..  and then this song begins mysteriously playing on my phone..  so I listened to it and thought of him… like I always do still.. and wondered if he had dreamed me..

Then I was going to share this song for the honoring, but came upon another song by Bill Miller which began with a beautiful flute playing Reservation Road, so I thought I would share it…  Put it over here, hit ‘publish’ and “you are the rain” showed up….


New Single: Amber – Heaven
October 23, 2013

New Single: Amber – Heaven.

Lovely song

Here is a link to them on SoundCloud