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Native American Animal messengers ~the fox
September 27, 2013


When an animal crosses my path that I don’t normally see I always take it as a sign that I am being given a message…..

Something about the approaching Ison Comet..  something about Perseus..  and the stars in my sky, finding their position in preparation for the Comet’s visit has me going outside at predawn looking at the stars and trying to recognize them..

So this morning I got outside and watch as a Fox makes it way across the railroad tracks, passes in front of me, goes down to the next corner and turns back up towards the railroad tracks…  and that is the first time I have seen a fox here at this house in the 3 years I have lived here…  SO, as this is the medicine that I use to tell me how to walk through this world, and since, ‘by sharing we grow’  I thought I would share what I found..

Fox Totem Medicine Teaches Us              

When fox comes to you to share its spiritual medicine, it is giving you a sign that you should observe the acts of others instead of the words they use. Use the cunning nature of the fox to keep silent about who, what, and why you are observing. Learn the art of camouflage.
hmmmmmmmmm, that just reminds me that I should have shared the Hummingbird Messengers when they showed up….  I think I will… this weekend…

Surviving a Dark Night of the Soul
September 27, 2013

I have seen another man walking a long journey through the dark night of the soul… and I too know this journey, although mine lasted from the time I was 15 until I was 30…. Mine came about because Christianity tried to exorcize the Indian out of me and when they did that I was plunged into darkness…. walking forward through what looked like hell I began to weep for the others… It is a long journey through the Dark Night of the Soul…..

Dancing with Perseus
September 26, 2013

Perseus and the star dancer

I love searching for constellation pictures and I was out the other day surfing the when I found this lovely picture…  It was called Chaos in Perseus…  so I have been playing there inserting lovely pictures in sacred play with Perseus…  I found this awesome rendition of the story of Perseus…

…  …

The story begins before the birth of either Andromeda or Perseus. In the land of Argolis there was a great warrior-king named Abas. He was a man so mighty that even after he died the sight of his shield would send rebels to the royal house scattering in fear. He had two twin sons to whom he gave the responsibility of ruling the kingdom. He charged that they should each rule a year, and then switch. But the twins, Acrisius and Proetus, weren’t content with this arrangement, and when Acrisius refused to give up the throne at the end of his term, Proetus launched a bloody assualt on the kingdom. Eventually the brothers agreed to split the kingdom up; Acrisius got Argos and Proetus got the rest.

Acrisius, married to Aganippe (which, just for curiosity’s sake, means “mare who kills mercifully”), had no sons but did father the child Danae. He wanted a male heir, and asked an oracle how that might occur. The oracle answered, “You will have no sons, and your grandson must kill you.” Acrisius immediately locked his daughter in a dungeon with bronze doors guarded by savage guards, but what are bronze and dogs against Ananke (Fate) and Zeus. Zeus appeared to Danae in a shower of gold (see below) and impregnated her.

When Acrisius learned of his daughter’s pregnancy, he wasn’t about to believe her story of Zeus and golden showers, and suspected his brother Proetus (who had romanced Danae earlier). Not daring to kill poor Danae, he locked his daughter and the young Perseus (her son) into a casket and ordered it pushed into the sea, saying “If she dies, it be on Poseidon’s head.”

The casket didn’t drown, miraculously, and was hauled ashore on the island of Seriphos by a kind old fisherman named Dictys. He took the two at once to his brother, King Polydectes, who raised Perseus. As Perseus grew he found his situation difficult. He had to protect his beautiful mother against the advances of Polydectes. Polydectes couldn’t just kill Perseus, but he did want to get rid of him, so he told all his friends and announced that he was planning to beg the hand of Hippodameia. With this announcement he asked for one horse from each of them as a love-gift. Perseus, of course, had no such thing, but offered to bring him anything else – exulted that he would no longer be chasing Danae. Polydectes asked him to bring him the head of Medusa. (sound effect: *duh duh DUHHHHHH*)

Now, the Gorgon Medusa had serpents for hair, huge teeth, a protruding tongue, and a face so hideous that anyone who looked upon it was turned to stone. Athena happened to hear this little exchange, and recognized the potential of the hero, and decided to help him out. Besides that, she was a sworn enemy of Medusa’s and actually the one responsible for her horrible looks. She took the young hero to Samos and showed him pictures of the three Gorgons so he would recognize which was Medusa and which were her sisters. Then she gave him a beautifully polished shield and told him to look at Medusa’s reflection in it, but never to look at her directly. Hermes gave Perseus an adamantine sickle to cut off the Gorgon’s head. But Perseus still needed a pair of winged sandals, a magic wallet for the head (post-decapitation), and Hade’s helmet of invisibility. Athena knew exactly where to go, to the Stygian Nymphs, but their location was known only to the Graeae who shared a single eye and tooth among the three. Perseus sneaked up on and stole their eye while they were passing it and refused to give it back until they told him where the Stygian Nymphs lived. Upon learning, he threw the eye into Lake

With his new handy-dandy flying shoes he flew to the end of the world to the land of the Hyperboreans (to the northwest) where the sun and moon never shown. He found and entered the lair of the Gorgons and lay in wait among the rain-worn statues of men and beasts. The Gorgons were asleep and Perseus, viewing Medusa using his shield like a mirror and guided by Athena, cut off Medusa’s head with one stroke of his sickle. It must have shocked everyone concerned when Pegasus the winged horse and the warrior Chrysaor sprang fully grown from her corpse. (They were the products of Medusa’s union with Poseidon in Athena’s temple, which was why Athena transformed Medusa in the first place.) Perseus decided to leave them alone and quickly took his leave. Good thing too, because Pegasus’ neigh woke the other Gorgons (Euryale and Stheno) who immediately started chasing Perseus. Perseus slipped on Hades’ helmet and was safe.

Now we pause our story to visit the fair land of Joppa. Here is the kingdom of the Ethiopian King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopeia. Cassipeia wasn’t exactly the smartest woman, and boasted that she and Andromeda, her daughter, were more beautiful than the Nereids. This didn’t make the Nereids too happy and they complained about the insult to their protector, Poseidon. Poseidon wasn’t very pleased about the lack of respect shown his wards, and sent a flood and a female sea-monster to wreck havoc on the country. Cepheus consulted the Oracle of Ammon, who told him to sacrifice a young woman. For a while he sacrificed the daughters of others, but eventually the time came when Andromeda, his own daughter was chosen. He didn’t want to consign his daughter to death, but he didn’t have much choice, because the monster was returning. Therefore, he left her chained to a rock jutting from the sea; she was naked but for some jewels (but hey! half the joy of a dish is the presentation, right?). Now, Andromeda was already engaged to a dude named Agenor, but Agenor was a wus, and never even tried to stand up for his fiance.

So, Perseus is flying across the world. He made a couple of stops, made some sacrifices, got some cults, but as he rounded the coast of Philistia he saw this beautiful naked woman chained to a cliff. Hmmmmm. Real hard to imagine what must have gone through his head. The young hero noticed an anxious looking couple near the rock, and swooped down for a brief chat. They explained the situation to him, and Perseus responded that he would rescue her if they would give him Andromeda’s hand in marriage and allow her to return to Greece with him. They agreed and he took to the air, dove into the sea, and beheaded the monster as it came for the maiden.

Upon returning to land he made sacrifices to Hermes, Athena, and Zeus (a calf, cow, and bull, respectively), and, on Andromeda’s insistence (for she loved Perseus as much as he loved her) had the wedding immediately. The post-wedding party was crashed by Agenor claiming Andromeda for himself. Now, you’d think her parents would have laughed and told him he should have saved her himself, but no! They weren’t those kind of people. In fact, they had summoned Agenor, telling him that her hand had been forced and the Agenor’s claim was prior. Perseus put up a good fight on his own, but in the end was forced to use Medusa’s head and turn them all to stone.

Perseus and Andromeda hurried back to Seriphos and found that the treacherous King Polydectes had indeed gone after Danae, and that she and Dictys were hiding in a temple. Perseus went straight to the palace and proclaimed he had brought his wedding gift. Of course a tirade of insults were thrown at him, and Perseus, shielding his eyes, pulled out the head and turned them all to stone as well (there is still a circle of stones in Seriphos). After that he gave Medusa’s head to Athena, saying that he couldn’t deal with the responsibility, and returned the other gifts to Hermes who, in turn, returned them to their rightful owners. Dictys took over the throne. You’d think the story was over. But it isn’t.

Perseus, Andromeda, Danae, and some Cyclopes decided it was time to return to Argos. Acrisius, hearing of their return, fled to Pelasgian Larissa. Unfortunately, while he was there, the King of Larissa invited Perseus to the funeral games being held, and Perseus’ discus was carried out of its path and struck Acrisius, killing him. Perseus returned to Argos and buried his grandfather, but could not feel right about ruling there, so he and his cousin (the son of Proetus) switched kingdoms and Perseus began ruling Tiryns, Midea, and Mycenae.

The End.”

Perseus and the Star Dancer

….  LOL ….  I find it funny that I am now dancing with Perseus….   Makes me feel like the gods and goddesses that we are when we are not encased in these humans skins are watching and laughing at our human plight…  …. “I’I recommend getting your trampled on by anyone… and I’I recommend walking around naked in your living room.. feel free… swallow it down, what a jagged little pill…….. you live you learn…. you loose you learn…

here is my desktop screen saver.. if anyone likes it you can add it to your collection…. I loved putting the star dancer there…  the Stars are in the perfect spots Kundalini wise…  the only thing that would have made it more perfect was the lovely tummy one…. love always, Destiny

Update ~ where are we going next?
September 25, 2013

Perseus new journey

First let me say that there is no more My Life as a Fairy Tale without Lakota in my life.   That book began with him as a way to express his touch upon my life in my journey with him, and without his presence in my life guiding the story, there is no more writing to My Life as a Fairy Tale.

I will not now give the book to the one I call the Dark Sorcerer even though he has played minor roles in the story before (for anyone who has followed My Life as a Fairy Tale from the beginning he was the cougar who delivered me to the Torch of the Twin Rainbow Flames….  I just thought I would offer an update since I have been pulling more friends into the story..

My journey with the Dark Sorcerer does not seem like it is going to be an intimate journey.  I was turning my energies that way but then Grandmother Spider sent her babies to put 9 spider bites upon his hand and that seemed to have spoken to my spirit louder than any words anyone could have said and turned off the button that was calling me to mate with him…..

It is strange the journey with the Dark Sorcerer.  We dance, we play, we begin to head towards each other in an intimate way, and then I find myself being shot off in a different direction… and it seems to me that I am being shown by him that if I am not going to allow him to dip his astral hand into me and take a reading, (and then try to reprogram me  to follow the path he believes I should travel down,) it seems to me my usefulness to him does not hold a great deal of value if he cannot bend me to his will, which in the past was how he kept me bound to him for 10 years.   In the past when we were on the phone he behave a like a gentleman and ask if he could merge into me, and I always said yes.  Then he would look through my eyes and tell me what spirits were in the room with me..  One time he said that there was a camel standing over my head, and then yell “Owwww” you had a big fall.  There is a basket that has fallen, and it made a large noise.   When I look in the basket I see wool.  (I had become sick.  My hair became coarse and thin.  I was in tears over my decision to cut off all my long hair and do a  do over.  I had not told him that I had cut off my hair in tears, but when he merged with me the camel told him)  So that was how it worked.  Only I thought he was only doing that with my  permission.  And as my Kundalini progressed I began to develop higher vision and saw that everyday at a certain time he was meditating, inserting himself into me and writing a book from the information that is inside of me (like he was taping into my akashic records where I carry an Earthen body, so to speak).  He did not have my permission to do that.

So now it seems that Grandmother Spider has warned me about him thinking it would be okay if he resumes dipping his hand into my astral records, it has kind of made me keep doing this deal where I am being repelled away from him every time I try turn my energies his way.. so, while, apparently I am okay with being on a forgiveness journey with him and we continue to chat, I am not ok being on an intimate journey with him again..

Life is a journey…  just keeps going on.. I don’t know where the path will lead..  I only know to honor it, so it will honor me..

In the meantime I am sleeping with some awesome crystal people and having a learning journey…  In my journey with my Green Calcite Crystal..  that crystal is a teaching crystal.. and from the beginning and all through my dreams I was being taught about the inner workings of the Crystal Nation..

This one I am sleeping with now, as I lay in my bed and lay it upon my body iamethyst 2t becomes ice cold.  I have a knee that some people would call it a bum knee..  I put a heated sea salt brick on it last night because it has kind of been bothering me.. and then, because I enjoy sleeping with a friend I laid this crystal on top of my solar plexus so it could connect to me while I was waiting for the sea salt brick to become cool.  It immediately connected to where the sea salt brick was laying and began pulling the energy up to it…. the more energy it pulled up the colder it became even though we were laying under a blanket…  so it would seem this is a healers stone..

As far as my dreams with it, it is double terminated, one point on the bottom, and multi-points on the top. . So the night before this I found myself in a dream scape that is a place I have traveled to  many times, although I cannot say it is any particular place on Earth.

The ones who were with me laughed when I said I have been here before and told me that they knew this already.  That I come here often.  We were walking around looking at the houses and I was recognizing the houses and the landscape from before…

They took me to a house I knew and told me it was my house.  As I stood there looking at it  I was thinking how odd it is fenced and the shape of the fence around the yard was unusual like a crystal shape..  This was when I began to recognize that I was inside the dream of a crystal cluster and that in each fenced yard there was a tall house..

A man came and got me and said he wanted to show me something, so he took me down a narrow passage between some houses and out into a more open market area with buildings on each..  He said to follow him that he had something special to show me..

Everywhere we went there were 3 sisters following us.  He took me along the sides of the buildings that were all connected, and everywhere we went the 3 sisters followed us.

Finally he took me into a room and when I looked back at the door way I could see 2 of the sisters standing there..

amethyst dreams

Then I woke up realizing that the crystal I was sleeping with was dreaming me, and trying to show me something special….  this happened on the night before last when the crystal grew cold and created a pulling energy from the area of the heated rock salt brick..  It was very beautiful watching the strands of light being pull between the 2 points..

Alanis Morrisette ~ You Learn
September 24, 2013

nice little Kundalini song…..

sunlights sweet glow

mostly thinking about the difference between my last 2 Heart Chakra Kundalini releases….

Kundalini and the Heart Charkra ~Serenity
September 24, 2013


Oh I have just had the most beautiful expression of the Kundalini in my heart chakra…  I have spent the morning researching Comet Ison, watching videos trying to pinpoint where I should be looking in the sky for his sacred flight..  There is a Native Creation story that when I read it, what I saw through time, when they said the Village gave him a wife to come home to each night from his day time journeys’…  I saw a Comet.. so I have been watching Comet Ison in his journey  to make his circle around the sun and continue on..

The other thing is, to me the Kundalini, in its multiple spinning places feels like the Universe,SAMSUNG and the places of the spinning feels like galaxies spinning my Universe…  I have a working picture to try to show my Universe as felt through the Kundalini in my human vessel.

Another part of it is that the Earth began this journey inside of me in July of 2010 with the opening of my heart chakra..  From there the Serpent awoke and began his journey up between my legs in sacred dance..  Then she sent in a goddess to tell me that the Earth was in charge of my Kundalini journey..  (versus a man on the astral plane was doing this to me, which since is such a sensual journey it is easy to believe that the Divine Serpent Kundalini is the man who lays with me.

Then the Earth told me that energies that had become trapped upon the Earth were being release through my Kundalini.. and the ones that I experienced the sacred O with, she showed me the conversion of their energy on the New Earth..  The Splattering Brothers became a Waterfall..  The robbers lookout point man who touched me so gently, who so beautifully came and told me that it was time for him to move on, he became a location in the mountains that would steal your heart still..

All of this Kundalini being release through the human vessel to lighten the load upon the Earths body so they (the 2 who walk as One) can ascend, as in the original plan we never intended that we would inhabit such dense bodies for forever..

All such a beautiful dance have I had in this Kundalini journey, of which after 3 years I have just made it to the Heart Chakra..

The last release through my heart chakra was pretty rough a few days ago.  I was sitting here watching a lovely pink sparkling galaxy spinning in my heart, when a big bubble of energy began to release through.  I had some moments of severely freaking out, but writing is my release and my sister (of the Sacred Mermaid Twin Sisters fame) assisted me by calling it some kind of psychic surgery that was being performed on me … and singing healing songs to me to help me through it

So now the one I just experience was so beautiful, coming up between my legs and traveling through space (that I could see was opened up to my Heart Chakra looking like a comet with tail…  so beautiful and touching me with grace and serenity…  a very very gentle feel…  he was … Wow!

It was so beautiful.. the kind of release one could write a love song to…..  I hope inside my dream he comes and shows me what his energy converts to…    this comet that felt like Serenity… such a gentle feel…

Inside the Amethyst dream ~numbers again
September 23, 2013

092313 inside the amethyst dream


been sleeping with a piece of Amethyst…  In my dream I remember something like molten lava, or some kind of rust colored place that had moisture.,


It seems like sleeping with the crystals takes me on an inner Earth journey..  I know at one point in the dream the person who symbolizes the crystals being wrapped in their blankets was there, and again the numbers in the dream..


10 -5 dollar bills were placed each in 2 drawers and when I opened one of the drawers 2 of the 5 dollar bills fell out onto another open drawer bur I could only find 1 of them and they fell out at separate times..


And as I was waking up from my dream my Android phone became an AM radio that was tuned to the station 7…. or it might have been 7.1.. and a song was playing but I don’t remember the song..


*** I am finding it interesting that when I was sleeping with the Calcite Crystal that I was being given numbers in those dreams too***

and from other dreams, from the series of dreams when I was being told that I came to Earth on my Cha Chee To Wah, my Rite of Passage, which led to being told that I am here on my Rite of Passage because I am scheduled to place merge my consciousness into a life supporting planet (we are already a life supporting planet but there are no humans there.  The human factor makes it very different because as we can see humans are capable of bringing a planet to destruction.)  These dreams of sleeping with the crystal people seem to be teaching me about the mathematics of the crystal people.. even though I do not, at this point understand the messages..

moving on




Kundalini and the Heart Chakra ~Merkabah
September 21, 2013



I was looking at this picture yesterday.. pondering the fact that it shown as being definitely was expressing this heart chakra in conjunction with Merkabah..  which in my followings there have been others who have spoken of this as a vehicle…

In a dream years ago, I found myself sitting on the dark side of the moon in a class with some other people and we were being shown how to teleport…

I am thinking..  I should get me one of the Merkabah stones and sleep with it…  Here is the one I am sleeping with now..  she is taking me on a journey inside an amethyst  cave and showing me her people.  She is still wrapped her blanket…





Kundalini and the Heart Chakra
September 20, 2013

1143_518920101471676_2011003890_nThis heart chakra one is really hard to get through..  I am being swept like a log on swift and treacherous currents of water.. only they are emotions that are coming up and out my heart chakra….  All former concepts of love are being swept away inside these tumultuous waters..

A part of me wants to make it stop, wishes a hundred thought how she wished it had never happened, wished she had never worn her heart on her sleeve, wished she had never let him touch it, wished she had let him go along in his misery a long time ago, wished she did not have to feel this..

Another part of me is calmly reminding me that I was told when it happened and as he was going away, I was told this was all apart of a larger plan that I had no control over and that had to take place for the larger happening to happen… and here I am cracking apart and they are birthing a different kind of love into me.

And I am on a mission and I cannot stop the mission just because he is lost to me, and I I don’t even know if it was just a fact that he was a player and he was just playing with my mind..  but all of that that  is part of the tears is small compared to the mission..

I cannot abort this mission just because everything that is coming out of my heart is connected to him..

I am here for the Earth.  The waters are being poisoned, the ocean has been made a dumping ground.. the trees are being cut down by the groves world wide..  mountain tops are being blown off,  wolves and dolphins and whale and bird are being killed, and the Earth needs to ascend, to rise above the chaos of wars on top of wars…

And it is for her that I came here, to raise my vibration  so I could assist in raising her/his vibration .. because in the denseness of this world there is too much pain and havoc being reaped upon their body…


I am finding the heart chakra to be very hard to get through…

the other ones were easy compared to this..  writing calms me down and brings me back to a sense of purpose..

kundalini-rising rexiz







My life as a fairy tale ~this playground is my medicine
September 20, 2013

As Destiny lay in bed watching the soft flower petals spinning inside her heart she had to admit she was kind of having a hard time not closing it down.  Everything that was inside of her wanted to have a reaction to what she had witnessed, that always felt like his betrayal of her love.  Inside his pain he does not think to hold sacred the ground she walks upon so he does things backwards, tells her he likes her way by painting it upon someone else..

SAMSUNGThe Heart chakra of the Kundalini dance is more difficult then the others have been.  It is open and softly spinning and yet it feels vulnerable.. while she feels like a flower that wants to close up if touched improperly.

She is watching with fascination because the dance of the heart chakra is really pretty like a very lovely flower spinning softly and pulsing at the same time.  It is softly pink in color.

the mission of why she came here far outweighs any tears that may fall from her eyes as some part of her wants to react in the old way and close off the heart to him.  It is the only thing that is reminding her that she must sit here in a quietness and hold the journey to the opening of her heart chakra in a sacred manner.

Cheatah is with her now, and silent as Cheatah is, she speaks big words, communicates withpanther-desktop-1 her telepathically, and yet it is without words but with thought forms that flow through Destiny’s head telling her that this path that she is on is part of the sacred journey that is required for the passage through the heart chakra.