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In my dreams he comes
July 31, 2012

In my dreams he comes for reasons I know not why..

for the last 3 nights he comes and I know not why

In one I am laying on him, on his right side and he is holding me when I melt into him, merge in a way as if I am his other half and then I see I am tattooed onto his body..

Then in the dream we are going about business, about life, and he is coming closer.  I can feel him.  He is coming closer and I can feel him.  We are going to lay together, I can tell.  He is waiting for me to be ready..

Then he disappears again like he does .. and I go to find him .. again ..  He is laying in a single bed..

Then we are on the steps, the kind that would be like at a government building.  He is sitting there and I am standing there.   Then he invites me to come to him, to the place where I merge into the tattoo of me laying on him, on his right side.. He invites me to come lay with him in the place where I was laying on his right side, where I merged with him and became the tattoo on his body.. but I am afraid and hold myself back..  I am still afraid..  I am worried I will no longer fit in the place I once fit.  I hesitate.

In this mornings dream, he was here.  We were going somewhere..  He was driving my car.. and I wanted to take him to the river, or else we were driving so close to the river that I could see it..  but the river is not the river that is here.  It is the river from our home world..  We are close to the river..

I have dreamed before of the man of the man on who’s right side I was tattooed as if his love for me was so strong that I was permanently tattooed upon his body..  that was in the 90’s.. 

I wonder if I can find the picture again.. it was a crescent moon shaped hair picture from way back before I knew was a planet to volunteered to come assist the Earth in their ascension..

What unconditional love looks like
July 30, 2012

Remember when we danced through time?
July 30, 2012

Remember when we danced our way through our Egyptian lives? we were not so solid then, not so settled into a 3 d world and could transform our energy into our cat selves..  or dog.. or bird..  (etc)  Many with great love for cat exchanged in the energy that was known as Bast..  Many with great love of Winged Ones exchanged in the energy that was known as Isis….  god goddess we, creators always , even now in our creation that has taken us so far away from protecting the Earth (who wanted to be here too).. our creation.. always..  We have dreamed up some stories…  We were all One, just as we are all One now.. dancing in this dance..

Astral Projection dream
July 29, 2012

I made 2 alarms to reach into my dreams and remind me to wake there and astral project.  So this morning I woke up inside my dream and we were on an elevator going up.  I was with another man and he was leading me somewhere.

By the time we got to the floor  I was feeling my astral cord, only I was seeing it as between my legs, like an umbilical cord that traveled in a long stream from where we had come from.

I decided I had to stay on the elevator for a bit until the feeling stopped.  The man got off the elevator.  The door shut behind him and the elevator went down one floor.  The feeling of  the Astral Umbilical chord disappeared..  Some people got on the elevator..  I didn’t..

But that was all I could remember..

July 28, 2012



We can influence the Sky People
July 27, 2012

we love you

Stay for a while

Share with us

your quenching waters

Be gentle with us

We love you

July 25, 2012

July 25, 2012

July 26, 2012

July 27, 2012

Where I live it was said we got about an inch of rain.  They were saying that some places, even in less than an hours drive only got 1/50th of an inch..  today we have clouds again.  The grass is still dead here.. good day to sing a love song to the Sky People, and tell them how much we love their quenching waters..  even though, from the picture below, they have moved on.. it is a good day to whisper our love for them.


July 25, 2012

Protected: Prayers for my Grandchildren
July 25, 2012

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“Let me be a free man”
July 25, 2012

We got locked up into this thinking everyone one had to fit into the same box, make the same kind of pictures..  Now the people of the Lightwork have to come in.. and change the energy.. 

It is not a balanced walk to try to force everyone to fit into the same box.

Broken Spirits
July 25, 2012

She does not mean to be so broken

but sometimes things happen that shatter ones mind to the point that being a seer becomes a broken experience.  As a child she suffered abuse so bad she cannot remember what happened, left that, only again to suffer a beating that lasted 3 days..  Then she left this reality and went somewhere where she received the instructions on how to find her way back..

So she returned.. for a moment she returned.. then disappeared back to the place where she can find the ones who will guide her back.

Only problem is, she is conflicted, in a battle between what the world considers ‘normal’ and what the voices are telling her to do..  A battle ensues and she is seen running through the town naked, because the voices are telling her to take off all of her clothes.

And the police are there, and they are hauling her off to jail..  while her family weeps because when she is with them she is so beautiful..